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To set the stage for this campaign:

The characters are in the town of Golgotha. It is late in the month of Suncrest (July). They just helped the city fend off an army of undead, saved everyone, and became the big heroes, thus ending the last campaign. The battle ended three days ago and they have been resting since then. The battle destroyed and burned down a good bit of the town, which is now being rebuilt.

The current party is Skeeve the Wizard, Eomer the Rogue, Thordek the Fighter, and Enoch the Cleric. Lucian the ranger is still part of the group, but that character is being retired (replaced) with another one in the first session.


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5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. lost chauncy says:

    Hello?…(echoes) Anyone here?…(echoes) Hmph. I’ve shown up with my brand new set of dice but…they must’ve left without me. Thank goodness I’ve brought my DS along. (Sits down next to the old tree and flips open the screen)

  2. Kiri Xaperion says:

    Heh. I got almost half my current dice off my geometry teacher
    around when school started. I also brought a DS and, of course, MarioKart….(sits down on a rock near the tree and starts racing someone over in Japan)

  3. The Gremlin says:

    I found some dice! Look, they glow in the dark! And did you see the dice bag they came in!

  4. Sydney says:

    So, uh, I have your map of Mar Tesaro open in the other tab, and there’s no Golgotha.

    [full disclosure: I was going back and reading The Rampant Coyote’s whole development diary regarding Frayed Knights. In his blog post on “realistic” dungeons, he links to your blog post on same, which links to a post in the middle of this campaign log. Now I’ve come back to read the whole thing, having liked what I saw. I started at about 11:00 PM. Now it’s 4:41. Isn’t the Internet swell.]

    1. Scimitar says:

      Golgotha isn’t on the island, hence why it isn’t on the map.

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