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By Shamus Posted Saturday Dec 30, 2006

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Right now, on Bioware‘s front page, they have a poll asking people for their favorite webcomic. There are 11 listed. DM of the Rings is one of them.

Really cool.

I’m getting pasted though. This is not a bad thing. Scoring 1% of the vote on a poll with PvP, Penny Arcade, Dork Tower, and StrongBad is still a great honor. It’s like being the guy with the most strikeouts in the world series. Sure, I did terrible, but hey: World Series!

Even nicer that it came from a cool company like Bioware. (Makers of the excellent KOTOR) This would have been less exciting coming from some console company that I was never attached to, or from someone like EA, who I lothe.

LATER: Hey! They left out OotS! No they didn’t. Geeze. I’m goin’ blind here, blind.


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13 thoughts on “Bioware Poll

  1. Andrew F. says:

    Uh, it’s right between Little Gamers and Penny Arcade.

    I bet whoever maintains the website just listed his personal favorites. Which means… you have a reader (or more than one) working at Bioware!

  2. Will says:

    Well I put in a vote for you, and now it’s up to 2%. Please don’t deny me this one arrogant induction.

  3. Hagan says:

    Congrats, thats pretty nice. Its one of my faves not just for the quality comic, but also the overall good blog. Roll on.

  4. Crusader Corim says:

    We definitely need to get you above PvP.

  5. Wonderduck says:

    You’re currently tied (at 2%) with Dork Tower, which has a surprisingly (to me) vote total… I would have thought it would do better than that.

    Congrats, Shamus! Seems like you’ve ‘made it’!

  6. Pete Zaitcev says:

    I dunno, I can’t stand Dork Tower. SDB linked it many times, and every time it was some kind of a shallow joke, poorly drawn… I just can’t get into it. DMotR does a degree of cheating with the imagery, but even then it’s very likeable. And I don’t even play D&D. Never played once.

  7. Crusader Corim says:

    You’re ahead of PvP now, which shows that the world truly does understand quality.

    Well done.

  8. Myxx says:

    You got my vote! Thanks for the laughs, and please keep ’em comin!

  9. Stephen says:

    Another vote here – up to 4% now.

  10. Justin says:

    You definitely deserve it more than PvP. Ugh.

  11. Man, they don’t even list Achewood? What kind of poll is this?

    Anyway, here’s hoping you win.

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