By Shamus Posted Sunday Sep 3, 2006

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The remnants of Ernesto have been sputtering all over my labor day weekend, turning the world into something the color of a Windows dialog box: A dull, joyless gray. It started out as a hurricane, downshifted to tropical storm, ran aground and turned into a pathetic shadow of its former self. It’s not so much a storm as a meteorological complaint.

Dangit, if you’re going to ruin my labor day, the least you could do is be spectacular about it. Let’s see some wind! Some downpour! You’re wasting everyone’s time!


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5 thoughts on “Ernesto

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  2. dude. I went through Rita (scroll down, read up. posts arent chron ordered). Be thankful.

  3. erg, my archives suck. here’s a link retrospective.

  4. BeckoningChasm says:

    I live way up in the mountains, and I had some flooding in the apartment. Nothing got damaged except my rage gland (strained it).

  5. Shamus says:

    Really sorry for the weather misfortune you both endured.

    And really, you’re right: If the worst thing I have going on is a rainly labor day, then life is really good.

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