Session 3, Part 5

By Shamus Posted Friday Sep 30, 2005

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Thordek looks around. He searches some of the rooms they haven’t checked. One room is piled high with old rotting furniture. Many old pews have been shoved in here, along with other broken furniture.

The other room (where the wizard died) is a makeshift workshop. There are many bits of cut wood lying around, along with a layer of sawdust. A crude workbench is built here, which holds some very basic tools: Hammer, nails, vice, and a few different saws. An incomplete chair is on the bench.

On the floor near the overturned table they find a chalice of purification. This strange cup will purify any water placed into it after 10 minutes. Thu’fir claims this prize.

Out in the main hall, they rest. As soon as he has the power, Enoch heals Skeeve.

Once rested, they take an inventory of the items recovered. Several Alidian rank insignia are on the table in the main hall, stripped of their silver and gold trim. The silver & gold are in a separate pile, along with bits removed from jewelery and teeth. Thordek takes these items to sell and divide the proceeds later.

Skeeve finds a mage’s guild certificate of membership made out to “Conjurer Vormoth”, good until 1505dy. Skeeve takes this. Being a self-taught wizard, he has never heard of the guild, but figures that being able to pass himslelf off as a member may come in handy.

Thu’fir finds the wizards staff and gives it to Skeeve. Amongst the other things until Skeeve can take a look at everything. Everyone regroups in the main room, bringing the kids in as well, except Thordek who has been checking all the rooms they had missed, gathering up all the things they find.

Thordek searches the workshop and finds a secret room that grants access to the second (northern) crossbow bolt device / trap.

Also in this room is a small wooden box with 800g worth of small gems, 500g, 2 potions of End Dreamless Sleep, and 1 cloak of absorb fire damage.

They decide when they leave they will burn the wizard in his lair. They fight about how to go about it. They eventually just leave him to rot in his workshop.

Everyone rests and wake up around 5 am. Enoch sets about healing everyone, and they decide to return to town.

End of Session 3

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5 thoughts on “Session 3, Part 5

  1. Hal says:

    Your chalice of purification? I gave that reward to my guys a couple of nights ago. I thought it would be just an interesting little trinket.

    All they can think to do with it is to pee into it to extend their water supply. Did you imagine that outcome?

  2. NO NAME, DO NOT BURN! says:

    LOL, back in my DnD days we became so paranoid of dead enemies coming back we would meticulously burn the bodies and scatter the ashes of any enemy who had a name. We didn’t scatter it all at once, either. We treated villain corpses with more care than most countries handle nuclear waste.
    It was a religion with us: we assumed any enemy who returned to fight us would know our secrets. Our only chance at survival was to make sure they stayed dead.
    Our DM got so used to it he would ask, “Burn this guy?” And we’d be like, “What was his name? Did he have a name?” If it had a name it got the flame.
    Obviously the nonchalance with which your players treat the self-evidently dangerous threat of a fallen enemy tells me you’ve not fallen into the habit of resurrecting your favorite pets to fight your players again.

  3. MikeSSJ says:

    Maybe you should send a nameless Immortal after them for a change, in order to have them rethink the “only things with names are important”-stance >_>

  4. G32boy says:

    Y 2 potions of End Dreamless Sleep
    1. why not 3
    2. did the wizard plan on waking up the dead children

  5. Hmott says:


    I always assume there are some random potions lying around a wizard’s lair, especially ones that relate to spells he likes. The wizard would make these potions to further understand those spells.

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