DM of the Rings Remaster: The Copious Backstory II

By Bay Posted Sunday Jan 8, 2023

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Steam Rewind

By Bay Posted Friday Jan 6, 2023

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Finally, the holidays are over and I am dog tired. I just got some rough news about permanent damage to my ankle and possibly right wrist Thank god that left-handedness is actually the majority in my family. . It’s a lot of stupid bitching and moaning but TLDR; I’m cranky. I swear every time I complain I can almost hear my dad saying exactly the same thing, in the same tone, and with the same candor.  Complaining but with enough humor to make sure no one else is uncomfortable. Jeez, I miss that guy, having annoying health issues just makes it more prominent; we always complained together. It wasn’t ever bitter or angry just…almost laughing at the audacity of the universe. I inherited so many of his health issues, it was something to bond about. In hindsight, I think it ripped him apart that he had any hand in passing on that lot in life, but he never let that be the focus of things. He could have so easily made every interaction about my health a pity party, and I’d have stopped telling him about it. But…he didn’t, we just laughed. I’m really, really grateful for that.

I am meaning to sit down and write a Sims 4 Overthinking post, but honestly, I don’t have it in me. Some weeks are super easy, I love writing, I love the Sims, I love this site, I always have. But…some weeks not so much. I went through Steam Rewind on what has become my steam account but used to be dads, ouch, oops, yeah that might be why I don’t have the heart to talk about virtual plumbing right now.

How were your holidays? Or, if you don’t celebrate any, how were your last 3-4 weeks? I don’t always have the energy to reply to comments right now, but I read all of them. The community here helps, a lot. Thanks for sticking around.

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Sims 4 Overthinking: The Great Depression

By Bay Posted Friday Dec 30, 2022

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Finally! Over a month into the project and we’re actually going forward in the years. We started in roughly 1915, with a house built by a clearly upper-middle-class couple of the time. They’ve built it for parties and entertaining, and with all the mistakes a typical couple in their early 20s would make. If we go off of averages for newlyweds of the year, she’s about 21 and he’s 25, her father paid for the house, and they have a cook who they pay very little. Let’s give them a last name to make talking about them easier as the years go on…

Okay, I googled ‘funny last names 1900’ and I got the results one might expect if an 11-year-old was playing mad-libs for the first time. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I can’t seriously write Mr. and Mrs. Assman 60 times. Uhhh…Smith, whatever, they’re placeholders anyway. Mr. and Mrs. Smith it is.

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Can’t Beat Reality

By Bay Posted Friday Dec 23, 2022

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This week’s post will be a little on the shorter side, I’m recovering from the flu and Christmas is in just a couple of days. The observant of you will notice that means I’m writing this the same day it goes up, to which I say; snitches get stitches.

Jokes aside, I don’t usually write so late. The issue is, this week has been a shit storm. It was last week when we noticed our ceiling in the dining room was a bit…slack?

 This was taken to show our property manager, so it's low quality and sideways via phone photography. Just, tilt your head to the left or your device to the right. Or, if you like, do neither and pretend my entire home is sideways.
This was taken to show our property manager, so it's low quality and sideways via phone photography. Just, tilt your head to the left or your device to the right. Or, if you like, do neither and pretend my entire home is sideways.

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Sims 4 Overthinking: Realism to a Point of Mildew

By Bay Posted Friday Dec 16, 2022

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We’re almost ready to finally start cranking forward the years on this build. I only have two things on my to-do list before we can make that happen; a pantry, and a basement.

Neither of these things are made easy by The Sims 4 build-mode setup. The only closets that EA has given us are for clothes. I could scuff it and put one of those in the kitchen and just pretend it’s full of canned goods, but that isn’t how I roll. I could also, in theory, install a mod to help me out. The Sims 4 has fantastic mod support, which is amazing after the nearly entirely locked Sims 3. The problem is, I don’t like mods in my builds. I have all sorts of mods for my sims themselves, don’t get me wrong. Clothes, makeup, tattoos, it’s all on the table. But no build-mode mods is my general rule, because I like to make my shared content accessible. If I upload my house to the gallery and someone likes it enough to put it in their own world, I don’t like the idea of half the content being inaccessible without a bunch of hoops.

People generally get around this by just putting links to their mods in the description of the build. But, if I’m honest, there is almost no build on earth appealing enough to make me want to spend an hour fighting with Adfly and compatibility issues.

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Sims 4 Overthinking: Two, Maybe Three Bedrooms

By Bay Posted Friday Dec 9, 2022

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Week three! Finally, we can get the interior shape done and get started on moving forward in the years.

Last week I actually made a mistake Gasp. I know, right? I thought I was the first infallible 24-year-old too. We will have to press on.. I mentioned that my ‘outlet cover’ in the kitchen (pictured below) was deserving of praise from future inhabitants.

Later, the inhabitants will cry because there is only one outlet by the kitchen counters. They should be instead rejoicing that the old homeowners needed a place to plug in the home phone.

My bad. This mistake, funnily enough, came from a childhood memory misfire. I know that home phones didn’t plug into the wall! I might be a zoomer, but I am only a year too young to be a millennial by most accounts. Plus, my dad collected junk electronics and refused to move into the 20th century.
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