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By Shamus Posted Friday Sep 9, 2005

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Name: Thordek Earthguard
Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter
Played By: Joe

Thordek came from a stout family of miners. He worked as a digger in a family mine for many decades until he was offered a position as forman in a distant mine. This was his chance to lead the dig, design the shafts, and be the first to see the secrets the ground had to offer. He took the job and travelled a great distance to his new home and dig site. When he arrived, all were dead. They had been slain weeks earlier. With no owner and no crew there was no job for him. Thodek left and began to wander the country, seeking work.

He had a number of adventures before coming to Golgotha in northern Dunlock.

Thodek was an NPC in our second campaign. As the campaign drew to a close, Joe (the DM) decided he’d rather try a different character, as opposed to playing Yoeg again. He wanted to play a Dwarf, so using the already-established character Thordek made sense.

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11 thoughts on “Character: Thordek

  1. WeLikeShadowrun says:

    I don’t mean to be a whiny bitch, but doesn’t Thordek seem kinda… Generic? I think we’ve all seen that picture a thousand times. Sorry.

  2. Eorl de Jonge says:

    Com on he is a NPC. Not every NPC can have a great backstory, it would take a hell of a lot of time to prepare every person and it would take ages to tell all of the backgrounds from regular visitors to the tavern for instance.

    Sometimes you just need simple NPC’s.

    PS Please don’t mind my typing mistakes, I’m a non-native-speaker as I’m actualy dutch.

  3. Erasmas says:

    I actually happen to think this is a great backstory for a character. It’s short, simple, sweet, and it’s not one that I’ve heard a version of a hundred times before.

    I swear, if I see a backstory about one more good-aligned drow who dual-wields scimitars… I’ll smite the purple-skinned freak right where they stand!

    1. Taken from order of the stick- Zz’dtri, right?

      1. noahpocalypse says:

        The dual-wielding drow was a trope from a Forgotten Realms series. There were many jokes in OOTS about copyright and such.

        Apologies for the 1337 necroposting skillz.

  4. Dimas says:

    I agree with Erasmas. Thordek’s story is at least not a repetition of most stories I’ve heard. As for the obvious Drizzt comment, you need to remember that not everyone can be even slightly creative and that there is a special section in hell for these non-minded people.

  5. Shariq says:

    I’m just wondering, do all (and by all I mean many) non-british europeans learn english as a second language?

  6. Moridin says:

    Pretty much everyone in Europe does learn at least some English(except french, I think) because, well, it is pretty much the lingua franca these days. In Finland(I’m finnish) it’s a compulsory school subject starting from 3rd or 5th grade, depending on whether you choose to study any other languages as well(that’s 9 and 11 years of age, respectively).

  7. Doradan says:

    he’s a pre-made character from the 3.5 intro pack.

  8. Alan says:

    Not a bad back-story, but it leaves (to me) a big hole. It seems atypical that a dwarf in this situation wouldn’t return home.

    Not that it matters, but I’d like to see it fleshed out to explain why he didn’t feel he could do so.

  9. Xvier says:

    The hole’s were intentional to continue his story later. The reason he didn’t return home was that he felt he was at fault. He believed if he had gotten there sooner he may have been able to lead his people to victory or at least died trying with them.

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