Chizumatical Sabatical

By Shamus
on Jan 26, 2006
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Nerd Culture

So Steven Den Beste’s Chizumatic is still down. His site went down when he moved to Seattle a couple of weeks ago (Just in time to lose the superbowl to the Steelers, too bad!) and hasn’t re-appeared since. Geeze Steven, whats the holdup? Need an extention cord? Help unpacking boxes? Maybe go over to your new neighbor and borrow a cup of DSL?

Chizu was one of my never-miss-it stops for the day. I need to seriously start thinking about finding a new anime blog. This is a bit tricky. A lot of anime fans aim for the more boobies-and-robots end of the spectrum, and I tend to enjoy the more thoughtful and slower-paced stuff.

Barring that, I should at least learn to stop clicking on my Chizumatic bookmark every morning. Sheesh.

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