Nefarious Rogue Corporation: Apple

By Shamus Posted Wednesday Jun 14, 2006

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I just learned that the shifty, fly-by-night software company Apple was apparently selling service contracts in Washington without filling out the proper paperwork. It makes me sick to think that these companies can just go around, doing business, without asking for permission from the government first.

Luckily, some of the bureaucrats found out about this operation and the fist of justice came down on this shady company to the tune of $100,000. I know I’ll sleep a lot better tonight knowing that the government is making sure these guys go through the right channels before they go trying to sell people the things they want in exchange for money.

If the multinational Apple can’t be bothered to research all the little laws and rules of every nation, state, county, and city in which they want to operate, then what on earth are they even in business for?

I had a kid come to the door selling hoagies a while ago, and I’m betting he didn’t have a license to be selling door-to-door. I let him off with a “no thank you”, but now I see it’s a mistake to let stuff like this slide, because these criminals will just keep pushing. Next time I’m calling the SWAT team.

On a totally unrelated note, I just noticed on the label for my perscription painkillers:

WARNING: May cause dizzyness, drowsyness, bitterness, or excessive sarcasm. Keep out of reach of children and bloggers.

Bah. Those warnings are always overblown. I’m sure it won’t affect me.


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6 thoughts on “Nefarious Rogue Corporation: Apple

  1. I’ve been warning y’all about this lot for a long time. But did you listen to me? Nooo!

  2. julenka says:

    Actually, I realise that this was all sarcasm and whatnot, but it’s a valid point. For a company as large as Apple is, and with as much at risk as they have, not checking up into all the laws and bylaws is silly! They’re supposed to hire people for that, to find out what sort of rules are necessary to abide by and what needs to be done in order for them to legally trade.

    Now, don’t get me wrong.. some of those rules are preetty damn silly, from a consumer’s perspective. But they’re the laws, and Apple should know better than to march on in without having done their research.

  3. Kel'Thuzad says:

    You are going to call the SWAT team on a kid going door to door? As I said in an earlier post…

    I am afraid.

    I do think that that is immoral though. If we are forced to pay taxes and abide by laws, the corporations should be forced to follow the laws too.

  4. Shamus says:

    You missed the sarcasm. I don’t think either party should be punished.

  5. KelThuzad says:

    Oh… wow… that went way over my head. Heh.

  6. CurtisJ says:

    By the way, you had a typo. It’s “prescription”, not “perscription”.

    My apologies. I’m a perfectionist.

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