Little Girl: Release Date and Pre-Order

By Bay Posted Friday Sep 15, 2023

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I have a book coming out!

The 22nd of September, 2023, next week. Little Girl, a collection of 36 poems, should be available in paperback, and on Kindle.

I’m well aware that feminist poetry isn’t exactly this audience’s niche, but I hope you can forgive me for that. It might seem a bit ‘out of context’, and it is, but it also…isn’t?

My dad wrote books, which you all know, but you might not know that his dad wrote poetry, like, for a living. I’ll never forget the bafflement on my dad’s face when my seven-year-old self ran upstairs to show him my first ever book of my own collective poetry works. I was confused at the time what was so special about it. Surely all seven year olds get really into poetry and write a whole short book unprompted, and so it’s not that much of a coincidence that Grandpa Jim was a poet.

Unfortunately, I think that first book was lost in a move, but it was reportedly impressive, as shown by the fact that I got so much praise for it, I threw my entire identity and self-worth at being good at poetry for a time. I didn’t get a lot of positive attention from adults growing up, so any at all was milked for all it was worth. In my dad’s case, it was almost entirely the fact he didn’t interact with me enough to actually notice things worth praising. That was much better than many of the other adults, who were either endlessly frustrated with me, or so worried about me they didn’t have the time for noticing I’d colored something well or done the dishes.

Given all of that, it might not be a shock that this particular book isn’t a good idea to read if you don’t want to think about some of the nastiness of my growing up. My dad was a really cool guy, and I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to look at times he might not have been so cool.

It wouldn’t benefit me for my readers to have a hard time digesting that harder stuff, as some people could go to full-out denial. And it wouldn’t benefit you either. If you feel up for picking up a copy, power to you! And if you don’t, that’s fine too. There are other ways to support this site, and my work, if that’s what you’re looking for, and I write about other stuff, if that’s what you’re wanting.

US Pre Order Link   UK  DE  FR  ES  IT  NL  JP  BR  CA  MX  AU  IN

The Kindle Pre-Order is live now. Both the Kindle version and the paperback should go up next Friday, baring catastrophe. I have been working on this book for ten years now. I don’t put all of my identity into it anymore, but I am really proud of it.



[1] UK  DE  FR  ES  IT  NL  JP  BR  CA  MX  AU  IN

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8 thoughts on “Little Girl: Release Date and Pre-Order

  1. Unfortunately, when I click on the Kindle link, I get an error message stating that the item is not available yet.

    Is there any other way for me to preorder it?

    1. Bay says:

      It should be working now. I think it might be because Amazon is…stupid and broken? The link embed was trying to send people to the preview of the book, which ISN’T available. The non-embedded version works fine.

  2. PPX14 says:

    Fascinating! The links don’t seem to be working unfortunately, I have a feeling Amazon hasn’t listed it yet – I can’t get a hit searching on Google either.

  3. Olivier FAURE says:

    It’s pretty tough to talk about these subjects. I really admire you for being exposing so much of yourself out there!

  4. PPX14 says:

    Do remind us next week – I might hold out for the paperback.

  5. Huckleberry says:

    I remember that many (15? more?!) years ago, I came across a remark in one of Shamus’s posts stating that he had an unusual sleep cycle which meant that he missed most of his children’s recitals and other big events. I remember this because my heart broke a little when I read it. I did not then think that I would ever have an opportunity to communicate with you, and so I want to use this space to say: I’m very sorry that you did not get the attention you longed for. I hear you.

  6. Dev Null says:

    I think its incredibly important to both recognise the downfallings of your heroes, and to allow them to be human. People don’t have to be perfect to be admirable, but being admirable in some way doesn’t get you a free pass where nothing else you do is allowed to be wrong. Your dad was admirable, or none of us would be here. He was clever, and articulate, and funny… and also clearly messed up in a number of ways generally, on top of no doubt some ways that are clearly specific to you, and your family, that I will never begin to understand. What I do understand is that you have to let yourself love him while still being allowed to criticise him – criticise him while still loving him. Hero worship is terrifying, and cults of personality ring all my alarm bells, so thank you, for sharing a facet that makes my picture of a man I admire slightly more complete. It must be odd sometimes, talking to this audience of people who knew such a different side of him, only through the medium of his published words. Or only that side, at least. But look, I’m not just here from force of habit any longer; I’m still here to hear your voice too. So no, it’s not “out of context”. Panning back a bit for a wider angle shot maybe, but it _is_ the context.

  7. ObsidianNebula says:

    I pre-ordered! I remember making poetry part of my identity around that age as well lol. And as a queer neurodivergent person, I think feminist poetry will indeed be right up my alley. It’s true that I looked up to your dad when I was growing up, and learning about his flaws and shortcomings has been disappointing, but he was human, and I’ve gotten accustomed to the idea that people can be complex. Besides, while I may have come to this blog for him in the beginning, I stayed for you. Pretty sure I have a LOT more in common with you anyway lol. I’m really looking forward to reading it! Haven’t read any new poetry in a while.

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