Spoiler Warning

Between 2009 and 2017, I hosted the Spoiler Warning videogame commentary series here on my site. The intent of the series is to watch a game and hold an unrehearsed conversation between hosts of various ages and gaming backgrounds. I parted ways with the cast back in 2017 and they’ve sinced moved on to the dedicated Spoiler Warning YouTube channel, but you can still read the pre-2017 archives here on my site. I normally posted a short essay along with each video, so the archives might be worth a look even if you’re not the video-watching type.

Season 23: Dishonored DLC

(March 2017)

The Dishonored DLC is so much better than the core game. Don’t worry, we still find things to complain about.

Running time: 4h 40m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Chris

1:Knife to Meet You
2:”Low” Chaos
3:Surprise Skydiving
4:Shh! I’m an Assassin.
5:Statue of Limitations
6:The Friendliest of Fire
7:Day at the Office
8:Slumber Party
10:The Trouble With Trimble
12:Kill the Cheese

Season 22: Until Dawn

(Nov 2016 – Feb 2017)

Is it a teen slasher flick? A horror movie? An adventure game? A mystery? A monster movie? Like the developers, we’re not really sure. But it’s a unique experience with fantastic production values.

Running time: 7h 47m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Chris, Mumbles

1:Stormy Stormare
2:Haunted Exposition!
3:Girlfriend Arguments
4:Guest Starring Wolverine
6:Bath Time
7:Get Probed
8:Clowning Around
9:The Pants Were Dead
10:The Treachery of Peter Stormare
11:Asylum Sing-Along
12:Dano Cliff
13:Fax Checker
14:Total Buzzkill
15:Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’?
16:Skeleton Time
17:Bad Cop / Dumb Cop
18:Jimmy Flamethrowers
19:The Doge of Menace
21:Wendigo is Wendigone!

Season 21: Fallout 4

(June 2016 – October 2016)

Bethesda gives us yet another Fallout game where the tone is wrong, the story is nonsense, the characters don’t work, the mechanics are broken, and it’s somehow still fun anyway.

Running time: 20h 14m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Chris, Mumbles

1:Lore Never Changes
2:The Apocalypse Builds Character
3:Sturges? Tell Him.
4:First Deathclaw in Space
6:Welcome to Prison
7:What Does THIS Mean?
8:Chekov’s Engine
10:Romance the Danse
11:Brotherhood of Steal Stuff
12:Baseball VATS
13:I NEED This Mole Meat!
14:Why Would They Do That?
15:”Fantasy” “Roleplaying”
16:Fallout 4 is the Best Anime
17:Cereal Killer
18:Good Job, Dumbass
19:Metal Skellingtons
20:Bye Kellogg
21:We Are All Reginald
22:Reginald’s Suit
23:Hancock for President
24:Enjoy Your Coffee
25:Lonely Week
26:Obvious Forgery
27:Inventory Mismanagement
28:Mammary Den
29:Who Nose?
30:The Silver Sidekick
31:Neoclassical Post-Apocalypse Fantasy Cyberpunk Noir
32:BOOM You’re Dead
33:Meanwhile, Explosions
34:Draggin’ Fly
35:Big McLarge Huge
36:Mumblo Number 5
37:Be My Valentine
38:Slavery is Wrong?
39:Candy Inhaler
40:The Loon Wanderer
41:Fallout 4 EP41 Butt Skarn
43:Make Sense, Damn you!
45:Brotherhood of SEALs
46:2 Butt 2 Skarn
47:Dying of Campster
48:Pants Off Danse Off
49:Rad Topic
50:Organic Free-Range Dumbass
51:Fog of War Never Changes

Season 20: SOMA

(March 2016 – May 2016)

A wonderfully atmospheric existential horror mystery. It doesn’t always work, but it’s full of interesting ideas.

Running time: 7h 5m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Chris, Mumbles

1:Oh, Canada?
2:The Save Sphincter
3:Creepy Messages
4:Deputy Unweld
6:Under The Sea
7:Good Robot!
9:Go Away. Nobody Loves You.
10:Dunbat? More like Dumb-Bat!
11:A Monstrous Waste of Time
12:Detainee Lab 2021
15:Under Pressure
16:Queen of Humanity
17:Pathos, Too

Season 19: Knights of the Old Republic

(August 2015 – March 2016)

The BioWare classic that began the company transformation from turn-based RPGs to third-person action games. It’s charming, odd, glitchy, and captures the “feel” of classic Star Wars better than 90% of the Star Wars games out there.

Running time: 23h 37m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Chris, Mumbles

1:Knights of the Dumb Questions
2:Carth O-Nasty
3:Carth Blocked
4:A Bib, for Tuna
5:Canderous the Manderous
6:Shoot Him. Shoot Him to Death.
7:Who Are You?
8:The Sewer Level
9:Garbage Computer
10:Mission Edition
11:Swoop, There it is
12:That’s No Moon…
13:Save Scums
14:Taris Trap
15:I Love Your Goggles!
16:First Day of Jedi College
17:Leveling Montage
18:The Jedi King
19:Is THIS the Sexbot?
20:The Christmas Sith
21:You’re Totally Ship-faced
22:DJ Jedi La Forge
23:You Must Gather Your Party
24:Great Paladin
25:Lore Drop
26:Hugh Mann
28:Jerka Corporation
29:30 Repair Parts!
30:Is it Naked Time Already?
31:Your Entire Party Has Been Killed
32:Star Trek!
33:Non-stop Action Gameplay
34:Robot Photobomb
35:Examining Cross Witnesses
36:Sunry Execution
37:The Shocking Conclusion of KOTOR
39:No Witnesses!
40:SERIOUSLY Hurt Locker
42:The Three Trials
43:Get Off This Damn Ship
44:Somebody’s Butt
46:Open the Blast Door!
47:Hardcore Rodian Nudity
48:Welcome to Sith High
49:Ajunta Appalling
50:Zombie Sith Vampire Nazi
51:Towers of Hanoied
52:Bastila Would Never Fall to the Dark Side!
54:Death Feel’d
55:Non Mothma
56:Fall to the Light Side

Season 18: Arkham Asylum

(June 2015 – July 2015)

A wonderful debut title for a promising franchise. Josh is the only one on the cast not delighted with the game in some way. Unfortunately, Josh is also the one playing.

Running time: 5h 33m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Chris, Mumbles

1:Satan Clown Rodeo
2:Officer Frank BALLS
3:Asylum of the Heart
4:It’s Raining Mooks!
6:Ball Soup
7:Scarecrow O’clock
8:Some Kid’s Parents Died!
9:Jazz Hands Again
10:Give me a Kiss
11:I Wanna Pony Ride!
12:Darkham Asylum
13:Bat-Ant Man
14:Titan up the Gameplay
15:Batman’s Punchline

Season 17: Hitman Absolution

(March 2015 – May 2015)

A horrendous failure on every level, Absolution might be the worst game we’ve covered on the show so far. It’s stupid, ugly, linear, and irritating. But its most unforgivable sin is that it’s just a terrible Hitman game.

Running time: 7h 41m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Chris, Mumbles

1:Totally Legit Chef
2:Don’t Do Drugs
3:Where Did He Come From? Where Did He Go?
4:Ranting and Raving
5:Team Rocket
6:The Savior of Chinatown
7:Get Thee to a Punnery
8:Vicar is Quicker
9:Bald Shootlots
10:Deputy Weld
11:Ultimate Defenestration GOTY
12:Dexter’s Lab
13:Craperture Science
14:Please Love me!
15:Fists of Judgement
16:Judge Judy and Executioner
17:The Least Samurai

Season 16: The Last of Us

(Sept 2014 – Jan 2015)

“Games as movies” might be a bad idea, but we’re willing to cut it some slack when the “movie” part is THIS good. This is a beautiful and masterful bit of cinematography mixed with a completely rote and uninspired set of mechanics.

Running time: 14h 32m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Chris, Mumbles

1:At The Movies
2:Suddenly, Chest-High Walls
3:Hug it Out
4:A Garbage Block Puzzle
5:The Brick Thief
6:Very Poor Life Choices
7:Shiv and a Haircut
8:Grabbin’ Peels
9:Bill Die the Violence Guy
10:Free Range Zombies
11:Joel Punchman
12:Shooty Time
13:Live, Die, Repeat
14:White Gold
15:Rutskarn is the Worst Sort of Person
16:Butt Parchment
17:The Brady Bunch
18:Prince of Pittsburgh
19:Condemned to Pittsburgatory
20:Suck Less
21:Escape From Pittsburgh
22:Hail Hydro!
23:Raider Radar
24:Not The Monkeys!
25:Hey Hey We’re The Monkeys
26:John Sheeperson
27:Quest For Hats
28:Triangle Harder
29:All The Emotions
30:The Life of Riley
31:This is a Lot of Zombies
32:Joel the White
33:Joel’s Sporting Goods
34:Giraffes Are Cool
35:The Last of The Last of Us

Season 15: Marlow Briggs

(July 2014 – Sept 2014)

This was SUPPOSED to be a short one-off, but we wound up playing the whole game. In retrospect, this might have been a bad idea. This is a funny and absurd game, but it eventually overstays its welcome.

Running time: 6 hours
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Chris, Mumbles

1:Marlow Briggs and the Better Than It Should Be
2:Marlow Briggs and the OH GOD THE SPINNING
3:Marlow Briggs and the Refinery of DOOM
4:Marlow Briggs and the Pipes of Doom
5:Marlow Briggs and the Heavy Thing That Needs to be Over There
6:Marlow Briggs and the Whip of Weapon Upgrade
7:Marlow Briggs and the Great Balls of Fire
8:Marlow Briggs and the Grotto of Animal Cruelty
9:Marlow Briggs and the Necromancer of Boredom
10:Marlow Briggs and the Wheels that Make Total Sense
11:Marlow Briggs and the Helicopter Canyon
12:Marlow Briggs and the Marlow Briggs Fanfiction
13:Marlow Briggs and the Most Impractical Bridge Ever
14:Marlow Briggs and the Montage of Sadmaking
15:Marlow Briggs and the Closing Credits of DEATH!

Season 14: Skyrim

(Feb 2014 – July 2014)

We finally play this big-budget, news-making, viral, meme-spawning game of the year, best seller, beloved by millions mega-hit.

Running time: 21h 38m

So OF COURSE we crap all over it.
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Chris, Mumbles

1:The Trial of Reginald Fluffbert
2:Pot Head
3:Catbert the Swifter
4:Camilla Baba Jaga
5:You’re Making a Mistake…
6:Adventures in Incarceration Shenanigans
7:A Gigantic Mistake
8:Mammoth Cheese Bowl
10:Have You Seen Lydia?
11:Lydia Becomes a Hottie
12:The Innkeeper is a Spy!
13:Escape Guard
14:Bad Kitty
15:Unfit for Duty
16:Wolves Aren’t Evil
17:Viking Funeral
18:King Catbert
19:Bottle Fairy
20:The King’s Speech
21:Ricki vs. Jenny
22:Hey Look, A Moose
23:Praefect Strangers
24:Hover Horse
25:Catbert Gaiden
26:Follow the White Rabbit
27:Mission Literally Impossible
28:Specialist Olympics
29:Gimmie a Y!
30:Escape From The Temple of Boobs
31:Richard Scarry’s Busy Markarth
32:Arrested for Lollygagging
34:Double Dragon!
35:Ennis the Menace
38:Master Chef
39:Ist Der Head Zer Poppins
40:Escape Goat Simulator
41:Stay a While and Listen
42:You! Leveled! Up!
43:VERY Irresponsible
44:I Hate Everything
45:Professor Jenassa
46:Enchanting Questions Part 1
47:Enchanting Questions Part 2
48:Enchanting Questions Part 3
49:”Legitimately Obtainable”
50:Learn to Fight Fair!
51:The Peace Talks Were Successful!
52:It’s All One Big Yoke
53:You Win at Skyrim!

Season 13: Metro 2033

(Oct 2013-Dec 2013)

A videogame adaptation of a Russian novel about living in the Russian metro system after the world ends, and not nearly as bad as you might think from that description. Like it or love it, it’s completely unique among modern AAA shooters.

Running time: 7h 13m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Chris, Mumbles

1:Ranger Hardcore
2:Shoot the Babies!
3:Stealth Revolver
4:Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding
5:You Could Climb Up
7:The Ghosts with the Most
8:C is For Nazi, Good Enough for Me
9:Turret Vehicle Stealth Section
10:The Adventures of Arty and Sasha
11:Face Stew
12:Fluke Ninja
13:Greetings & Farewell Polis
14:Door is MVP
15:That. Was. SPARTA!
16:Knife a Wooden Door
17:Fear the Future

Season 12: Tomb Raider

(June 2013 – Aug 2013)

Crystal Dynamics tries to reboot Tomb Raider by combining Arkham Asylum with Uncharted. The result is a game that’s very sure about its mechanics and very unsure about its tone.

Running time: 9h 19m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Chris, Jarenth

1:Lair of the Hobo
2:Hunger Games
4:Nice Doggy
5:Massive Bodycount
6:The Crash
7:Oh, Honey
8:The Colon of Sadness
10:uʍop-ǝpısd∩ ƃuıƃuɐH
11:Grim Därk
13:Talk to the Butt
14:We Require More Vespene Gas
15:Run You Bastards!
16:Spoiler Warning – The Musical
17:Lifter Pulley System
18:Kiss This Guy
19:A Couple of Tools
20:Why is Everything Backwards?
21:The Wheels Come Off
22:Diplomacy Shotgun
23:The Ballad of Tom Braider

Season 11: Dishonored

(Feb 2013 – Apr 2013)

Arkane tries their hand at a Looking Glass style game. We end up with tight gameplay, ambitious worldbuilding, and flavorless characters. The opening is a little rough, but we warm up to it.

Running time: 8h 10m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Chris, Jarenth

1:A Capital Offense!
2:Rat Traps
3:Your Stupid Dumb Face
4:Grandma’s House
5:Secondary Explosions
6:You’re a Chicken Now!
7:Have You Lost Your Senses?
8:The Lousiest Man in Dunwall
9:Great Whale of Death
10:Extra-Strength Sokolov
11:The Boringest Guy Ever
12:Your Score is Apple
13:Bath Assaults
14:Like Real Assassins
15:The Dudeless Way
16:Realm of the Bad Dog
17:Another Brick in Dunwall
18:Goomba Stomp
19:Listen to Your Heart
20:Havelock and Load
21:The Fight at the End

Season 10: The Walking Dead

(Nov 2012 – Feb 2013)

An outstanding game with a lot of new ideas. Note that this game is really best experienced first-hand. Maybe go play through yourself, then come back and join in the conversation.

Running time: 11h 14m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Chris

1:General Lee
2:Some Kid Lived!
3:The Only Winning Move
4:I LOVE Candy Bars!
5:Best Racist Ever
6:We’re Here to Eat You!
7:Who Wants Some Beef Jerky?
8:The Best Defense is a Good Fence
9:Dangerous In Tent
10:What’s Not to Like?
11:A Salt and Battery
12:Fork This Guy
13:Duck Will Help
14:We Line Everyone Up
15:All Aboard
16:Training Day
17:Hobo Chuck’s Private Reserve
18:Ninja Zombies
19:Every Day’s a School Day
20:There is no Plan B
21:The Sewer Level
22:Lampshading Zombies
23:Amazing Fitness
24:Bursting with Flavor!
25:Axe Queen McZombie Killer Ninja
28:You’re Gonna Carry That Weight

Season 9: Mass Effect 3

(Aug 2012 – Nov 2012)

We come full circle, returning to the game where the show began in 2010. It was a rough trip, and in the end it was a lot of bellyaching over the changes to both the series and to BioWare itself.

Running time: 15h 23m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Mumbles, Chris

1:We Fight or We Doy
2:Now I Have A Machine Gun
3:TIM the Toolbox
4:Gigantic Space MacGuffin of Doom
5:Enjoy the Movie
6:Shut Up, It’s Garrus
7:Some Kid Died!
8:Krogan Air-Drop
9:Interocitor Cycles
10:The Space Tits Discussion
11:Toilets and Fatalism
12:Space Magic Town
13:You Big Dumb Jellyfish
14:Hacket Unit
15:Sniper Sandwich
16:The Space Racist
17:The Set-Pieces Must Flow
18:Our Buddy Hackett
19:Walk it Off
20:Unfair Nitpicking
22:Relationships are Complicated
23:Dead Civilians for Breakfast
24:Logic is for Sissies!
25:Finally, Some Action!
26:Finish the Fight!
27:Deckers VR Tron Matrix World
28:You Lied to Me!
29:The Fall of Shepard
31:You Should Not Have Charged That
32:Challenge Mode
33:Burst Vanguard
34:Menus and Silence
35:A Little Unwhelming
36:Your Choices Matter
38:Make it Stop!
40:Powers Cannot Be Used In Cutscenes
41:Artistic Integrity

Season 8: Alan Wake

(Apr 2012 – June 2012)

An admirable attempt, but this game just didn’t work. This is a game so conflicted, it will take all five of us to enumerate the flaws and missed opportunities.

Running time: 13h 42m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Mumbles, Chris

1:Hey, Listen!
2:Finnish My Manuscript
3:Stop Apologizing!
4:End of Episode 1
5:Renegade Interrupt
6:The Taken Are Filled With Bullets!
7:Bears & Flares
8:A Chainsaw for a Face!
9:But You Can Hit People With Cars!
10:Nightingale, Agent Nightingale
11:Physics and Pasties
12:Murder and Coffee Thermoses
13:Is Your Refrigerator Flying?
14:Stabbed in the Brain
15:What Episode is This Again?
16:Product Placement
17:Relevant and Topical
19:65 Billion Cows & Pigs
20:Screw Cupcakes
21:Wayne Knight, Superhero
22:The Hellevator
23:Swan Dive!
24:The Beginning of the End… Of the Beginning
25:Keep Your Head Down, Genius
26:The End

Season 7: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

(Jan 2012 – March 2012)

We welcome Chris to the show as a regular cast member, and look at this ambitious update to a beloved classic. Is this game a masterful and cunning improvement on modern shooters, or a short, dumbed-down bastardization of its predecessor? I think we conclude that it’s kind of both.

Ironically, a lot of people did ask for this.

Running time: 15 hours.
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Chris

1:You All Asked For This
2:Six Month Loading Screen
3:Hyber Sacking Lockpick
4:Cheese-Filled Terrorists
5:Hi Mom!
6:Sidequests, You Guys!
7:Adventures in Social Engineering
8:Venting Our Frustrations
9:Yo Baby What’s Up?
10:Welcome to Mine Apartment
11:Stealth Grenades
12:Ye Olde Firearms Shoppe
13:Shoots & Ladders
14:A Brush With Glitch
15:Staff Meeting
16:Public Service
17:You Make Me Poor
18:Schrödinger’s Pimp
19:Your Face is Ugly
21:Nice Hat
22:It’s a Small, Small World
23:Multiple Levels of Failure
24:Reloads and Elevators
25:Press F5 to Quicksave
26:Men Never Fail To Underestimate Elevators
27:The Icarus Funicular
28:The One True Pairing
29:Can I Haas Your Job?
30:LAN Party
31:Time to Take Your Medicine
32:The Problem Solver
33:You Munchkin
34:Adventures In Indecision
35:Deus Accent
36:Ancient Chinese Secret
37:A Bomb!
38:Naked Muscle Man
39:Plot Rocket
40:Capitalism Endures
41:Did We Ask For This?

Season 6: Assassin’s Creed 2

(Sept 2011 – Dec 2011)

Now you can watch a show where we watch Josh pretend to be Desmond Miles who is pretending to be an Italian noble pretending to be an assassin pretending to be not a complete asshole.

This game scored 91/100 on Metacritic. But we would puke on Metacritic if we had any puke left over after puking on this game. This thing is a mess, and we can prove it.

Running time: 11 hours.
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Mumbles

1:The Life and Times of Desmond Miles
2:Ezio Auditore, Paper Boy
3:And Then Something Bad Happened
4:An Assassin Is (Not) You!
5:Leonardo da Sissy
7:World 1-1
8:Peasant Bowling
9:La lingua Italiana
10:The Quick Brown Fox
11:The Assassin’s New Cloak
13:Press Dodge to Dodge
14:Free Shave & A Haircut
15:You Are Sure Nobody’s Follow’ Us?
16:Welcome to Lazytown
17:Your Brain is Melted
18:I’m Better off Without You!
19:Pick a Pocket or Two
20:No Hug for You!
21:Actually Pimpin’ is Indeed Quite Easy
22:The Desynchronizer
23:I Believe I Can Fly
24:Mario Murder Party
25:Capture the Herp Derp
26:Il Doge Ridicolo
27:Babysitter’s Creed
28:Shark-Jumper’s Creed
29:Who’s the Templar?
30:Requiescat in Pace

Season 5: Fallout New Vegas

(Apr 2011 – Aug 2011)

We return to the Fallout universe for a Fallout adventure that is 50% more cowboy, 25% less brown, and 100% less stupid.

Running time: 20h 10m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Mumbles

1:The Death and Life of Reginald Cuftbert
2:Aren’t Tutorials Fun?
3:I Have High Science
4:Yo Dawg
5:Two Heads are Better than None
6:Bonnet Get!
7:You May Already Be a Winner
8:Caesar’s (Tenaciously Boring) Legion
9:No-Vac(ancy), No Problem
10:Boone Comma Boom
12:Where Dreams go to DIE
13:Ring-a-Ding Bang, Baby!
14:A Night on the Town
15:Are you cross?
16:Ave, True to Cuftburt
17:Best weapon in the Game
18:Nothing Happens!
19:Indecisive Indiscretions
20:Simple Reading Comprehension
21:Boom Goes the Dynamite!
22:In the Not Too Distant Future
23:Elijah’s Interocitor
24:Silent but Deadly
25:Of the Taco
26:Fantastic Plot Doors
27:Fish ‘n Chips
28:Rock Climbing
29:Do Over
30:She Saw Me Yesterday
31:Hermetically Sealed
32:The President of Burp Head
33:Robbing the (Dead) Money
34:Welcome Back!
35:Spy is Demoman!
36:Murder, On the House
37:*Puts on Sunglasses*
38:A Chauncy Proposition
39:You Have Gained Karma
40:Against Regulations
41:I’m Invisible!
42:You Can’t Get There From Here
44:Fear and Loathing in New Vegas
45:Fission Mailed
46:Drinking Game
47:Zion Valley Ranch
48:Take Drugs, Kill a Bear
49:Beer Battered Bacon Shiskebabs
51:No Thanks
52:Honest Hurts
53:Let’s Play Caravan!
54:Stop Worrying and Love the Troll
55:Into the Sunset

Season 4: Mass Effect 2

(Nov 2010 – March 2011)

In compliance with all Alliance Affirmative Action Protocols, we changed Commander Shepard into a woman. She didn’t seem to mind.

Running time: 13h 42m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Mumbles

1:Death is Cheap
2:Kill Ten Robots
3:I’ve been working on the Railroad…
5:Don’t [REDACTED] with Aria
6:Troll Science
7:What Cover?
8:Mordin Solus, M.D.
9:Stairway to Heaven
10:Garrus Bueller’s Day Off
11:And this is my favorite [noun] on the Citadel
12:Punch Drunk
13:Cheerleaders and Terrorists
14:Let’s Talk About Our Feelings
15:Welcome to Junktown!
16:League of Gentlemanly Krogan
17:Hello My Name Is Grunt
18:Assuming Direct Control
19:My Mommy Says I’m Special!
20:Follow the Yellow Brick Railroad
22:It’s a Small World After All
23:Lawful Stupidity
24:I’m Superman!
25:Climactic… Battle?
26:The Best Plan in the Universe
29:More Fighting!
30:Cloud City
31:Lair of the Shadow Bowser
32:The Rubble Planet
33:Strip the Flesh, Salt the Wound!
34:All Downhill From Here
35:The Plot Strikes Back!
36:Probing Questions, Part 1
37:Master Detective
38:I Like the Bass
39:A Rogue Element
40:You DO Know Jack
41:It was the Best of Episodes…
42:What Are We Doing?
43:Evidence? What Evidence?
44:Reginald Gethbert
46:Geth Who’s Coming to Dinner?
47:I am Spartacus
48:Every Vote Counts!
49:I Don’t Even…
51:Three Hour Relay Race
52: Don’t Fear the Reaper

Season 3: BioShock

(Aug 2010 – Oct 2010)

We welcome Mumbles to the show by dumping on a game she enjoyed. That’s what friends are for. More importantly, we learn that combat-focused shooters are a poor choice for our series, no matter how rich their environments and characterization might be.

This series was further hampered by the fact that it claimed to be a “spiritual successor” to Shamus’ #1 super-favorite funtime super-game, and he might have gone a bit nuts because of that. He got better.

Running time: 7h 48m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Mumbles

1:Andrew Ryan’s Pipe Dream
2:This Episode is Too Symmetrical
3:All in the Family
4:Time to Get Tanked
5:The Flame War Plasmid!
6:The Hazardous Vector
7:Hold W to Win!
8:Artistic Murder Simulator
9:This Ends Prematu
11:The Vita-Chamber Tour of Rapture
12:Stop Me if You’ve Heard This Before
13:Are We There Yet?
14:Who’s Your Daddy?

Season 2: Fallout 3

(May 2010 – August 2010)

Our most insane and bile-filled series, where we heap shame and vitriol on a beloved and award-winning game. If you’re a huge fan of Fallout 3, this season may cause terrible physical pain.

While watching, be sure to have the glorious Fallout 3 spreadsheet of fun and alcohol poisoning open, which is derived from the Fallout 3 drinking game. It even has charts!

Running time: 16h 40m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn

1:The Birth of Reginald Cuftbert
2:Home Run Derby
3:Megatons of Fun!
4:What Consequences?
5:Glorious Chaos!
6:It’s My Way, or the Subway
7:Can’t Stop the Signal
8:Dead Cats and Other Treasures
9:Operation Rancorage
10:More of the Same!
11:Did You Just Punch Out Jingwei?
12:Memorial Memorandum
13:Enter the Matrix?
14:The Long March
15:The Cure, and Heavy Metal
16:Adventures in Babysitting
17:Let’s Do the Time Warp Again!
18:If Wishes Were Black Helicopters…
19:Stop Calling Me Mungo
20:Anger Management
21:Guy Fawkes Day
22:President Evil
23:It’s the End of the World as We Know It…
24:Let the Good Times Roll
25:The Ramblin’ Man
26:Tesla’s Cannon in D
27:Don’t Fear the Reaver
28:Revenge of the Spoiled

Season 1: Mass Effect

(Jan 2010 – Apr 2010)

Our first season. It’s very rough by today’s standards. The audio was crap, the pacing was tortuous, the episodes were too long, and we hadn’t worked out what our goal was or how we should play the game. We just decided to get out on stage, turn the amps up to 11, and THEN learn to play the guitar.


Running time: 10h 10m
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Randy

1:The Tonight Show With Commander Shepard
2:Screw the Rules, I Have Plot!
3:Barfights Solve Everything
4:Hookers and Elephant People
5:Failure is the Only Option
6:And if That Don’t Work, Use More Gun
7:The Gate’s Guarded, Time for Corporate Espionage!
8:Oh Crap, a Popup
9:I Think We’re Going to Need More Bugspray
10:Welcome to Feros
11:Makos, Geth, and Falling Cruisers, Oh My!
12:Grab That Shotgun, We’ve Got Zombies!
13:Filler Galore
14:One Small Step for Conan…
15:Art Collectors and AA Guns
16:Ham and Squid
17:Kilotons for Kaiden
18:Bow Chicka Wow Wow
19:Exposition Surge
20:The Last Elevator

Half-Life 2

Once in a while we mix things up and do a few levels of Half-Life�2. We don’t do this often, lest viewers get sick of our Valve fanboy gushing.

Running time: 7 hours.
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Rutskarn, Mumbles

1:He Doesn’t Want Any
2:The IT Guy
3:Hot Fuzz
4:Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need… Wheels
5:Welcome to Ravenholm
6:Father Danny
7:Aunt Lyons
8:Get in the Basement!
9:Highway 17, Abridged
10:How Not to Play Half Life 2
11:The Bug Whisperer
12:Post-Grad Commando
13:Turrets Syndrome
14:Slow Teleporter Operator
15:I’ve Fought Headcrabs More Fearsome Than You!
16:Expose the Core
17:Stop Breaking Source, Josh!
18:Grenade vs. Sniper
19:Set Piece – The GAME
20:The Kinaesthetic Pastiche Buffet
21:Time, Dr. Freeman?

Special Episodes

(2010 – 2017)

This is a collection of our various one-off episodes and specials.
[Youtube Playlist]

Hosts: Shamus, Josh, Randy, Rutskarn, Mumbles, Chris, SuperBunnyHop

1:’Best’ Of Spoiler Warning
2:Right Behind You
3:Happy Adversary
4:Probing Questions, Part 1
5:Probing Questions, Part 2
6:Probing Questions, Part 3
7:Probing Questions, Part 4
8:Railroad to Nowhere
9:Spoiler Warning Hitmas 1-Merry Hitmas!
10:Spoiler Warning Hitmas 2 – They Keep Pulling me Back in
11:Spoiler Warning Hitmas 3-Marty Graw
12:London City, Part 1
13:London City, EP 2
14:Anniversary The Second
15:Elevator Source
16:8 By Zombies Part 1
17:Modern Warfare Part 1
18:Modern Warfare Part 2
19:Modern Warfare Part 3
20:Synergy Part 1
21:Post-Zombie Economics
22:Josh’s Medschool Exam
24:A Very Slender Evening
25:Reginald Cuft(bert), Agent of Shield
26:Hashtag DESERVED
27:None Shall Pass
28:P.T. Part 1
29:P.T. Part 2 – They’re Calling to Me From Hello
30:P.T. Part 3 – An Exorcise in Futility
31:Here’s 52 Minutes of Receiver
32:Where is Jeff Goldblum?
33:Jurassic Jeep
34:The Part Where We Skip Everything
35:Twenty Minutes With Five Nights At Freddy’s
36:The Yawhg
38:Spoiler Warning Battlefield Hardline Episode 1
39:Stop the Bleating!
40:Miami Arrest Mans Force