Stolen Pixels #168: Venn Diagrams

By Shamus Posted Friday Feb 12, 2010

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Do you like Venn diagrams?

Well too bad.


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38 thoughts on “Stolen Pixels #168: Venn Diagrams

  1. Sydney says:

    Status of “ME” circle: Too small. It’s basically you, me, Randall, and…and…well, all of Randall’s fans, and…I guess most of the population here…

    …fair enough.

    1. MichaelG says:

      Hey, I like diagrams! Try this diagram-loving vid:

    2. mneme says:

      Nah. “me” is just Shamus. All of the rest of us live in the bigger circle. We also enjoy Venn diagrams — but we are not Shamus.

  2. guy says:

    You misspelled scout in the TF2 bubble.

    1. vdeogmer says:

      I totally agree, I normally can’t stand playing against Scouts. A big part of it is I usually play Pyro and Scouts can heckle like nobody’s business.

      It’s gotten a little better since I’ve started playing a melee demo though. Scouts never expect to be outrun.

      1. guy says:

        Ugh, same. Did you know that, without the flaregun, a scout using the scattergun will always beat a pyro unless he really screws up? And a point-blank crit from the FaN deals exactly 175 points of damage?

        But sword-demo surprising them is always fun.

      2. Jabor says:

        While scouts are annoying, once you get them lit they go down pretty quick.

        They’re also much easier if you take the shotgun instead of the flare gun.

        They’re also pretty easy as a Heavy (if you have Natascha), demoman (either melee or sticky – though Resistance demos have a bit of trouble), and don’t give too much trouble as an engineer either.

        1. guy says:

          No, they’re actually harder with the shotgun, because the scattergun does enough more damage than the shotgun that you’ll always lose that fight, but two flares in quick succession and they’re dead. Always assuming you hit, but usually they don’t manage to dodge them.

  3. Flitwick says:

    It’s more smbc to me.

  4. Adalore says:

    Hey! I am one of those bloody spies reaping through your lines!

  5. Roll-a-die says:

    Jerk is subjective. Unless you are talking in the verb sense. In which case it is factual.

    So many people seem to think just because they enjoy stealthy kills they are cowardly jerks. But that’s looking at it from the nirvana complex way of thinking. The there is only me and my circle of friends whom have opinions that matter way of perception. The Spy’s likely have their own class that they think of as jerks. Mayhaps the pyro or the heavy whom frequently spycheck anyone and everyone(at least when I played they did). Or the sniper whom can kill them before they can stealth.

    1. Shamus says:

      I picked spy because the Spy is the most universal foe. Not everyone fears the pyro, or the scout, or even the heavy. But EVERYONE has been stabbed in the back by a Spy. So the sentiment will ring true for a lot of people.

      1. guy says:

        Spies hate pyros and those engineers who back themselves into corners where they can’t get backstabbed before sapping.

        I probably don’t hate spies as much because I tend to play spy a lot and know the frustrating pain of rounding a corner in the only route to the enemy base while C&D’d, only to run into a pyro and die. Or stab in sight of a sniper and die. Or have a stab target turn at the last second and die. Or have a soldier randomly shoot a rocket directly at my face while cloaked and die. Spies are more luckbased than skillbased.

        It’s bad enough that I make a rule of always being in cloak until nearly stabbing time, because otherwise all too often someone will randomly shoot me. Not that being shot is rare even in cloak, especially from heavies. And pyros, but I’m not dumb enough to get close to them when they’re flamer-happy.

        That’s why I don’t go all flamer-happy at empty air while playing pyro. It can even drown out the decloak noise and get you stabbed.

      2. Irridium says:

        So true.

        No class is save from those bastards. Not even other spies…

    2. Heron says:

      I can let one incorrect use of “whom” pass by, but three?

      “Whom” is an object pronoun, not a subject pronoun. If the person or people you’re referring to are the ones performing the action, then you use “who”, not “whom”.

      In all three sentences where you used “whom”, you should have used “who”.

      I don’t mean to be a jerk (ironic, since we’re talking about jerks)… I just figure if you’re going to bother using “whom” at all, you should probably be using it correctly ;)

  6. krellen says:

    But I love Venn Diagrams!

  7. SteveDJ says:

    As I was reading this one, I saw one of the ads on the side for the Web Comic Contest. Then I realized that you’ve shown us all an example of making a funny comic w/o needing a lot of artistic ability (though I must say, I think it is funnier to read from the bottom up – the top frame made me laugh the most).

    So, I wonder if this might inspire a few more entries into the contest? :)

  8. Daniel Lowe says:

    Technically, all except the first are Euler diagrams. :D

  9. Teldurn says:

    “Spah’s sappin’ mah sentreh!”

  10. tim256 says:

    If you like Venn diagrams, you are required to go to, which has tons of crazy Venns, along with other types of graphs.

    1. Conlaen says:

      I agree, I got more of a graphjam vibe with these then an xkcd vibe.

  11. sleepyfoo says:

    That actually had more of an indexed feel to it.

    Enjoy : )

    Yd beat me too it, apparently. This is what i get for not reading all the comments. : )

  12. Vladius says:

    XKCD is not funny. Don’t fall into that trap.

    1. krellen says:

      It is at times alternatively funny, touching, deep, profound, and silly.

      Sometimes it is multiple of these at once.

      It is in fact a true statement that XKCD is not always funny – nor is it intended to be.

      1. Sekundaari says:

        True. This was the thing that bothered me most about the sucks-site. The ‘critics’ insisted that comic always equals funny, and something (sometimes) serious cannot be called a webcomic.

        1. Vladius says:

          But it tries to be funny all the time, just to certain people.

          And so much of it is overruled by the creepy, obsessive, disgusting nature of certain comics, such as this one.



          Basically anything with Megan in it is cheesy, creepy, or both.

          1. krellen says:

            I find that humorous. I’m not sure what you find so offensive about it. Unless, of course, you’re offended by naked people, which would probably make you a very unhappy person on the internet.

            1. Vladius says:

              The fact that you have to scroll over it in order to get an actual “joke” is somewhat suspicious.

              Combined with all of the strips about his favorite topic – cunnilingus – it’s more than a little creepy to imagine what’s going through Randall’s head when he comes up with this stuff.

              1. Namfoodle says:

                Well you always have to scroll over to get the “final word” in an xkcd comic. It can be a pain when the text is long, but whatever, it’s the thing.

                I thought 631 was hilarious because Randall is right: if you go on Wikipedia, the anatomy pictures look really cheesy. The one for the vagina looks like a girl is sitting on a barstool with one hand on her cellphone camera and one hand spreading her junk.

  13. Phil says:

    After the xkcd reference, I was expecting hovertext.

    1. sleepyfoo says:

      Me too, though it seems that shamus uses the author column on the side as his version of hover text for most strips.

  14. Nazdakka says:

    A website with a lot more of this kind of thing:

  15. Vegedus says:

    xkcd isn’t enough xkcd for me. More of that, please.

  16. SAJ says:

    I am afraid I am inside some of those circles, especially the last one!

    It was very funny… good job. Even if I don’t know what TF2 is.


  17. Ramsus says:

    I have a fire hazard, am not a jerk (ok I lie, I just don’t play TF2), I play games, and love useless things which include venn diagrams. Does this make me a good person?

  18. Scurofiamma says:

    One of your most funny works! I really liked this!!

    Cheers Shamus!

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