Spoiler Warning S5E41: I’m Invisible!

By Shamus Posted Friday Jul 15, 2011

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Check it out, Spoiler Warning has its own page on that one website. Be sure to check it out and read all of the linked articles, and the articles linked by those articles.

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So I’m wondering how you guys feel about us retiring the bonnet in favor of the top hat. Are you on team bonnet:


Or team top hat:


Team head:


Or team Mumbles:


I’m sorry. I don’t know how that last one got in there.


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179 thoughts on “Spoiler Warning S5E41: I’m Invisible!

  1. Entropy says:

    Team Bonnet all the way.

    1. Ravens Cry says:

      Aye. I admit the tophat looks snazzy to the point of dapper, yet without being foppish.
      And yet, I can think of a dozen and half steampunk fellows in a tophat and muttonchops. The tophat looks better, but the bonnet, is Cuftbert. It is in the title art, it is in the end credits. Brand identity, its important.

      1. Atarlost says:

        Preach it brother!

        And just in case you’re going to tally votes with grep I’m team bonnet.

        1. Eärlindor says:

          Aug! I’m torn between the top hat and the bonnet. I really am. But the bonnet has been Cuftbert all this time…

          1. Entropy says:

            Bonnet for Cuftbert! Change is BAAAAD!

    2. Milos says:

      Bonnet all the way, we have to think of our hipster cred. Top hats are too mainstream.

    3. Halfling says:

      Death to the false Cuftbert who wears the false hat!

      There can be only the Bonnet.

    4. Winter says:

      The top hat is cool and all.


      At some point it’s going to be a top hat, whereas the bonnet will always be the bonnet.

    5. TSED says:

      Team Bonnet in the dugout, too.

    6. Integer Man says:


  2. AlternatePFG says:

    What exactly does team “Eet moar people” entail?

    1. Daemian Lucifer says:

      You mean what it entrails?

  3. koriantor says:

    For New Vegas, Team Top-Hat. It’s slightly more alliterative.

    1. I for one welcome our new top-hat overlords

    2. Felblood says:

      The Top-Hat will never die!

    3. TSED says:

      I think it makes him look like just another disposable, pretentious, wanna-be-classy thug.

  4. Adam says:

    Team Top Hat, definitely. It simply oozes class.

    1. Nyctef says:

      This, although that picture is begging for a monocle too :)

  5. Talson says:

    Actually I liked the glow… Made sense they’d send Joe Expendable to go check out the highly irradiated deathtrap. All in all, I like this brotherhood, the one that sticks closer to the Original Fallout brotherhood, more than the knights in shining power armor in FA3.

    1. Eric says:

      Yeah, what are you guys talking about? The Glow was one of the most atmospheric and entertaining parts of Fallout, and in fact was probably the moment that really sold the first game for me. It’s proof you don’t need to have lots of combat or awkward puzzles in a “dungeon” for it to still be eminently enjoyable.

      1. Talson says:

        Yeah, but technically wasn’t there a dungeon underneath it? A cool dungeon with a fun extraneous info dump as the reward, but still a dungeon. I’m sad there isn’t one of those super computers in this game though. FA3 had Eden, but he was kind of a disappointment.

        1. BenD says:

          The supercomputer trope is subverted in FNV in the form of House.

      2. Shamus says:

        It’s true, the glow was great. Although, I thought the “journey for a week and stop at the entrance because you don’t have any rope” was a bit of a jerk move. I think another, more dangerous / punishing way in would have been wise. Seeing as how the game is on a timer, and the journey to the glow is among the longest in the game, making the round trip twice was a great way to kill your game without realizing it.

        I loved that it would let you destroy all the bots for crap XP while they were off, or fight them all for good XP after turning the power on. I could just hear a modern game designer sputtering, “But! All my lovely combat! We can’t just let the player SKIP it! Madness!”

        1. Jabrwock says:

          They really should have put some rope in a nearby location. I remember finding some in the first vault you run across, and going “hmmm, I wonder if this will come in handy later”. Thank goodness I hung onto it…

          Team Top Hat. The Bonnet was awesome, but like the good Doctor, it’s time for a new look. Until the next even more ridiculous hat comes along.

          1. Adalore says:

            I second this good mans notion.

        2. mixmastermind says:

          Fallout 1 was on a timer? Someone never updated to 1.1

    2. Deadpool says:

      I liked the Glow because the Brotherhood basically sent you on that quest as a JOKE. They never expected you to go, they were just telling you to buzz off in an amusing way. They’re genuinely surprised you even TRIED, let alone succeeded…

    3. MrGamer says:

      Me and a friend once did a “Race to the Glow” thing, I got through it and died on the surface coming back from radiation. I found my save was from before the round, so my friend won.

  6. Tse says:

    Team Mumbles, definitely.

    1. krellen says:

      I need to get around to playing a Cannibal playthrough so I can sign on for this without hypocrisy.

      1. Jjkaybomb says:

        I’m doing a cannibalism run right now and I must admit, those ten seconds of watching your avatar eat people gets really old really quickly.

        Even if you say “look, I have the perk that lets me eat them later!” the game still says “but you want watch him eat people now, right?”

        Oh how the cannibals suffer for the right to eat everyone in the wasteland…

        1. Bret says:

          Oh yeah.

          Waging a one person terror campaign against the Legion is dull, tiring work. Some days, you just want to give up and leave an uneaten corpse there.

          But then I remember the recruitment speech for the NCR Rangers.

          “We will be cruel to the Legion, and through our cruelty they will know who we are. And they will find the evidence of our cruelty in the disemboweled, dismembered, delicious and disfigured bodies of their brothers we leave behind us. And the Legion won’t not be able to help themselves but to imagine the cruelty their brothers endured at our hands, and our boot heels, and the edge of our knives. And the Legion will be sickened by us, and the Legion will talk about us, and the Legion will fear us. And when the Legion closes their eyes at night and they’re tortured by their subconscious for the evil they have done, it will be with thoughts of us they are tortured with. Sound good?”

          And I remember why I signed up in the first place.

          Odd how none of the other rangers mention it. Must be one of those vow of silence things.

          1. qwksndmonster says:

            Great Tarantino reference!

      2. Sleeping Dragon says:

        I’m not planning on having a cannibal playthrough anytime soon but I’ll go with this team anyway. I like it when SW explores the options I wouldn’t normally pick.

        Though, in all fairness, by this point it won’t really have much of an effect on the game, I think we’re way past any real checks where the perk would matter storywise. I imagine Josh will pick it sometime during the dam battle saying something along the lines “oh, cannibal, why haven’t I ever noticed this one before? Would have made the game so much better” just to troll mumbles.

      3. Jarenth says:

        I’m glad I haven’t actually played New Vegas yet, so I can declare my support for this team with all the hypocrisy I can muster.

  7. Epsilon Naught says:

    High five for problem sleuth reference. Andrew Hussie is a man-god.

  8. Inscrutibob says:

    I love you and please fix the errant apostrophe in the first sentence.

    1. Indy says:

      What word needs an apostrophe? “Its” doesn’t because it’s not a contracted word like the other one in this sentence.

      Not seeing enough support for Team Head, so that’s my vote.

  9. Arsen says:

    Team Eat moar people omnomnomom!

    Also with Team sell the damned Incinerator already Josh.

  10. Eruanno says:

    Can I combine Team Mumbles and Team Bonnet somehow?

    1. BeamSplashX says:

      Eating people is so much more civil when a bonnet’s on your head!

      This is my vote.

      1. Peter Sturdee says:


        The bonnet is iconic. But bonnet-wearing cannibals? You can’t write that kind of awesome.

        1. Sleeping Dragon says:

          Yeah, the top-hat actually looks good on that character. So yeah, eating people while wearing the bonnet would be the greatest.

  11. Daemian Lucifer says:

    I say,team top hat should emerge on the top,verily.

    I didnt hate the brotherhood.Most of the time they send you to places youd go anyway if you are doing side quests,so it wasnt that much of a chore.

  12. sab says:

    I’m keepin’ it old-skool. Team Bonnet all the way! (but perhaps Team Top Hat on weekends)

    1. Does the Chinese Stealth armour let you wear both at the same time still?

    2. Eärlindor says:

      Okay, this:

      I'm keepin' it old-skool. Team Bonnet all the way! (but perhaps Team Top Hat on weekends)

      And this:

      Does the Chinese Stealth armour let you wear both at the same time still?

  13. hardband says:

    Team top hat! It just looks so horribly awesome XD

  14. Sekundaari says:

    Team Bonnet.

    This particular rampage must really being Reginald back to the older, simpler days. Just him, and a weapon, and some Brotherhood guys still standing up.

    I was even hoping the self destruct activation would lead to a similar “quest” as the Tesla coil…

  15. Cooler says:

    Team Top Hat, for sure. Maybe, though, we could have a little bit of Team Mumbles. Y’know, gnaw on their fingers or something.

  16. ProudCynic says:

    Team top hat. Personally, I like the idea of Reginald changing headgear each season he appears in, but never, ever to something practical–as though he’s just wandering from video game to video game in a drunken haze, replacing hats that he’s previously had lengthy adventures with with whatever he thinks looks cool.

  17. Some Jackass says:

    I think the bonnet is more of Reginalds default hat style, but is destined to move on eventually…if only to return later.
    I remember in FO3 Josh ‘retired’ it in favor of Three Dog’s head wrap…only to wear it again later
    What ‘m trying to say is that the bonnet is the Brett Favre of hats.
    But for now, I’m team Top Hat.

    And that noise Josh heard on his way out of the bunker was the ghosts of all the BoS Reginald killed, haunting him all the way out.

  18. Hitch says:

    Team Incinerator for life!

    1. Hitch says:

      BTW Shamus: the “like” button doesn’t work.

      1. Shamus says:

        Damnit. It was broke yesterday. Upgraded the plugin. It worked for less than 24 hours and broke again. What the hell?

        1. Shamus says:

          Found the answer. The problem is, Facebook sucks and is stupid and broken.

          Six months ago, people pointed out that their like button had stopped working. After thirty people all responded with “me too! Any solutions?” a Facebook rep came in and closed the topic, saying, “If you’re having problems, open a new thread”, but without offering any solutions:


          Others took the pure embed code right off of Facebook, and found it still didn’t work:


          So… six months later, the problem is spreading, and Facebook has yet to notice, much less take action. Lucky for them, they are safe. I mean, it’s not like some huge company is right in the middle of rolling out a brand-new social networking site, RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

          Still, that Farmville integration seems to work without a hitch, so they have that going for them.

          1. Sumanai says:

            Encouraging for me since,

            a) I don’t much care for Facebook to begin with.

            b) I’m playing one Zynga game, and I’m starting to hate it fast. I do anything, or nothing, and the damn thing starts demanding I harass others.

            1. Jabrwock says:

              I got into Empire and Allies for a bit, and then stopped when I realized all I was doing was the same thing as I’m simultaneously doing in Rome:Total War, only with harassing my friends… at least on the strategic map.

              Didn’t help that Firefox and Zynga REALLY don’t work well together right now. I needed some incentive to switch over full-time to Chrome, but geez.

              1. Sumanai says:

                Incidentally, I was talking about Empires and Allies. Also I have this bug where one of the missions (which I can’t complete without attacking a friend) keeps popping up the “Progress”-notification. And the reporting system at Zynga seems to malfunction in Chrome. And it’s not the only problem I’ve got, so I stopped playing.

          2. Hitch says:

            Unintentional pun there, but yes, Farmville will always work without this Hitch.

            1. Matt K says:

              I suggest adding Google’s +1 button instead (if that’s an option. Because I’d love being able to share these with my friends via Google+ (and if you want an invite, let me know).

  19. Go Team Mumbles!
    Can we make a hat out of fingers? Then we could have a hat and finger food both.

    1. Mari says:

      Maybe a better body part. To quote one of the most entertaining movie characters of the last 25 years, “One girl, I drove through three states wearing her head as a hat.” I can see Reginald doing that.

      1. Con air? That’s a way better reference than what I thought of

        1. Bryan says:

          The details are unimportant!

        2. Jarenth says:

          Now I’m upset I didn’t think of that comic first.

  20. Nick says:

    Team Top Hat.

    Though if Reginald could wear the Incinerator as a hat, I’d vote for that

  21. Jekyll says:

    I would vote for team Mumbles, but considering the last meeting ended with me missing half of my digestive tract I am formally moving to team Jibar’s sweat and pus infused SR2 character. FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

  22. Raygereio says:

    The Bonnet has it’s merrits, but the Top Hat can make even Reginald look classy and dignified and you just can’t say no to that.

  23. Matt says:

    Definitely Team Mumbles. Eat more people, all the time, always.

  24. Zukhramm says:

    But the demoman doesn’t use a flamethrower…

    Anyway, Team Top Hat, definitely.

    1. Rutskarn says:

      That’s the joke. The novice spy got the accent, speech mannerisms, and weapon wrong.

      1. Zukhramm says:

        And I have successfully shamed myself by showing I did not get it, in public no less. The humiliation!

        1. Milos says:

          Shun him! Shuuun hiiim!

      2. Alex the Elder says:

        I probably laughed harder at “Howdy partner, I am the demoman!” than I have at anything else in the history of Spoiler Warning.

  25. Alexander The 1st says:

    Reginald’s that one superhero character from that one movie that’s only invisible when nobody’s looking at him.

    I forget the name, but it was a while ago, and I remember the trailer showing it off.

    1. kanodin says:

      Mystery Men. They were just talking about it a day or two ago.

  26. Factoid says:

    Team Mumbles….but keep the bonnet.

  27. Littlefinger says:

    Team Top Hat, definitively.

    In general, I didn’t hate the BOS in New Vegas, I even kinda liked Elder McNamara, until I did Veronica’s loyalty mission and got to the Followers part. That sealed the deal and they had to die.

  28. Irridium says:

    Can’t you download a mod that lets you wear all hats at all times or something?

    It’d make Valve proud.

    1. Peter H. Coffin says:

      I’m sure there’s a console way to magic up the top hat for yourself…

  29. Zombie Pete says:

    The bonnet IS iconic, no doubt. But I just prefer the top hat, not only because it looks cooler (although I’m aware that’s far from the point), but also because you could probably find it more easily in other, non-Fallout games that have customization. I bet Saints Row: The Third has one–and you WILL have to play Saints Row: The Third! (pretty please, with a giant purple dildo on top?)

    Maybe wear Mumbles as a hat? You know, post cannibalism?

    1. Peter H. Coffin says:

      Saints Row just won’t seem right without Ruts playing co-op with the fat version of Jibar…

      1. X2-Eliah says:

        The fat naked version of Jibar.

        1. Dante says:

          Every moist crevice

  30. Andrew B says:

    Top Hat! Everything is better with Top Hats! I am considering getting one, just because of this show. (Actually true.)

    1. tjtheman5 says:

      Ha, beat you to it, I’ve already got one, now all I need is a monicle an I will have a perfect monopoly guy outfit.

  31. Abnaxis says:

    I think what team I am on is very situational.

    Team Top-Hat: when you first got the hat, you were using the flamer. The hat just completes the ensembe with the massive flamer and the backpack, but it’s out of place without it. With the flamer, it gives that “Mt. Hyde” vibe.

    Team Bonnet: On the other hand, the bonnet complements the ballistic fist nicely, as there’s just something hilarious about a burly man in a bonnet punching other people in the junk with an explosive melee weapon. A good all-around accessory for your murder-mayhem pleasure.

    Team Mumble: EET MOAR PEEPLE! SRSLY!

    1. Andrew says:

      I also think the top hat looks pretty snazzy when using fire-based weaponry. My solution is thus this: keep the top hat as something to only wear when using the incinerator, essentially adding another pound to the incinerator’s weight (and another never-to-be-used item cluttering the inventory).

      1. Jabrwock says:

        That is a fantastic idea! I think Shamus would approve. Or burst a vein in his forehead. I’m not sure which. ;)

      2. Wtrmute says:

        I agree — the top hat should be an add-on to the Incinerator. If you all decide to go with the top hat after all, I demand that Josh equip the Incinerator and maybe switch it out if he needs to fight ;-)

      3. Destrustor says:

        “sell the damn top hat !”
        “But you never even wear it!”
        “I DO wear it when I use the incinerator!”
        “I don’t care!”
        And then we can all hear Shamus having an aneurism.
        TEAM BOTH!!

  32. Vagrant says:

    Team top hat, with team mumbles as a close second. I think the top hat/assassin suit/incinerator combo has a certain aesthetic and we all know Josh is team incinerator.

  33. Chris Headley says:

    The Top Hat gives Reginald a bit class while one shotting enemy’s heads from their shoulders.

  34. X2-Eliah says:

    Team Mumbles – because Mumbles always wears a top hat when eating rich people!

  35. Fat Tony says:


    (And congradulations for winning the internet and getting your own TV Tropes page)

    1. Fat Tony says:

      Fuck this. Just watched the white gloves eps
      TEAM TOP HAT!!!!

  36. Ayegill says:

    Josh should have been all like: “guys, i’m dropping the incinerator”, then leave it on the ground for a few seconds, looking at it, going “take a good long look at it. Finally, i’ve dropped it.” And then pick it up again.

  37. Philip says:

    Team Top Hat, for a change of pace

  38. The Defenestrator says:

    Reginald: Punch computer in snout to establish password.

    I think you should keep trying on different hats every once in a while. As TF2 teaches us, it’s not any one single hat that makes a man, it’s the sum of his collection.

  39. CTrees says:



    1. Zombie Pete says:

      Lidsville flashback!!!!!!

      (Yes, I’m old.)

  40. James Pony says:

    Hi, I’m represent Team Modthefuckoutofit.

    Today I want to speak the Word! Get some guy who knows how to mod things and COMBINE THE TOP HAD WITH THE BONNET. The order in which The Holy Hats are stacked doesn’t matter, as long as they are both there.
    There could even be crazy combos, like bonnet-bonnet-tophat or bonnet-tophat-bonnet (or tophat-bonnet-tophat) or the most powerful bonnet-bonnet-bonnet-tophat-tophat.

    1. Hitch says:

      Bonnet bonnet bonnet baked beans and top hat?

  41. Shamus says:

    68 comments in, and not ONE PERSON has mentioned the TV Tropes link. You know what that means? The people who followed that link ARE STILL THERE.


    1. Sleeping Dragon says:

      I have to say I was surprised about that too, luckily I went on a massive trope binge sometime in the last two weeks so I have developed a temporary resistance. Not sure if it warrants congratulations but I feel like it does, here’s to hoping this will drive a lot of needed attention and traffic your way.

    2. Mari says:

      I did in fact get caught up in a 2 hour TV Trope time suck but managed to pull myself free just before I hit the event horizon. Congrats on being the grumpy, opinionated, nitpicky one.

      1. Sumanai says:

        It’s strange however, that “Troll” doesn’t mention trolling the viewers. I’d edit it, but the last time I tried to edit anything on TVtropes I got confused and had to leave.

    3. GM says:

      did not notice the link and will ignore it and how do you eat pebbles? :)

    4. AlternatePFG says:

      I thought that page has been there for awhile, I can swear that I’ve read it before. Still, TV Tropes is always open in my browser, hours upon hours wasted on that damn site.

      1. 4th Dimension says:

        That page has been up since Mass Effect 2 LP.

    5. Daemian Lucifer says:

      I just glanced over it,and filed it in my “Link to destroy others” part of brain.

    6. Viktor says:

      Mumbles tweeted the link last night, so I’ve already gone there.

    7. Eärlindor says:

      O wow, I missed that first time around. I just took a browse. Congrats SW Team! :D

    8. Fat Tony says:

      Shamus I just mentioned it like 5 comments ago.

      EDIT: (and that was three hours / give-or-take ago)

    9. Usually_Insane says:

      Hmmm, I can’t find that Team fortress 2 special episode… Have I missed something?

  42. Kelly says:

    That was a fucking great episode, makes up for the terrible White Gloves and Dead Money episodes completely. As far as teams are concerned, TOP HAT WITH BENNY’S SUIT.

    But yeah in all seriousness the Brotherhood are no different than they were in 1, where they were assholes that sent you to The Glow, which was THE ABSOLUTE WORST AREA IN FALLOUT 1 BAR NONE. Actually in that sense they’ve IMPROVED since they now send you to some of the best areas in the game (though they can still send you to Vault 34, which is The Glow 2.0), like they did in their “Barely even there” role in Fallout 2, where they sent you to the Enclave funland.

    Also Josh, with the no doubt amazing Old World Blues coming next week, the time is right for Honest Hearts, obviously.

    PS cannibalism is a dumb, awful perk that gives essentially no benefits.

    1. AlternatePFG says:

      I wouldn’t hate Vault 34 so much if it didn’t make my framerate drop down into the single digits for some strange reason. But yeah, it really is the Glow 2.0.

  43. therandombear says:

    Why not just go the TF2 route?

    Place the top or the bonnet on top of the other hat…making your own version of Noble Amassement of Hats :3

    1. Jabrwock says:

      A Bartholomew Cubbins style Hat Pile!

  44. PossiblyInsane says:

    While the top hat is cool looking, Reginald Cuftbert isn’t a cool guy, he’s Reginald Cuftbert! He needs the bonnet!

  45. Alphadrop says:

    Well I voted whichever one won.

    Oh man, I have to have a playthrough where I kill the Brotherhood. Never forgave them about the Glow either, but hey, they did do it to kill you… which makes it o.k I guess.

  46. Vect says:

    Hey, I’m the guy who made that TV Tropes page. At least, I started it.

    Also the Brotherhood went down surprisingly easy compared to the Boomers. Then again the Boomers use bombs and stuff that’ll knock your ass around while the Bros use piddly widdle Energy Weapons.

  47. Irridium says:

    About the turrets. Here’s what I was yelling:


    1. Eärlindor says:

      I had a similar thought, but I was just laughing my arse off at all the weapons Josh was going through.

      1. Chuck says:

        New Vegas and Fallout 3 have so many delicious ways to kill things, my carried items weight is usually near full, and half of it is weapons. So I understand Josh’s desire to bring some variety to the death table.

        By the way, the next time you go on a grenade rifle rampage, consider investing in incendiary ammo, that way you combine the power of explosives with the beauty of fire. Poetry in motion, truly a sight to behold.

        1. Kelly says:

          The Armory would be a mod you’d not go amiss in getting.

      2. therandombear says:

        “herp derp, what weapon should I use now….which I don’t have skill or much ammo too”

        An endless list really ;)

    2. Dante says:

      Do you know how many times I have to watch an episode twice because the first time I watch it, I’m screaming at Josh to do things properly?

  48. Eärlindor says:

    I think Shamus is really starting to crack under the strain of all the Chaotic Stupid happening in this season.

    Let’s do a recap:

    I. When Josh didn’t sell the incinerator, Shamus let out this whine/weeping sound. He has never done this before.

    II. I just found this funny more than anything else. When Josh discovered that you COULD pick up Mortimer’s top hat, I could just imagine Shamus groveling at Josh’s feet.

    Josh: (Towering over head, eyes ablaze, hat in one hand, flamethrower in the other.) YOU SAID I COULDN’T PICK UP THE TOP HAT!!!

    Shamus: (What sounds like surprise and an almost pathetic whine.) I’m sorry! I didn’t know!

    III. In this recent episode, I’m pretty sure Shamus went into a few bouts of maniacal laughter and even resorted to using onomatopoeia at one point. Again, I’m pretty sure he’s done neither before.

    Am I forgetting anything?

    While I do find it all hilarious, I have to ask, lest I devoid myself of all humanity: Shamus, are you okay?

    1. Daemian Lucifer says:

      Poor Shame.He even changed his name.I dont think he will last much longer.

    2. Raygereio says:

      That laughter’esque sound Shamus made when Josh picked the incinerator up again after accidentally dropping it? That sounded awfully close the sound of grown man weeping as he sees his hopes and dreams crushed before him.

      I swear, everytime Josh exits a barter window without having sold the incinerator, or closes his inventory without having dropped the damned thing, it’s that next drop of water on Shame’s forehead during his Chinese water torture sessions we lovingly call Spoiler Warning.

      1. Rasha says:

        Incidentally does new vegus have a wood chipper item. If it does I think the drops can turn into water boarding. Yes I’m evil like that. Also a rock it launcher to turn said wood chipper into the harbinger of death and destruction. Man that was a fun playthrough…

  49. Low-Level DM says:

    Hooray for the TV-Tropes Post! That’s a fairly significant milestone, in my book. You guys are really catching on. As for the question of Reginald’s head-covering (or lack thereof, or imminent lack of a head entirely), I am most definitely Team Tophat. Steampunk awesomeness and Classy Chaotic Stupid all the way!

  50. Nasikabatrachus says:

    Water, Fire, Air, Earth, and Lo! Even magnets, how do they work? Recommend to me no Natural Philosopher, for they copulate with mothers and are the sons of abominations, and verily do they arouse my pique.

  51. Ramsus says:

    I…what? *stumbles back from TV Tropes* Uh…there were like questions or something? And like…pretty pictures? Something about a video perhaps? I think I’m suffering from eye dehydration or something now. Is internet stroke a thing?

    I recall I’m supposed to declare something? And Mumbles was an option. Right, wear Mumbles as a hat. That’s in the ballpark of what you’re looking for right? Or was it something about Ruts and pants? Can I do a victory dance if I got that right? Actually I think I’ll just collapse over here now. *shakes fist at Shamus weakly*

  52. Even says:

    The top hat definitely looks classy. On the other hand the bonnet is more symbolic.. Damn it, I’ll just go with Team Top Hat. Though if you’re going to get Vicki’s bonnet I might have to switch teams.

  53. Mr. EID says:

    Team T-51b!

    Purely because Reginald can’t actually wear it without Power Armor training (Which he’s not likely to get now he’s killed the Brotherhood) so the T-51b Power Armor Helmet will essentially be another four pounds of deadweight to go along with the Incinerator and drive the rest of the cast mad with.

    1. Chuck says:

      He could always do For Auld Lang Sine.

  54. ehlijen says:

    No team founding father wig? awwww :(

  55. rrgg says:

    Tophat would be good if he had a suit to go along with it, but since he doesn’t it looks sort of fruity. Until then I’m definitely pro-bonnet, it’s distictive and keeps the sun out of his face while he works outside.

    Though overall my absolute favorite was the fedora he picked up a while back.

    1. rrgg says:

      I also want to see him try on one of the wide-brimmed ranger hats sometime.

  56. Ateius says:

    Team Bonnet all the way. The bonnet IS Cuftbert.

  57. TrentB says:

    Team Top-Hat Mumbles. All the way.

    In fact, that’s going to be a new NPC for my game.
    TopHat Mumbles. He doesn’t say much, but he can play the shit out of a Xylophone.

    Incidentally, Mumbles should also wear a top hat. Everyone should wear a top hat.

    1. Fat Tony says:

      Or a Fedora, i’m actully considering buying one, this one to be exact:
      or this one:
      and the chosen colour would be black.

      1. Sumanai says:

        I’ve been looking at a fedora or similar myself. I don’t think a top hat would suit me.

  58. Fang says:

    My vote is with “Team Cerberus”. For all four of you are part of a “Rouge Cell”.

    1. bit says:

      As long as they’re not mercenaries.

  59. Reet says:

    I think that you should alternate between the top hat and the bonnet every episode or something like that. They’re both totally awesome so I’m cool with either. That said, if pressed I would go for the bonnet. It’s nostalgic.

  60. The Werebear says:

    Go with the Bonnet! The classic look that says “If you comment on the fact I have a bonnet, I’ll slowly shoot you to death with a weapon I barely know how to use”

  61. Brannigan says:

    Team bald, all the way.

  62. CalDazar says:

    I’m going to side with the arousingly dapper Top-hat. Not that Cuftbert is attractive in any outfit, but I would go all the way with that hat, if you know what I mean (I mean sex).

  63. Airsoftslayer93 says:

    Team Bonnet!!!!

  64. Vect says:

    I’m a bit fuzzy on Fallout 3, so I forget most of the reasons that people hate Lyons’ chapter. All I remember is because they’re goody-goodies compared to the technophilic pricks you find here.

    1. Entropy says:

      Also they’re fighting a massive land war over who gets to press a button. And they constantly make you do their dirty work without paying you. Because ‘you’re not a mercenary’.

  65. James says:

    that computer room has a nice little quest and by nice i mean its a fucking annoying quest it has a enclave virus (there are enclave in Chicago apparently ED-E kinda tells you, i wonder where Fallout 4 might be set) and you have to click on the 3 correct terminals to find it oh and it appears in random terminals each time you fail and you have 30 seconds to do it in oh and there is no clue to where they are in the none infected pc’s so yo end up going round them like 9181398165481^1154 times just to find them, its the wrong type of time sink, it is not hard, it is not challenging, its mearly fucking annoying. i really really hate this quest

    1. Irridium says:

      There was an exploit you could do. Just activate the same terminal 3 times and it worked.

      Of course they had to patch it. The pricks…

    2. Dante says:

      Fallout Tactics was set in the area around Chicago, where you played as….an Initiate in the Brotherhood of Steel

      1. Roll-a-Die says:

        A rogue cell of the brotherhood of steel at that…

  66. SimeSublime says:

    Team Top Hat. Establishs domininance without needing to rely on the tried and true method of punching.

  67. Dante says:

    I just wanna say that this week has been one of the funniest in a while.

  68. Kibbin says:

    Okay I’m confused they mentioned the original fallout, but not in a good way, do I still drink?

    1. James says:

      ever since they moved from viddler the drinking game has less comedy about it YouTube needs a comment bar on the time bar thing, thats was a cool feature

  69. Thor says:

    After much deliberation I must throw my support behind Team Bonnet. Sure, the top hat ain’t bad but for those of us watching since the bonnet was originally found in the Fallout 3 Spoiler Warning it’s like throwing out a child, or a particularly cute puppy. The bonnet IS the symbol of Reginald. Long live the Bonnet!

  70. lucidrains says:

    Why is that shot of Mr. House’s stasis chamber opening in the ending credits?

  71. supflidowg says:

    Even though I’m all for ”eat more people” I wonder if I would be the only one for a ”eat more mutant” run

  72. decius says:

    I heard some people talking just the other day.
    And they said you were gonna put my head on the shelf.

  73. Jarenth says:

    Shamus, I don’t know if it was intentional or just the best kind of emergent comedy, but that ‘pudding gun’ bit of yours had me in literal tears. I watched it four times in a row and it’s still making me guffaw.

    I mean, everything about this episode was great — it was like a masterclass in trolling, for one — but for some reason I find that one segment to be infinitely amusing.

    As such, I’ll declare for Team Whatever Gets Me More Of This Comedy. I’m still working on a catchy acronym.

    1. Sumanai says:

      So, Team WGMMoTC? (Wig-’emm-o-tic)

      1. Jarenth says:

        Team Wigemmotic it is.

  74. Halceon says:

    Team Glow!!!

  75. Moriarty says:


    So Josh realises the Automatic rifle is useless, switches to the balistic fist, runs towards the turrets in melee range…
    And instead of hitting them, he switches back to the grenade launcher and has to run back to not get caught in the blast radius.

    What the hell Josh?

    And now I miss the video comments at the streaming bar.

    1. Chuck says:

      I miss those, too. I do not miss viddler’s commercials-youtube’s commercial’s don’t show up when I watch from this site. Yay :)

    2. Thor says:

      That is exactly why no one but Josh should be playing during Spoiler Warning. Anyone can play normally, but only Josh can play like Josh.

  76. xXDarkWolfXx says:

    i think you need to EET MOAR PEEPLE

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