Theme Proposal

By Shamus Posted Tuesday Sep 7, 2021

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Last week I mentioned that I was planning on updating the site theme. Specifically I said, “I’d like the images to break out of the column and reach across the page.” Like all theme changes, the only feedback I got was negative. Nobody is ever excited about anything new, but lots of people are apprehensive. However, in this case I’m not sure I explained it properly. So let’s have a little conversation about maintainability, readability, and my ability.

If you read this site on mobile, then it ought to look something like this:

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Diecast #354: Blender Sandwich

By Shamus Posted Monday Sep 6, 2021

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I like how LABOR DAY is the one day we’ve all agreed to skip work. It makes a nice companion to Thanksgiving, where – thanks to the shopping nightmare – is a day defined mostly by avarice and gluttony. Maybe we should add a few more inverted holidays. On President’s Day, nobody is allowed to be the president. Of anything. I’ll leave the rest of you to figure out how we should un-observe the other holidays.

Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac.

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Prey 2017 Part 9: Kill the Cook

By Shamus Posted Thursday Sep 2, 2021

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At this point we run into a couple of new monster types. Actually, you may have run into these earlier, depending on how far you strayed off the obvious path provided by the main quest. But here is where you unavoidably encounter them, so let’s talk about them now…

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Sixteen Years of Twenty Sided

By Shamus Posted Wednesday Sep 1, 2021

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This site went live in September of 2005, and has remained running for the last 16 years. If this blog were a person, it would now be old enough to get a job and apply for a driver’s license in these parts. It also would never get invited to parties with any of the cool kids at school because it just won’t shut up about Mars Effect or whatever that stupid videogame is called.

So let’s celebrate with a bunch of trivia.

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Prey 2017 Part 8: Yesterday’s World of Tomorrow

By Shamus Posted Thursday Aug 26, 2021

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Morgan is still trying to reach Deep Storage so she can obtain her arming key so she can blow up the station. At some point during this ordeal, Morgan needs to visit the Crew Quarters. This is actually pretty dang far out of her way, and the reasons for it are a little convoluted. I’ll talk about them later, but first let’s talk about the amazing design of Talos-1.

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Ding 50!

By Shamus Posted Tuesday Aug 24, 2021

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The running joke is that every year I make a birthday post about how I’m getting old and I’m going to be dead any minute now. I try to find some sort of humorous way to joke about death or aging and then maybe follow it up with a sarcastic remark about Half-Life 3. It’s a funny traditionFunny according to the standards set on this site, anyway. YMMV. but I’m just not feeling it this year. So let’s have a serious conversation about my health. 

Now, I generally dislike sharing too much information. I don’t mind telling people I have asthma, but I don’t want to list off my current medications and treatment history. That’s just weird. On the other hand, I’ve been pulling THIS bullshit for the last four months:

Shamus: Owie. I’m too sick to do my job.

The Internet: Oh? What’s wrong?

Shamus: I don’t want to talk about it.

That’s just annoying. If I don’t want to talk about it, then I shouldn’t bring it up. At the same time, I feel the need to explain myself when I fail my commitments. So here’s what’s going on…

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Diecast #353: Remembering Blizzard

By Shamus Posted Monday Aug 23, 2021

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Here is an hour and seven minutes of two guys talking about stuff. You’re welcome.

Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac.

Link (YouTube)

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