By Shamus Posted Saturday Feb 18, 2006

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About 5 days ago blogger Robert Scoble started an experiment by asking his readers to use the totally unknown and meaningless term “Brrreeeport ” in their blog posts. Since then mostly small bloggers have been concocting Brrreeeport posts. Even though the cause has been taken up by small-time sites, the sheer number of bloggers involved has raised the Technocrati rankings to the point where Brrreeeport is ranked above things like the “Mohammed Cartoon” and “Cheney” as a hot news topic.

In keeping with the spirit of the thing, here are a few of the hundreds of sites that have done a Brrreeeport post.

Interesting that no big-time bloggers have joined in. If, say, Glenn Reynolds did one, he would most likely top the list of people talking about Brrreeeport. But when I look at the list, it’s all small-time blogs. Very interesting.


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