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Usually when people link me I see the trackback and I visit their site. I check the place out, read some posts, maybe leave a comment, and if there is anything that catches my eye I like to link them back.

However, I’m never sure what to do in a case like this. Looks like the author is responding to my wordpress plugin, but it seems sort of pointless trying to leave a comment. The author might be saying “this is a great plugin”. They might also be saying, “this idiot made a plugin that only works in English”. Either one is true.

Useless Stats は、管理ç"»é¢ã®ãƒ€ãƒƒã‚·ãƒ¥ãƒœãƒ¼ãƒ‰ã‚µã‚¤ãƒ‰ãƒãƒ¼ã«ã€ç°¡å˜ãªè§£æžãƒ‡ãƒ¼ã‚¿ã‚’表示してくれます。


Okay, I just tried Babelfish and it did an impressive job. (Any level of coherant translation out of a computer is impressive in my book.) Looks like the author just made a version of the Useless Stats plugin for Japanese speakers. Nice!


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2 thoughts on “Aoiro-blog

  1. Kayle says:

    The best free online Japanese->English translator I know of is Excite Japan’s:

  2. dagnabit says:

    Rough translation: “Useless Stats displays simple analysis (logs?) data on the management dashboard sidebar.”

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