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I’m Shamus Young, a 48 year old writer and software engineer and an enthusiastically married father of 3. In my free time I tend to play videogames and write software of dubious value. I also tend to write about these things here. If you want to buy my books, look here.

This blog is big. I’ve been posting an average of five times a week since September of 2005. If you run those numbers, you will realize that this place has a staggering amount of content. All of this was more or less an accident.

This site began in late 2005. I was running a D&D campaign for my friends, and wanted to write the campaign out in story form. This is why the site is called “Twenty Sided”, even though I haven’t written anything about tabletop gaming in ages. Since I already had a blog, I started using this space to write about whatever stuff amused me at the time.

A year later, my wife got me a bit of comic book creating software for my birthday. Mostly as an excuse to use it, I began writing DM of the Rings, which grew in popularity until it pretty much consumed the site. Then it ended, but a lot of the audience hung around, hoping I would do something else to amuse them. The last 12 years have been my response to that hope.

If you’d like to contact me my email is: shamus -at- shamusyoung dot com

If you’re looking for a bunch of personal info, here’s the short version:

I’m a Christian, but an nontraditional one who is happy to live harmoniously with other people without forcing my values on them. I keep my politics to myself, because I’d rather have friends than “win” arguments. I don’t have a degree.

If you want the long version, then you can find more than you ever wanted to know here:

  • The Autoblography – The story of growing up and trying to become a programmer before such a thing was properly invented. (1971 – 1998)
  • Crash Dot Com – My rags-to-riches-to-rags journey through the Dot-com bubble. (1998 – 2001)
  • The Twelve Year Mistake – A blunder that took over a decade to figure out. (2000 – 2013)
  • Something in the Water – A dumb story of dumb things that happened. (2014)

Also, you can buy my books or buy my books.