Diecast #305: Bad News

By Shamus Posted Monday Jun 22, 2020

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So we’re having a bad week in an already-bad year. That seems completely unnecessary. The one silver lining is that this means next week will be FANTASTIC!

That’s how luck works, right?

Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac.

Link (YouTube)

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PlayStation 5 Titles Part 2

By Shamus Posted Thursday Jun 18, 2020

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And so this feast of consumerist speculation continues. The saying is, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” That’s usually reasonable enough. But in this case the publisher has decided to show us only book covers, specifically in an effort to get us to talk about them, with the ultimate goal of selling us an expensive chunk of consumer electronics and a bunch of these $60 games. They have backed us into a corner where our only option is cover-judging. So that’s what we’re going to do.

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Playstation 5 Titles Part 1

By Shamus Posted Tuesday Jun 16, 2020

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Last Thursday Sony had a livestream event where they showed off their next-gen console and their upcoming lineup of games. If you missed the event and are in the mood to watch three hours of gaudy salesmanship, then here it is:

Link (YouTube)

Dear IGN, Gamestop, and other sites that have the permission / connections to upload this footage to YouTube: Is it too much to ask that you throw this video into an editor and chop off the initial FORTY MINUTES of bumper footage? That huge block of nothing is a pain in the ass to scan through, particularly for people using mobile devices. I’d do it myself, but the last time I uploaded an industry event I was peppered with a flood of endless copyright claims regarding tiny snatches of barely-audible music, and also from major publishers who didn’t want me to show people their advertisements. The claims dragged on for weeks after the fact. You folks evidently have special dispensation, or you’ve got dedicated staff to deal with this. In any case, since you’ve been entrusted with this data, please be responsible with it and make it convenient for the masses. Okay? Thanks.

In any case, the PlayStation 5 reveal event showed us a whopping 25 new titles. That’s an awful lot for a new console. I don’t think the PlayStation 3 had that many titles in its first year. Here are my thoughts on what Sony had to show…

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Diecast Unplugged #2: Vertigo, PlayStation 5 Reveal

By Shamus Posted Monday Jun 15, 2020

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So maybe you’re wondering why there was no content last week? I’m afraid I have bad news for you. You can either remain in suspense forever, or you can listen to me bitch about health problems. The choice is yours. Spoiler: You’ll be disappointed either way.

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Hypothetical ME4: Religion

By Bob Case Posted Sunday Jun 14, 2020

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This was supposed to go up last night but I ran into a delay, sorry about that.

I write about Bioware a lot, but there are several Biowares. In fact, according to LinkedIn,You need an account to view the page unfortunately. there are eight studios. Recent development on the Mass Effect franchise has centered around two: the “main” studio in Edmonton, and the newer studio in Montreal that was assigned Mass Effect: Andromeda. (This was covered in some detail by Jason Schrier’s article about the game.)

And then there’s the Dragon Age team. Its latest entry, Dragon Age: Inquisition, was a mild-to-moderate critical disappointment. It was not, however, a notorious flop, nor did it spawn the memes of Andromeda. Furthermore, its primary weaknesses were (in my opinion) gameplay that leaned too much into MMO habits and a rushed final act, not its writing. Not that its writing was perfect, but I think it mostly lived up to the Bioware standard. There’s one specific area I want to talk about: the Dragon Age writers have been particularly adept at designing and depicting fictional religions.

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