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By Shamus Posted Saturday May 20, 2006

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Can’t decide if you want to watch anime or play videogames? There’s always this compromise. Maple Story is an anime-styled MMORPG…

Am I the only one who thinks MMORPG is one of the worst acronyms ever? I understand why you would want to type out Massivly Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, that’s a whoe lotta text, but MMORPG is just a pain. It doesn’t lend itself to pronunciation. It’s long for an acronym. It bugs me.

…in the classic style of “kill monsters so you can earn XP so you can go up in level so you can fight stronger mosters so you can earn more XP so….” You know, those games.

What’s interesting here is the unique revenue model: The game is free. The software is free. Playing is free. However, customizing your character (clothing, hair, etc) costs real money, which is (get this) handled through Paypal.

Click for grown-up view

I’m told the brat count is a little higher than what you find in your typical game of this sort, due mostly to the pricing model which attracts the kids who don’t have credit cards.


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6 thoughts on “Maple Story

  1. justin says:

    how did he lvl like that?!

  2. Jesus On Cannabis says:


    That game gets fun around level 90. But since you can’t possibly get there without hacking, if you want to play a clean game, hope you have fun grinding.

  3. Tola says:

    …The ‘kids’?

    Be wary of making assumptions.

    I’ll admit I’m young, at 23/24, but ‘kid’?

    Anyway, no credit card here. More annoying than anything, as I’m now finding that it’s far harder to pay for things that you might find online without one.

  4. Mr. Son says:

    I may not have a credit card, but I’m no kid.

    It’s kind of a fun game if so have patience for exp grinding and mob farming for quest items. I can go for hours sometimes, so it’s not too much of a problem for me.

    It’s very much a matter of taste game though, and I’d like to agree with whoever said the brat content is a bit high.

  5. Brickman says:

    I started playing out of curiosity, but the fact that it is necessary to wait around doing nothing at all for several minutes to recover health from just a few kills of grinding (and if I remember right, I mean that in a literal sense–you don’t just get health back over time, you get health back by not moving or taking any action), and failing to wait long enough would eventually result in a very obnoxious death penalty, got me to quit fast. If I’m gonna have to grind to level up, I at least want the dignity of spending more time fighting than healing, or failing that being able to return to town while healing.

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