Session 4, Part 2

By Shamus Posted Wednesday Oct 5, 2005

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6th of Last Summer, 1501dy

The night passes, Thu’fir doesn’t notice anything. Skeeve wakes and Thu’fir goes to sleep. In the late morning Skeeve hears some noise around them, to the northeast. The sound comes closer then stops. He suggests to Eomer when he wakes that they might be being followed.

Morning comes, they eat quickly and set out early. They head southwest and come upon a pond. It is directly in their line of travel but is small enough that they can go around it without losing much time. They note a stink in the air. The musky smell doesn’t seem to be coming from the water, which seems wholesome enough. Skeeve skips a rock across the pond.

They hear a crashing in the woods about 50 yards behind them. They can see treetops swaying in the wake of something large headed their way. They decide to walk across the water. Enoch casts water walking again, and five of the party members begin running over the still surface of the pond.

Skeeve wants to stay and see what this thing is. He considers climbing a tree, thinks better of it, and instead jumps into a good covering bush.

An Ettin emerges from the woods. The massive creature stands at nearly fourteen feet tall. In one hand he holds a massive club, which is itself longer than any of the party members. He screams at them in some incomprehensible speech. Once it realizes it cannot catch them, it turns away in disgust. Pouting, it smacks a nearby tree with its club, nearly uprooting it.

The Ettin starts sniffing. It smells something nearby. Skeeve casts fly and soars out of the bushes, heading for the other side of the pond.

The Ettin is enraged by this. He is on the opposite side of the water from them now, and making all kinds of angry noises at them and standing in the mud. Skeeve drops a fireball on his head and angers him more. They have a laugh at him and move on.

Thu’fir explains to them that the Ettin was not likely following them, but that they had stumbled into his territory.

They can now either go south west where it is more open or go south which is a little more tangled. They choose the way that is more open. They head south from here. The land here is more open and they are making excellent time. They eventually come to an open, treeless field. A stream divides the field in two. Across the stream they see another Ettin. They decide to go around, rather than getting into a fight with the beast.

They travel a bit more south. As they move into late afternoon they come across a major city, obviously Crossway.

Continued in Part 3…

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9 thoughts on “Session 4, Part 2

  1. quicksilver_502 says:

    so they taunted and hurt a creature just trying to defend its territory. then laughed about it. these adventurers make me sick.

  2. Triggerhappy938 says:

    Agreed. Letting perfectly good xp go to waste. They should have killed the beast where it stood.

    1. dunereader says:

      Hear Hear

  3. Tacoma says:

    If sacrificing two children would give enough magic to blow away an army think what sacrificing two ettins would give you!

  4. Trae says:

    I do like how Skeeve just randomly decides to drop a fireball on it. I think it adds to the creativity of the story, like when he skipped the stone.

  5. ZedzDed says:

    So they think sacrificing is terrible, but dropping a fireball on the Ettins head and laughing is just fine.

    I guess An Ettin and Children are two different things.

  6. Andrew says:

    Well, yes. One is an innocent, harmless creature, while the other eats innocent, harmless creatures.

  7. thumper69 says:

    Right, Andrew. Think of all the poor bunnies those vicious children must have consumed. :p

  8. brad soup says:

    I think everyone’s focusing on the negative too much. I mean, at least he only bombed ONE head. He could have hit both of them. (No “Fireball = AoE” rebuttals. It’s a joke.)

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