Wednesday Action Log 9-13-23

By Issac Young Posted Wednesday Sep 13, 2023

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This week I am mostly just playing Roblox with a little bit of Cookie Clicker and Slay the Spire on the side. It’s a time for idle games for me, I guess.

What are you guys up to?



6th Gen Batman Games: The Gates of Arkham Island

By Paige Francis Posted Monday Sep 11, 2023

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Last week I looked at 8- and 16-bit Batman games. This week I’m going to cover 32-bit and the sixth console generation, which actually presents some titles worth revisiting for more reasons than just nostalgia. I also have a few revisions to make to last week’s post, and I’ll cover the latest video update from FoxMaster and his AI Lara ‘bot.
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DM of the Rings Remaster XXXVI: Hates the Dice! Hates Them Forever!

By Bay Posted Sunday Sep 10, 2023

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The most terrifying part of any campaign is when the players at last wiggle free of your grasp and escape the railroad plot you’ve devised.

This marks the first time our hapless group has broken from the plot as set down by Tolkien himself. What does this mean? Is the whole thing going off the rails now? Has our hapless DM finally lost control? Will he cheat in order to stick to his predetermined script?

Beats me.

–  Shamus, Friday Dec 1, 2006

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Mercy, Hiccup, and Jellybean II

By Bay Posted Saturday Sep 9, 2023

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So, we’re up to Hiccup, my favorite of my cars.

I was on my way to a four-in-the-morning flight to go see my parents when he just chugged to a stop. We called in an emergency ride so I would make my flight, and I awaited news about what was wrong with him. Elliot texted me half a dozen times a day with updates. We had our own place by that point, but money was very tight, even $500 wasn’t an amount we could handle and I knew it. I was only able to visit my family by a mix of careful saving and help from them to even afford one round trip ticket in the off season.

After a few days of waiting for news, the mechanic finally takes a look at him. The oil change place had put in the wrong filter, instead of filtering it just hung there uselessly, letting anything through. We could have gotten lucky and it just needed it run through with clean oil, but we didn’t. Some bullshit got through and ripped up the inside of the system. The engine was shredded. Hiccup goes no more. Fuck. Dude. That was my car.

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Mercy, Hiccup, and Jellybean I

By Bay Posted Friday Sep 8, 2023

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This week, instead of my usual Sims content, I’ve just gotten home from a one-day eight-hour drive (four hours each way) to go buy myself ‘my’ ‘first’ car. I think because of this, I’ll take a break. Instead of writing a thousand words about the Sims, I’ll write…two and half thousand…about my cars up until this point. Right. Makes sense.

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A Look at Assassin’s Creed – AC1: The End

By Charlie Jubilee Posted Thursday Sep 7, 2023

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Content warning to those sensitive to violence. If you have an issue with stabbing, hanging, blood, breaking limbs, or other such topics, please go read Bay’s posts on The Sims instead.

When Desmond wakes up in Abstergo again, he catches the end of a conversation about ending him. Yes, we’ve known they were going to kill him this whole time, but did they have to say it in front of Desmond? Continue reading ⟩⟩ “A Look at Assassin’s Creed – AC1: The End”



Wednesday Action Log 9-6-23

By Issac Young Posted Wednesday Sep 6, 2023

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This week I am playing Raft with Bay, Elliot, and Charlie, which is pretty fun. I have some (many) issues with how the machines are supposed to work or how we get the parts, but the gameplay is good. I am also still playing Slay the Spire at every moment of spare time.

What are you guys up to?