Diecast #334: Mailbag Binge

By Shamus Posted Monday Mar 1, 2021

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Paul is back, and this week we answer a record-breaking TEN emails. Ten is not a lot of number, but it’s still more than we’ve ever done before.

Also, the ending music is several decibels lower now. I’ve been getting complaints about this. I suspect that people have been using my droning voice and banal observations to lull themselves to sleep, and then the end music was startling them awake again.

Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac.

Link (YouTube)

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Jedi Fallen Order Part 25: Pitch Meeting

By Shamus Posted Thursday Feb 25, 2021

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I should note that this entry was written months before EA lost their exclusive rights to Star Wars video games. Oh yeah, and in case you didn’t hear:  EA lost their exclusive rights to Star Wars video games. That’s an important thing to note.

At any rate, I imagine the pitch meeting for this game went something like this…

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Source Code Theft

By Shamus Posted Tuesday Feb 23, 2021

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Heads up: This post is a bit more dashed-off than my usual columns. I actually think this would eventually make a good video for This Dumb Industry, but I need to do a ton of research before I can commit my thoughts to the indelible format of a YouTube video. For right now, this is mostly me thinking out loud.


So the news is that someone hacked into CDPR’s server, downloaded the source code for several games, then locked the files and held them for ransom. When CDPR refused to pay, the hackers “sold it on the Darkweb for 7 million“. The hackers obtained the source for Witcher 3, Gwent, and Cyberpunk 2077. From here on I’m going to talk about the Witcher 3 source, but most of this is applicable to all of the games.

My question is this:
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Diecast Unplugged #4: Bad News and Lost Time

By Shamus Posted Monday Feb 22, 2021

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Paul is still on the road. I was going to line up a guest, but then I just… didn’t. So instead we’re getting another one of these things. It’s a random list of short unrelated topics. None of these are long enough to carry a post, but if we shove them all together then maybe that somehow adds up to worthwhile content.

Or maybe not. Look, I don’t know what the rules are here. All I know is that I need #content for the Content Gods. So let’s get to appeasing…

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Jedi Fallen Order Part 24: Do The Right Thing

By Shamus Posted Thursday Feb 18, 2021

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Before I can analyze the ending of this game, I need to step back to the point when Cal exited his vision of the Sith conquering his Jedi school. The holocron then appeared and Trilla entered the sceneIf you don’t remember, I covered this back in Part 19 and 20..

This is a very vulnerable moment. He’s finally fulfilled his quest, but his enemy is here to snatch it away from him.

Even if Cal is 99% sure that he can beat TrillaNot that he has any REASON for such confidence at this point in the story, but let’s humor him., that 1% chance of failure is so bad that he can’t possibly afford to risk it. Having an entire generation of Force users rounded up when they’re young, brainwashed through ghastly and ruthless techniques, and then unleashed on the galaxy as a legion of dangerously powerful agents of evil and oppression is an outcome so dire that nothing is worth the risk. Maybe we have a dozen active Sith nowOkay, actually we have “as many as we need to keep the Expanded Universe properties going”, but I think it’s an unspoken rule among SW writers that you should at least pretend the numbers are low to avoid flagrantly contradicting the movies., but what happens if there are hundreds of them? What happens when we effectively have a government of super-powered beings ruling over a helpless galaxy? What happens when their ruthless ideals permeate the galactic culture?

(I mean, aside from the fact that it might make for some really cool “What If?” style spinoff stories.) 

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This Week I Played… (February 2021)

By Shamus Posted Tuesday Feb 16, 2021

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Like I’ve said in the past, this series is more like “This fiscal quarter I played”, but we have to make due with the branding we have. Also, I use this series to give myself a snapshot of what people are playing. It helps give me a sense of perspective by showing just how diverse everyone’s playlists are.

Without this series, I’d have to do like the big sites and just assume that everyone is playing the most recent two or three AAA games to hit the shelves. But here we can see that indie and retro games are a major part of the hobby, even if they don’t show up in fancy trailers or on the front page of Steam.

With that in mind, here is what I’ve been up to…

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Diecast #333: Ross Returns

By Shamus Posted Monday Feb 15, 2021

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Once again I’m talking to Ross Zevenhuizen, a friend, collaborator on Good Robot, and one of many developers for Watch Dogs Legion. He was last on the show in Diecast #322 where we talked about Watch Dogs. This time he’s back to talk about this other projects and game development in general.

Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac.

Link (YouTube)

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