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By Shamus Posted Friday Jun 16, 2006

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Hawking: Pope John Paul II Argued Against Studying Origin of Universe

From the article:

Hawking, author of the best-seller “A Brief History of Time,” said John Paul made the comments at a cosmology conference at the Vatican. He did not say when the meeting was held.

But he DID mention this in the book, which was written in 1987. So this happened decades ago.

Slow news day?

You might want to look into this Reganomics thing, I think the Democrats are really against it. Also, could you fill us in on that stuff happening in Three Mile Island? Plus! Who shot J.R. and is Pac-Man leading young people to obesity?


From The Archives:

7 thoughts on “This is not news

  1. Viktor says:

    Simply because this is over a year old, it has no comments, and I can.


  2. Musoeun says:

    It’s now almost three years old, and as such it is not even news any longer that it isn’t news.

    So yeah.

  3. Nargel says:

    So….I can now put a zig in the smooth formulae curves?


    In the name of the Fighting Hyborean Anarchistic Penguins!

    (all we need is a fight song)

    [what rhymes with FHAP?]

  4. zippy says:

    Hey, did you guys hear about that bomb they dropped on Hiroshima? Let’s hope the Commmies don’t get their hands on one of them, or this could get ugly.

  5. WarbrightMD says:

    This just in! Hittites sack Babylon.

    Sorry, I love beating jokes to death. Especially years and years after the fact.

  6. noahpocalypse says:

    Hey guys! Look what I just invented! I think I’ll call it… a wheel.

  7. Droid says:

    Feathered reptiles running RAMPANT!

    *picture of dinosaur eating small mammal*

    To Shamus: I really enjoy sifting through your old content, even though it makes me sad the only valid links from 10 years ago seem to be wikipedia links and somesuch. Really puts this “people from the future will have an overabundance of information about our lives” stuff into perspective.

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