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By Shamus Posted Thursday Sep 8, 2005

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Name: Yoeg
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Barbarian
Played By: Joe (Retired)

Yoeg’s father Keroning (a full orc, and an outcast among his people) rescued Yoeg’s human mother from bandits (possibly rapists). They lived in the hills in secret and had a son. Some humans found out about the grotesque union and attacked the house. They slew his father and mother, and entered the house to find an empty cradle.

Years later (during our first campaign) a Paladin came to Grey Moor, looking for the Half-Orc. The paladin was large, well-armed, and had several stout people in his party. Fearing him, the party fled north.

He finally caught up with the party in the town of stackroot. The paladin revealed that his father was one of the people who attacked Yoeg’s house and killed his parents. Keroning had killed his father, and the paladin was here to dispense justice and rid the world of the Orc’s vile offspring. He was here to finish the job his father started.

He promised an honorable fight: If Yoeg would fight him one-on-one, none of his friends (the other players) would be harmed. The paladin produced a massive axe, saying he planned on killing the abomination (Yoeg) with it’s fathers own axe.

The fought, and Yoeg killed the paladin. He then took his father’s axe as his own.

At the end of our first compaign, Yoeg remained in Grey Moor.


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15 thoughts on “Character: Yoeg

  1. Porphyrogenitus says:

    Is it just me, or are character’s backstories always annoying to other people?

    (I know my character’s would prolly be as annoying to others as these cats are to me).

  2. DariusStomu says:

    Hey, if it’s not one thing with a back story, it’s another. All the characters in one of my friend’s campeigns for example. They’re all orphened from birth. In cluding my gnome barbarian.

  3. How can this annoy you? It is well made and gives the player enough to rpg an personality from it.

  4. ChunkyWinkleman says:

    I agree, this backstory is pretty annoying. Hohum, orphaned at birth, tragic past, outcasts and misunderstood folks. A paladin who’s actually nothing more than a bigoted villain-type, you say? Gosh.

    Leave him in Grey Moor.

  5. Patrick the Malcontent says:

    You know, I would really like to see any of your backstories. I am sure they are epic and entralling. Go piss up a rope ya wankers.

  6. Terrible says:

    ‘Tis one way of getting out of writing home to mum and dad.

  7. erendor says:

    The trouble with writing a backstory that isn’t ‘orphaned+outcast’ is that then the DM has things that he can hold hostage and taunt you with, and your character actually has to /care/.

    1. Kevymca says:

      If this is all your DM can do with backgrounds, then he/she isn’t a very good or perhaps very experienced DM. Why not tone down the amount of gold given out, but then have the player’s family proudly give him an heirloom when he reaches certain levels. Keeps the gold level low and gives players items a story. they end up ‘caring’ about the items instead.

  8. Trae says:

    That char image is from Icewind Dale II.

  9. Dimas says:

    I have to say… I actually liked this backstory. I am actually annoyed by all the elves seen in D&D because of some factor I can’t comprehend, and there are few people willing to use an ugly race like half or even full orc. My experience in D&D has brought me through most of the basic races and my favorite PC a fire elemental Barbarian. Also, there are self-righteous Paladins out there that spread more evil than good while staying in alignment.

    1. Like Miko Miyazaki from Order Of The Stick, per chance?

      1. Lord of kobolds says:

        Or Kore from Goblins?

  10. Ellywyn says:

    … Oddly enough, this guy reminds me of my half-orc paladin concept… I should really try and find a campaign to use him in…

  11. Alan says:

    Am I the only one whose half-Orc background included an Orcish mom, and a human dad? hehehe… I loved Dr. Fez, he grew to be quite the philosophical necromancer.

  12. Patrick the racially insensitive says:

    Once you go Orc, you never go… bork?

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