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By Shamus Posted Tuesday Sep 18, 2007

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A major ingredient in horror videogames and movies is nonsense. All horror plots need some creepy images, lots of blood, spooky sound effects, and a double-barreled dose of manic plot gibberish. I guess the thinking is that plots that don’t make sense are inherently more disturbing than those with internal consistency, tied up subplots, and a clear timeline. Sort of like adding Tim Burton-styled crooked doors and windows to a scene, the chaos is “scarier”. I don’t buy it, but it’s a staple of the medium and not likely to change anytime soon.

Still, I can’t help but gnaw on the plot for a bit and see if I can’t hammer it into some sort of coherent shape. This is tough work, since so many plots and ideas were introduced and then dropped.

Spoilers ahead.

What was the deal with Paxton Fettel eating his victims? At the start of the game the team psychic states that he’s getting something out of it, but then they never followed up on this idea. He was a man in a hurry, yet he kept stopping to snack on people. That gets time consuming. What was he trying to accomplish? Was this some radical new form of the Atkins diet? Did he like the whole “I’ve been spitting up Gerber Beets Baby Food” look he had going?

Whatever happened to Jankowski? He vanishes during the second Interval (mission) and the game strings you along with a lot of “we’re still looking for Jankowski” messages as you progress. The Delta Force guys with him were flensed by Alma, but his life signs continued after that. You see visions of him as the game goes on. (Which I at first mistook for Paxton Fettel.) Then halfway through the game they stopped talking about him and he was forgotten.

As the game goes on, you uncover evidence of a really strange program intended to create a telepathic commander who can communicate with his troops with his mind, at a distance. The people behind the project got their hands on a very sick, very messed up little psychic girl. They suspected that psychic abilities were passed along by proximity, not genetics. That is, with a powerful enough female psychic, any baby she bore would be telepathic. This worked out, since it let them genetically engineer exactly the sort of man they wanted, put her into a coma, and have her carry the baby to term. They would get their psychic / telepathic commander without worrying about Alma’s mental problems getting passed on as well. Paxton Fettel was a product of this process.

The “surprise” in the game is that you, like Fettel, are an engineered clone carried by Alma. They telegraphed this so heavily that it wasn’t really the facepalm-inducing revelation they might have intended. More frustrating is that the revelation actually created more questions than it answered. It’s not clear why Fettel went nuts and you didn’t, but what is even more unclear is how the two of you ended up on opposite sides of the conflict. Your character is obviously an adult. Where was he for the last twenty years or so while he was “growing up”? How did he end up in F.E.A.R.? Did the other members of the team know about who and what you are? Conversations in the game hint that they probably have no idea, but someone put you on that team, and someone higher up must know who and what you are. The question then is why did they send you in to fight Fettel? They should have been worried that you would go nuts, just like he did. Why did he serve Alma and not you?

And if you’re part of the same project, then where is your battalion of fearless, unquestioning soldiers? Or at least, why do your powers seem so different from the intent of the project?

And finally, what ever happened with the president of Armacam? She obviously opened the bees nest. When some people got stung she elected to give the nest a good, firm poke and then vanished. She’s a major player in the entire affair, and it would have been nice to know what became of her. Did Alma get her? Did she flee the country? Was she hiding in her basement?

Without spoilers, can anyone say if any of these threads appeared in the expansion?


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35 thoughts on “FEAR: Unanswered Questions

  1. Adam says:

    OK.. NOW I want to play this game. Seems to have left alot open for a sequel.

  2. Stark says:

    OK, Paxton eating people… I got that this was somehow his way of gathering information from them. Some sort of osmosis of information through snacking. He’d ask some questions, not be satisfied with the answers and then it’s lunchtime.

    Jankowski bothered me as well… but then I figured that he was just meant to be a stringer – he was dead but Alma was using him to lead you in the direction she wanted. Thus the “Jankowski’s signal is just ahead – now it’s vanished!” shtick.

    As for Paxton going nuts and the PC not doing so… I’m not sure where I got this from (been awhile since I played it) but I was under the impression that Fettel had spent more time near/around where Alma was being kept. Also, I think he was informed of his “talents” and encouraged to use them to control the troops which opened him up to Alma and her wacky kind of charm. The PC on the other hand was never brought anywhere near Alma and was not trained or encouraged to use psychic abiltites but instead was taught to focus on other things – the relfex thing for example – and so never felt Alma’s influence. The PC is kind of an experimental control I think.

    Anyhow… that’s my $.02

  3. Nick says:

    Also, I believe you were the first, “failed” prototype. That is, you didn’t activate on the level they wanted, psychically, so you got farmed out to the military. Also, doesn’t Fettel taunt you by asking who you are, what your name is, etc.? Seems to suggest that even the character doesn’t know these answers.

    Jankowski is… odd. He reappears in the expansion, in an entirely unfulfilling way (more of a cameo than anything). I hope they’ll do something worthwhile with him in the sequel they’re working on.

  4. JB says:

    My proverbial 2 cents….

    1. Fettel eating his own victims – we know he was driven insane in the opening movie by Alma, and I think he knew the victims from his/Alma’s memory, as seen from his own words as he talks down at the incapacitated PC “Are these memories mine? Or hers? It does not matter…He deserved to die. They all deserved to die…” maybe the cannabalism was for dramatic effect of killing whoever Alma wanted dead…

    2. Janowski – i agree, his role after his “disappearance” was a bit of a letdown…..I really did want to know, everytime we thought we saw him or heard his voice, what became of him….though knowing Alma, it’d be some gruesome fate.

    3. Origin of the PC – little sound & video clips of Alma during the game crying out for her baby suggest that the PC is someone Alma might actually care about maternally, possibly explaining why she doesn’t flat out splatter his guts on the floor…doesn’t explain why she’d want Fettel to be her angel of vengence, egging him on to “kill them all”

    I’m stumped, and its either because they have a complicated plot in the works a la Resident Evil or Half-life, or they botched the plot….I’m rooting for the former :P

  5. Rob says:

    I had very similar questions about the game. Enjoyed the gameplay (to a point) but the ending dissapointed. If you ever play the add-ons or sequel let me know so I can see if they are worth it!

    BTW, you mispelled Nest as Next in your last full paragraph.

  6. Nick says:

    JB: The expansion clears up why Alma doesn’t splatter you, but does want Fettel to kill everyone who’s ever hurt her.

  7. TheRedTide says:

    I’ve only posted once, and decided not to do so more often due to the sheer numbers of people that were here. Now that the majority has left, perhaps I’ll post more.

    You have done a much better job of understanding the plot than I did, so you synopsis was very helpful. I agree with a lot of what has been said in the comments: I understood that Fettel ate his victims as a way to get information. I believe he told one man that his blood would tell him all he needs to know, or something to that effect. The whole relative-of-Alma part always confused me, and I didn’t really put a lot of time into thinking about it. I had thought that Alma and the player had been been born from the same mother–making Alma your sister. And Fettel I thought was some other person with psychic abilities that was of no relation to the player. That’s probably not right, but as I said I didn’t really understand it.

  8. Jez says:

    Shamus, have you got the Fear expansion pack thing called FEAR: Extraction Point? The storyline in EP answers quite a few of the questions that you’ve just asked, although not all of them.

    It’s a great game though, and one I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

  9. Jattenalle says:

    #1: He extracted information by eating their flesh

    #2: Alma luring you towards Fettel so you can kill him after he’s gone out of control. Killing people Alma did not intend to kill.

    #3: I don’t see how that’s unclear really? You expected them to explain the process in more detail?

    #4: Fettel went nuts because Alma commanded him so, Alma is quite powerful after all.
    You did not go nuts because Alma, for some reason, think of you as her son more than what she does for Fettel.
    You were not strong enough to order others around, so you’re a failure. You were basically kicked out of the Origin project. What happened after that no-one knows.
    But I don’t see why someone higher up must have put you in F.E.A.R., there are other members in the unit who are not special in any way other than being really good at kicking ass, which we get told in the intro that you are too “His test scores are through the roof/off the chart” or something to that effect.

    #5: See #4.

    #6: Sequel, which is the reason Alma was not killed of either. Though, I’d go for Project Origin as opposed to F.E.A.R. 2 (Project Origin being developed by the same people who made F.E.A.R., Monolith, and F.E.A.R. 2 being developed by the guys who own the F.E.A.R. title.)

    Pretty much all your questions are answered in game as you play, you just have to listen to all the messages.

    One thing I’m kind of curious about Shamus is:
    You had a big problem with children as bad-guys in Prey, but in F.E.A.R. it’s ok?

  10. Windblade says:

    ‘One thing I'm kind of curious about Shamus is:
    You had a big problem with children as bad-guys in Prey, but in F.E.A.R. it's ok?’

    the only time you actually shoot at alma is when she is in her undead/grown up state. The girl versions of Alma are never in a position where they are directly hostile to you, and your shooting at them.

    I read somewhere that the Player Character is not fully psychic like fettel, so alma couldn;t fully contact him any more that how she did.

  11. Shamus says:

    Jattenalle: I DID in fact play through the game twice, listened to every message and cell phone, and these things were NOT explained. If you know of a part of the game where they explicitly state why Fettel eats people or what happened to Jankowski, then you can feel free to enlighten me.

    Maybe you could even do so without the condescension? That would be just super great of you.

    ALSO: In regars to Prey vs. FEAR: Note that you never FIGHT young alma. I’m one of those strange people who dislikes combat against children.

  12. Tarrin4ever says:

    Wikipedia has indicated that Fettel’s cannibalistic nature (left ambiguous in the game) is explained in the Dark Horse graphic novel that accompanied the DVD Edition.

    I suppose that a few of the answers people are giving may have stemmed from there as well.

  13. Rich says:

    I listened to every message in the game and missed a lot of the explanations given in previous posts. But then I took a long time to finish the game since when I first got it my system couldn’t run the game too well. By the end I had the game running smoothly but it had been a long time between play sessions. I still enjoyed it very much.

    Quick question Shamus. Did the end give you a scare, or am I easily impressed?

  14. ArchU says:

    I remember reading a walkthrough on IGN one time which explained it all quite well.

    But before even that I remember hearing or reading something during the game which stated why Fettel eats brains and that is to attain the knowledge of the victim (must be a psychic thing).

    The plot does make sense except that you can’t kill a ghost. The expansion doesn’t make sense and you still can’t kill a ghost, let alone two of them. It’s a large expansion, fun for the combat, new scenarios (like a subway, woot) and new weaponry but there didn’t seem to be much point to it.

  15. ArchU says:

    #12 Tarrin4ever answered my question. I have the DVD edition so that’s where I would have discovered the reason for Fettel’s brain eating.

  16. Jattenalle says:

    Shamus: Not my intention to sound condescending, and I apologize for that.
    Fettel eating flesh is explained by Fettel himself and the female (Her name escapes me) in F.E.A.R. I don’t remember when exactly though.

    And if your questions are not explained in the game, how does people, including me, know the answer?
    And no, I have not read the novel or the story anywhere outside the game.

    Windblade: Well, the only time you shoot at children in Prey is when they’ve been possessed/corrupted/consumed by ghosts. They are in fact white and semi-transparent.
    I’m just curious what the difference is between the child in Prey and the child F.E.A.R. that makes Shamus OK (Used freely as I really have no idea if he’s OK with it or not, since he’s not answered or mentioned it :P ) with one but not the other.

  17. [Blademaster] says:

    Fettel eat to gain memories of the victim…

    Jankowski is dead…very early…the life sign is only to lure the main guy to Alma…

    The someone that put on the team is the government…actually as to eliminate there dirty contracts with the project and to test the the point man…

    All info from PC Gamer…

  18. DaveJ says:

    I think everything was explained. I don’t know if any of the questions had expansion (its fun, buy or dl!) only answers, but I got all of that and so did some other people. Guess you don’t need to read the following I still wanted to say it.

    -Eats memories. He has strange and wonderful powers!
    -Jankowski is dead and people are dicking you about. I think you find his corpse after a while and then that’s the end of him. Until extraction point where I can’t remember his role.
    -You got the reflexs and awesome strength. Magic powers probably aren’t an exact science as far as I can tell.
    -I’m not sure but wasn’t the head of the company one of the last people to get eaten?

    I haven’t played for a while.

  19. DaveH says:

    For the PC, wasn’t he washed out of Origin, but then picked up by Icarus? It’s been a while since I’ve played but I seem to vaguely recall that Fettel and PC were part of separate projects, and thus why you can Slow Time, but Fettel can eat brains.

    As to Fettel eating brains to gain memories, I don’t know if it was ever explicitly spelled out, but it was strongly implied, what him not knowing things, eating brains and then knowing things after words.

    As to why you are semi protected, it’s explained in the expansion.

    spoilers below

    There are two Alma’s fighting for dominance, one, your Mother, who is a scared little girl, and Fettel’s God of Vengeance/Mother, who just wants to burn the world. This is why there are times when she seems to attack you, and times when she seems to be watching over/protecting you.

  20. wrg says:

    Jattenalle, see Shamus #11. I quote a brief excerpt: “Note that you never FIGHT young alma.” And responding to that message, there are a great many things about which this game isn’t explicit. I can see leaving some issues open for mystery or sequels, but I could have done with a few more resolved.

    And regarding Jattenalle #16, the fact that Shamus is asking these questions does not imply that he necessarily expects a canonical answer. As far as I can tell, he’s summarizing his impression of the plot and presenting the questions that occur to him. Even if there is no answer in the game to one of these, it’s still worth mentioning that it’s a point left unresolved.

    The apparent ages of Paxton Fettel, Alma, and the protagonist left me wondering about the timeline. In fact, at first I was thinking that Alma was the first prototype, born of an unknown psychic mother and discarded in favour of Fettel. I considered Metal Gear Solid style accelerated aging for the guys, but this really didn’t pan out. So I suppose the visions are just of Alma from years ago.

    I was wondering about Jankowski, too. I was expecting to see him turn up as a boss late in the game. Sure, he’s no Replica, but I thought he might be considered valuable enough (in the opening cutscene, he sure thinks he’s useful) for some extra special Creepy Little Girl Magic to warp his mind. I was thinking pretty early that he’d been captured for that purpose, while Betters was saying that he hoped Jankowski would be found somewhere “with amnesia”.

    I never saw any direct explanation why Fettel has his command ability while the protagonist can react quickly. I’m reminded of the clip where someone (Harlan Wade, I guess) says something like “You shall be a god among men”. I’m inclined to think this is directed to the young protagonist*. If so, the extra speed in combat certainly proves useful, but as godly as he may be in combat, the game seems to suggest that the protagonist is being manipulated by his superiors.**

    Ms. Aristide, the president of Armacham, certainly seems well enough through the original game. At the start and the end we’re given short telephone conversations between her and a mysterious “Senator”, who by the sounds of it has F.E.A.R. sent to deal with Fettel. In fact, considering the timing, one wonders if either or both of those two know of the protagonist and have arranged his*** assignment. It was suggested that public knowledge of Armacham’s projects would have led to trouble for its leadership, but she doesn’t sound unduly disturbed. In fact, at the end she remarks that she’s pleased by the performance of the “first prototype”.

    By this point, I’d already come around to thinking that was the protagonist. Sure, Alma had also performed impressively, but against the local population rather than any enemy (except hers). As we’re reminded near the end of the expansion, Alma had pretty thoroughly dealt with major players at Armacham, except the president. It certainly does seem consistent with all the moving around that Fettel was using each victim to get to the next. It’s not stated, but I’d assume Aristide was well clear of the action but not necessarily overseas.

    Even aside from Alma’s captivity and death, I’d guess that Armacham was involved in producing these “Replica” soldiers. Although the expansion shows that they can’t act without a commander, they manage to fight, to communicate, and to swear quite a bit, suggesting some sort of cognition. What are they? The whole matter seems ethically dubious, especially if they’re controlled sentients.

    However, despite the objective given late in the game to investigate Armacham, it doesn’t seem to amount to anything. Perhaps Mapes’ intervention, the destruction of the Origin facility, and some offscreen maneuvering foiled the investigation. On the other hand, perhaps it’s going to lead to trouble for Armacham, but within the rather short game time there’s too much desperate fighting to worry about it.

    After a point, it felt like I was being reminded over and over again (especially if I count the expansion, which was fun but didn’t seem to move the plot that much) that I was Fettel’s sister by Alma. A bit less of that and more fleshing out of the surrounding issues would be nice. For myself, I preferred the revelations in, say, Knights of the Old Republic, Silent Hill 2, or even Jade Empire, though in the last case it’s similarly hard not to notice that something’s amiss fairly early.

    I probably would have found this game more entertainingly creepy had I not been desensitized by too much Silent Hill already. Also, the physics seemed a bit wonky, to the point where I figured mysterious rattling was just it acting up again. Nonetheless, I had a blast, both figuratively and literally. Thanks for pointing me to a good entertainment and discussion yet again, Shamus.

    I don’t want to get too much into discussing the expansion, but I was intrigued by a few scenes where Alma actually seemed to be helping. It makes one wonder why she (or her apparent servant, Fettel) is sending all those soldiers and other threats, though. On the other hand, I guess she has an excuse for being sufficiently odd of mind to act inconsistently.

    * As Fettel says, it’s hard for him to sort out his memories from Alma’s. This is one thing for which I can’t fault him.

    ** Maybe I just play too much Metal Gear Solid, where this whole situation would have been largely orchestrated by some mysterious conspiracy for reasons quite different from your supposed objectives. At least I would have received a lengthy exposition about it there.

    *** Although the opening sequence indicates that the protagonist is male through choice of pronouns, he’s never seen (except legs, arms, and shadow; I never noticed any reflection) and never heard. For much of the game, I wouldn’t have much trouble imagining a female protagonist, reflecting just how much of a blank slate this fellow is. Despite my complaints about unresolved questions, I can’t complain too much about this, as a normal past would be peripheral to the action anyway.

  21. Jattenalle says:

    wrg, Shamus added the last paragraph to his post while I was making mine. So I did not see he answered my question.
    And my point was not that he was asking for answers, but that he claimed there were none to be found. Which there evidently are, as several people have answered the questions Shamus presented.
    I was merely pointing it out.

    And: “I was intrigued by a few scenes where Alma actually seemed to be helping”
    Yeah, those events surprised me a bit too… Especially the ladder scene, where she helps you avoid some mini-gun troopers.
    And speaking of the expansion and well done scenes:
    The nurse and that corridor that morphs into another place. Both very well done, and surprising :)

    And I completely agree with your what you say in *** about the PC being pretty much blank. It works out well in my opinion.

  22. Shamus says:

    Yeah – editing my comment was a bad move. I thought it might help keep the conversation straight, but I should have added that “ALSO” part in another comment. My bad.

  23. Windblade says:

    jatanelle – I did make the distinction that you never fight the young Alma in the game.

    as for prey, i was more uncomfortable with the death of the two kids in front of you, and the sequence where you hear a child calling for her mother, ‘something’ finds her, and you get some pretty unpleasant screams and gibs dropping down from the ceiling in front of you. That struck as pretty heavy handed and cheap shock tactics on the game creators part. It took me out of the game, and made me angry with the game makers, not with the game bad guys.

  24. JP says:

    The ending of the story if you sit through the end of the credits is that you overhear the president of Armacham (same voice as in phone messages) informing a nameless US Senator that the first prototype was a complete success… meaning the player character I think, not Fettel.

    The truth is, most people on this list came to conclusions that were impressions of what the story was trying to communicate, never directly explained. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, right? If you have enough interest to invent explanations for what happened, then they must’ve been doing something right. I also thought that Fettel was reading peoples’ memories through cannibalism, and I also was never totally convinced that Jankowski was dead. There are other points in the game where you see flashes of previous events where everyone is still alive, so the fact that you see a “ghost” doesn’t necessarily mean that that person is dead.

    The thing I really don’t get about Alma is that you find a file that says she died a long time ago… so she’s somehow spiritually trapped in the vault. Yet can reach out to skeletonize people when she wants to? She can kill anyone whenever she wants. So what does “freeing” her accomplish? How can you expect to beat a villain like that?

    Lastly, on games where you can fight children – I don’t think Alma counts. You’re seeing her psychically casting herself as a child because she never had a childhood of her own. But that’s just a skin she’s chosen… she’s not actually of that age. Plus, you know, she’s killing people with fire. It really takes away from the whole child-innocence thing.

    Project Origin is the Monolith project, and is the story sequel. They retained the rights to the characters and story… so any extension or closure you want along those lines will only be from them. Any other FEAR2 project would not be allowed to use Alma, Fettel, Jankowski, or the original protagonist. And, despite the efforts from Monolith to imply that Extraction Point is some kind of non-canon lark because it was done by Time Gate, the story for Extraction Point came from Monolith. I don’t know why they don’t just say that they decided to pull an Evil Dead 2 instead of smirking and undermining a product they’re associated with.

  25. ArchU says:

    #24 JP, said: “The thing I really don't get about Alma is that you find a file that says she died a long time ago… so she's somehow spiritually trapped in the vault. Yet can reach out to skeletonize people when she wants to? She can kill anyone whenever she wants. So what does “freeing” her accomplish? How can you expect to beat a villain like that?”

    Exactly my point and doubly so for the expansion pack.

    #20 wrg: fantastic explanations. I really like your insight, especially into the PCs identity. Even in the expansion where there are plenty of reflective surfaces, they are all dulled so that no clear image of the protagonist can be seen.

    As for your comment “Even aside from Alma's captivity and death, I'd guess that Armacham was involved in producing these “Replica” soldiers. Although the expansion shows that they can't act without a commander, they manage to fight, to communicate, and to swear quite a bit, suggesting some sort of cognition…” – I think the game designers did that to make the game playable. Fighting an army of silent commandos would be extraordinarily more difficult since you, as a player, wouldn’t be able to tell where any of them are until they open fire.

  26. ArchU says:

    I should have stated “until they open fire or you get visual confirmation”…bah.

  27. Allan says:

    Did anyone else feel a bit guilty for killing Fettel? When I saw him there smiling up at you, seemingly pleased at being reunited with his brother, I couldn’t do it, I didn’t want to, but you couldn’t leave the room without doing it. So eventually, five minutes of looking for another option, I smashed him in the face with the shotgun, but I didn’t feel good about it.

    Also to people who’ve played the expansions, are you sure Alma tries to help you? The next time I had the chance after learning the whole family thing, i said to myself “Oh! Alma wasn’t trying to kill me.” So I let here get close to me and I died, it seemed pretty clear to me that Alma nothing but hostile.

  28. Windblade says:

    to Allan

    I think the fact you find he’s just killed the woman you were trying to save (who was, lets face it, an innocent who happened to have the wrong father and be in the wrong place at the wrong time) is meant to make the player want to kill him. also, there seems to be something schizo with alma going on in the expansion – Young Alma seems to be friendly to the player, whilst the ‘grown up’ alma hinders you.

  29. Noumenon says:

    The truth is, most people on this list came to conclusions that were impressions of what the story was trying to communicate, never directly explained.

    Yes. It’s a lot like those psychological experiments where they can completely alter “eyewitness” testimony by asking them whether they saw cars ‘smash’ together or ‘contact’ each other. The story didn’t make sense… but people’s brains are wired to look for stories that make sense… so they filled in the gaps, the same way your eyes do when they see an optical illusion that doesn’t make sense.

  30. Lo'oris says:

    just a side-note.

    leaving some bits of story open for a sequel is ok.
    not explaining any key elements in the story, is plainly and simplyt WRONG

  31. SaddestPleasure says:

    To Allan and Windblade (#s 27 and 28), regarding Alma’s seemingly schizo attitude toward the player:

    The impression I got was that Alma just wanted her ‘baby’ back. There are a number of times where you can hear echoes of her voice saying ‘give him back’ and the like. While this could possibly apply to Fettel (or to both), the protagonist seems more likely, since he’s hearing it so often. Since Alma is DEAD, she wants the protag to join her in the realm after death (which is probably a pretty bleak place in the world of F.E.A.R. . . .). In my opinion this is the case while she is both in her little child form and her creepy teenager form. In the vision in which you shoot her while she’s in her latter form, she seems to be trying to embrace you.

    As was noted earlier, however, there are other times when she seems to want to protect you. There are a couple ways you could break down this seeming contradiction — either she is conflicted (she wants in outer darkness with her, but at the same time doesn’t want to cause you pain), or (this is pure conjecture, but seems likelier) you can’t join her in the realm of the dead unless she personally brings you there — so letting you die by the hands of someone else would prevent you from joining her, and she has to do the deed herself.

    Or perhaps I’m ascribing excess subtlety to Monolith’s story, and they just wanted to convey Alma as crazy and unpredictable.

    P.S. As far as children appearing in an action game goes . . . I was awfully disturbed by the appearance of Alma in her emaciated, naked older form. I assumed it was her appearance at the time of her death, in her early teens (14? 15?), and found the idea of shooting a naked, anorexic teen mother more than a little disturbing.

  32. ArchU says:

    #31 SaddestPleasure: I thought Alma was much older when she actually died – into her mid/late 20’s at least (although she’d been in an induced coma since about the age of 15).


  33. Akoni says:

    hello i just found this was trying to fig out if i wanna get the expansion packs or wait till origin and noticed the preyvs fear comments… just to clarify you CAN shoot alma as a kid.. i hate fps becuase i get really paranoid… then you are having visions if you shoot at them they start to dissipate…. or maybe i just had really good timing but thats what hapend for me, also i beleieve i remember hearing peopel say alma controlled fettle… and as stated that he gets info out of the blood… im going to start collecting the comic books soo buti kind of want to stick to monoliths games not vivendi…

  34. Eric says:

    Jankowski’s plotline is answered in fear 2, and we did’nt get the telepathy, we got bullet time instead. paxel ate brains for the information gleamed from them about alma’s whereabouts, because alma didn’t know where she was. also, in fear 2, you gotta rescue the president of the company.

  35. Rich says:

    I didn’t feel like killing Fettel either. I mean, he was on his knees and very helpless looking so how could you? But I killed him anyway just to finish the game.

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Can you imagine having Darth Vader as your <i>father</i>?

You can make things bold like this:
I'm <b>very</b> glad Darth Vader isn't my father.

You can make links like this:
I'm reading about <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darth_Vader">Darth Vader</a> on Wikipedia!

You can quote someone like this:
Darth Vader said <blockquote>Luke, I am your father.</blockquote>

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