Blond Joke

Links   By Shamus   Jan 5, 2006   6 comments

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Best blond joke I’ve heard in ages.

Hit tip: Chizumatic.

6Six comments, I think. Maybe half a dozen.

  1. ME AGAIN says:

    ok so maybe im just that blonde myself but either I couldn’t get to the joke or that that was the joke in which case fuck you shamus

  2. Felblood says:

    The joke is that you can just keep clicking links for a rediculous length of time and never get anywhere, isn’t it.

    Did anyone actually get to the end, or does it loop back on itself?

  3. Shamus says:

    It loops, eventually – assuming the chain isn’t broken with dead links by now.

  4. Hipparchus says:

    Did a blonde make this joke up? Oh wait. I’m a blonde…

  5. wilson says:

    If a blonde shaves bald will people notice and stop telling blonde jokes to them? Are bald jokes more tolerable than blonde jokes?

  6. martha says:

    dude, those people saying they’re blond.. they actually came to the conclusion that the joke might be that you go through a continuous loop of pages, all supposedly directing you to the desired location.. the supposedly hilarious blond joke :/ ive been clicking for fucking hours, this is for a study, at my college. what a fool i feel.

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