By Shamus Posted Saturday Feb 3, 2007

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Augury has been upgraded to WordPress 2.1, which I did a little while ago. Seems to have gone well. Cinneris has also installed something called htAkisment, which not only detects spam but then blocks spamming IPs. He’s curious how well this works, how much it will decrease spam, and if it blocks legit visitors.

I’m thinking of trying it myself, although I have the same concern: I don’t want to wrongfully block legit visitors, and if it does I’ll have no way of knowing.

I’m considering giving it a try, but if anyone has tried it and has any comments, please let me know.

This site now gets so much comment spam that I just can’t sort it anymore. This means Fledge can’t leave comments, since #%@# Akismet has some sort of vendetta against him. (I speculate that perhaps his .info domain is what sets it off, but I have no way of knowing for sure.)

Any advice before I made the leap?

LATER: Nobody has commented or emailed with dire warnings. Googling around, I don’t see any dangers. I’ll probably put the thing in place on Sunday.


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3 thoughts on “htAkismet

  1. Cineris says:

    I haven’t had the thing running for long but I estimate I’ve had about a 50% decrease in spam already. We’ll see how that works out long term, but it was simply impossible for me to keep up with the spam I was getting … And I’m sure I’ve only got a fraction of the traffic you’re getting.

  2. ubu roi says:

    Sorry, but I only saw this today. Been busy… I use the standard Akismet and I’m happy with it. Very, very few comments make it by, and I’ve had only two false positives out of about 2k messages.

  3. Kris says:

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