Blond Joke

By Shamus Posted Thursday Jan 5, 2006

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Best blond joke I’ve heard in ages.

Hit tip: Chizumatic.


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7 thoughts on “Blond Joke

  1. ME AGAIN says:

    ok so maybe im just that blonde myself but either I couldn’t get to the joke or that that was the joke in which case fuck you shamus

  2. Felblood says:

    The joke is that you can just keep clicking links for a rediculous length of time and never get anywhere, isn’t it.

    Did anyone actually get to the end, or does it loop back on itself?

  3. Shamus says:

    It loops, eventually – assuming the chain isn’t broken with dead links by now.

  4. Hipparchus says:

    Did a blonde make this joke up? Oh wait. I’m a blonde…

  5. wilson says:

    If a blonde shaves bald will people notice and stop telling blonde jokes to them? Are bald jokes more tolerable than blonde jokes?

  6. martha says:

    dude, those people saying they’re blond.. they actually came to the conclusion that the joke might be that you go through a continuous loop of pages, all supposedly directing you to the desired location.. the supposedly hilarious blond joke :/ ive been clicking for fucking hours, this is for a study, at my college. what a fool i feel.

  7. Blue_Pie_Ninja says:

    One of the links is dead. I understood the joke after about the 3rd link (seeing as there might have been dead links after all this time), and then finally got to the LiveJournal link and that whole page has been removed. (I decided to just click through anyways because why not)

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