Final Fantasy X: Plot Analysis

By Shamus Posted Monday May 1, 2006

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LATER: In the end: I admit my explanation Just Doesn't Fit. I think mine would have made more sense and would have been easier to understand, but it doesn't work and can't be made to fit. Read on for my analysis if you like, but people in the comments below point out several fatal flaws with all of this.


This should go without saying, but just in case: Ahead are massive spoilers for Final Fantasy X. Proceed as wisdom dictates.

The Farplane

The afterlife isn’t some philosophical concept in the world of Spira. It isn’t something you need faith to believe in. It’s an observable fact that when people die, they need a Summoner to come along and perform a sending on them to send their soul to the Farplane. They can see this happen, and they can see the results if they don’t have a summoner and their spirit remains in the world of the living.

At one point Lulu says that if the unsent remain in Spira, their souls become angry and eventually they turn into fiends. We can see that this isn’t always the case, because we meet a number of counter-examples in the game. Auron, Belgamene, Seymor, and many of the Maesters of Yevon still retain the properties they did in life. They might no longer age, but other than that they seem to function as they always did. It’s possible that the fate of the unsent depends on how powerful they were in life, and how they died. Average Joe Shoopuf is probably doomed to become a fiend if he’s killed by Sin and someone doesn’t come along and perform a sending on his body, but mighty warriors and summoners can sometimes keep their identity, particularly if they aren’t killed by Sin. If they are healed, they can get back up and begin living as before, but now their soul has a tenuous grip on their body. If a nearby summoner performs a sending, they will go to the afterlife, willing or not.

In any case we can see that the connection between Spira and the Farplane is broken. It wasn’t always this way. When Tidus lived in Zanarkand, it’s obvious people had no trouble getting into the afterlife. They didn’t have summoners and sendings, and the place wasn’t overrun with the unsent. When people died they stayed dead. Tidus never even heard of this problem until he entered modern-day Spira.

Occasionally the unsent stay put and don’t get back up. This happens when their body is so badly damaged that it can no longer move and nobody is able to repair it. These dead give off pyreflies, which contain some of the memories and a little of the life-foce of the deceased. When the summoner performs a sending, these gather and around the body and carry their soul to the Farplane. But if no summoner is around, the pyreflies linger. If enough dead are gathered together, the pyreflies become so dense that people nearby will see visions and memories of the dead.


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56 thoughts on “Final Fantasy X: Plot Analysis

  1. Andrew Irwin says:

    Wow. Except it seems you missed some important points. First off, Tidus (and presumably Jecht) knew about fiends before leaving Zanarkand. He mentions that they’re rare, though. And it’s specifically mentioned that fiends are created by violent death in the exposition leading to Yuna’s sending at Kilika.

    Zanarkand was, indeed, the mystically powerful city. Yu Yevon was the city’s ruler, and Yunalesca his daughter. Zanarkand was losing the Machina War, and Sin was their ultimate weapon. Important to note, however, is that while Zanarkand didn’t seem to have much in the robotic killing machine department, doesn’t mean they had no technology.

    The Zanarkand Tidus and Jecht came from seemed more of a Matrixy thing to me, created by the Faythscar on Gagazet from the souls of Zanarkand. It’s unclear whether the Faythscar had other purposes (such as powering Sin) or if it was intended as a final refuge for the people of Zanarkand, or some of both. This seems supported by the fact that Jecht disappeared ten years ago from Zanarkand, just in time to show up in Spira, and Auron irregularly appearing in Tidus’s life since then.

    After Sin’s creation, it’s unclear what exactly happened. Perhaps Yunalesca delivered terms to Bevelle, and this became the origin of the prohibition on machina. Regardless, eventually she taught Bevelle’s Maesters how to summon, and eventually created the Final Aeon. Bevelle then created Yevon, the temples, and the pilgrimage.

    Side note: Bevelle wasn’t exactly scrupulous in choosing their fayths; Bahamut’s fayth is a little boy.

    It wasn’t the Yevonites, per se, that attacked Home, but the Guado under orders from Seymour. No humans or Ronso were there, and most of the damage was done by fiends summoned and controlled by the Guado (perhaps an ability related to their Farplane annex in Gudosalam.)

  2. Shamus says:

    You mention Faythscar, who I’ve never heard of. All of the above is an attempt by me to streighten out some bits that don’t make sense. I didn’t use any official hint guides, and I didn’t play X2, so I did not draw from either source.

    I’m not offering my version as authoritive, but as a starting point for untangling some of the bits that didn’t make sense to me.

    It looks like you have more official sources. Did you play X2?

    1. John V says:

      So am I correct in the understanding that Faythscar on Gagazet refers to the dreaming fayth on Mt. Gagazet, and that these terms are interchangeable? I have also not played X-2, so if they refer to it as faythscar there, this would make sense.

      Also, I particularly like the theory about Zanarkand being the original summoning city and Bevelle taking on this role after it had destroyed Zanarkand, or at least pretending to be a city built around summoning and the importance of Yevon while still relying on Machina: The city that was submerged was always kinda interesting . . .

  3. Pixy Misa says:

    Andrew’s right. The Zanarkand Tidus comes from bears little resemblence to the historical Zanarkand that Yuna knows. Either the history is wrong, or the pyreflies created their Zanarkand from whole cloth.

    (I’ve played but not finished X2, so I don’t know what might be revealed in the ending there.)

    Also, I’m going to carry on pretending that the Dark Aeons don’t exist. (They’re not in the US version, as far as I know. They make a hash of the game balance and the story line.)

    1. Boobah says:

      Yeah, yeah, talking to a decade ago. But…

      There’s little reason to expect Tidus’s Zanarkand to look a whole lot like historical Zanarkand. It probably once did, but Sim!Zanarkand had been running for a thousand years by the time Tidus is born.

  4. Pixy Misa says:

    Also, they should make an anime series of this. :)

  5. Shamus says:

    Another note: I’m going through the game again and just as I’m reading your comment I’m at the point in the game where the Al Bhed home is under attack. You are right. Everyone assumes Yevon is attacking, but Cid points out that it’s just the Guado, who are after the summoners.

    Now that I think of it, this is a sensible move for Seymor. He knew things were scewed with Yuna, and perhaps he hoped to win the trust of the other summoners by freeing them, and team up with one of them to become a Fayth.

  6. HC says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve played either FF-X game, but I do remember Zanarkand being the mystic city, something which FF-X2 bolsters. The spheres of FF-X2, and most of the plotline, come from Bevelle’s technological past. Also, as I recall, the high-tech themed dungeons are under Bevelle.

    The idea about Zanarkand delivering terms to Bevelle is correct, I think. The reason Zanarkand was annihilated is that Yu Yevon could afford to conquer Bevelle, but had to all but eliminate the knowledge of summoning. Munching on apprentices is one thing; facing fellow veterans of the great war would be another.

  7. Eric says:

    WRONGO!!!!! The city that was submerged underwater, near the shoopuff was responsible for everything. The great mystic buttlord who dwells in the dreams of the non-believers controls the almighty ronso banaza festival of lights. He used aeonology(half aeon/half technology) to unleash the gayness of bevelle. Then sephiroth came beat sins ass. That’s what really happened!
    from the book “memoirs of a geisha”

  8. Shamus says:

    Dear Eric,

    Thank you so much for the clever and incisive reply. I have since printed it out, and now have it hanging, framed, above my desk. It will forevermore serve as a benchmark by which all future comments are measured.


  9. Eric says:


    Your welcome. If you need me to provide a certificate of authentificaton, and signature please send 2 dollars to where I live, or 2 levels of experience in the next campaign.

    yours in fellowship,
    Sir Eric Taylor of sexy.

  10. Bogan says:

    Ok even though no one will read this anymore. Who in which level of hell let Eric touch a computer again?

  11. Eric says:

    What I was telling the plot to the japanese version. Scary isn’t it. The insanity inwhich pain becomes the realization of the innocent. Dubious as it is the forefathers have predicted such perdition is an abomination of the upmost preciousesnes. DO YOU SEE THE THAT BEAUTIFUL LIGHT. IT BATHES US REGULARLY IN THE FIREY GLOW. HE IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE WHO DWELLS IN THE DREAMS OF NON-BELIEVERS!!! MWA HA HA HA HA HA…………GURGLE!

  12. Patrick says:

    1. For the rest of you who don’t know him, the really frightening thing is that these posts are the most intelligent and understanable things Eric has ever said.

    2. FFX-2 sucked. Badly. Seriously folks if you have doubts as to how someone/something could screw up a sequeal so fast, go rent the George Clooney Batman movies.

  13. Kim says:

    Zanarkand was definitely a city of summoners, and Bevelle was definitely a city of technology, you have it backwards. I can say this without any doubt as I have played that game through five times, and have the entire thing recorded on tape which i made some of my freinds watch so they would understand my ramblings.Also, as far as i can tell, though there is no way to really lose to Yu yevon, if you don’t have an ultimate weapon, there is no way you can win either.without aeons to do damage over 9999, and with yu yevon healing himself at least by 9999 nearly every turn he takes (not to mention the pagodas) you’d get stuck in a cycle in which each time you tried to harm him, he’d heal himself or kill you, because you may notice he often kills off all three members and without the auto-life provided by the fayth, they probably couldn’t have won either. Though the way the game presents it makes Yu Yevon seem a bit of a pushover, it’s nearly impossible and likely incredibly time consuming to attempt to beat him without at least one ultimate weapon and impossible without the help of the fayth. Yu Yevon may not be as strong as Sin on his own, but he is still very powerful, and that’s definitely not something to be forgotten.

  14. Angel says:

    I don’t know if someone’s ever gonna come and check this out again, but just in case. Just wanted to make a little correctiong. Yu Yevon’s homeland is Zanarkand. He was the ruler of Zanarkand and the most skillful summoner as it were. Yevon was also Yunalesca’s father, which serves as proof for how they (Yunalesca and Yevon) planned to have Yevon praised throught Spira, even thought it would mean losing their home. Pretty much as a sacrifice, even though they would lose the war, his name would go praised, pretty much as if they won but they didnt lose…get it? This was Yevon and Yunalesca’s plan.

    Yevon created Sin and destroyed Zanarkand. The remaining summoners and people of Zanarkand turned into fayth, put up their memories, and created the Dream Zanarkand.

    Now, to make Yevon be praised throughout Spira, the teachings of Yevon were introuduced. As you know, a summoner journeys to obtain the Final Aeon in Zanarkand and defeat Sin. This was the for the first time by Yunalesca, Yevon’s daughter, and after death she became and unsent and stayed in Zanarkand to take care of the Final Summoning with the summoners who complete their pilgrimage. Bevelle believed Sin to be an aeon summoned by Yevon as revenge for conquering Zanarkand’s defenders. In a deal with Yunalesca to appease Yevon’s wrath, she offered to provide them with a means to maintain order and hope in the common people in exchange for them ensuring that Yevon be praised and glorified. They agreed, and the temples of Yevon were born along with the teachings, teaching that machina were forbidden. So Bevelle covered up a lot of things, as you know, since Bevelle is always covering up a lot of secrets.

    Sin, being Yevon’s creation, destroyed all the big cities, basically bringing sorrow to the people and destroy the machina, which is what Yevon wanted as revenge for the Machina War. This is why the teaching of Yevon forbid machina and no city in Spira, aside from Bevelle and Luca, were able to grow.

    So basically Yevon planned to use Sin to bring sorrow to Spira and by doing so the teachings of Yevon were brought. And that, as they say, is that.

    You could check out this info by talking to Maechen. Old guy knows a lot of things =p

  15. Shamus says:

    In the end: I admit my explanation Just Doesn’t Fit. I think mine would have made more sense and would have been easier to understand, but it doesn’t work and can’t be made to fit.

  16. joshiko says:

    who would ever take the time 2 read all that?!

  17. Blitzer says:

    Hey,Iv never completed FFX,But i did go online and read teh script,To me its pretty bullshit about zanarkand been the Magical City,I mean,Tidus only knew about Fiends,He knew nothing of summoners or wars,So in my opinion,Yu Yevon ruled Zanarkand,But not to teh knowledge of Zanarkand that he was a summoner(Know onw would know what he was talking about),He would keep the summoner situation secret until he summond sin.Yunalisca gatherd than sin must of killed her father yu yevon when it came to defeat zanarkand after teh war,Yunalisca knew about the power needed to summon a great aeon and offered her one and only love to kill sin.Unfortunantly backfire and lead her to an unsent death,leading to my next point that she found out(somehow)about her father controlling sin and worried what teh people of spira would think,so,she went to Bevelle and soughted it out about the whole “yevon is so great”shit and create the teachings of yevon.In conclusion,Zanarkand is teh great Machina city as they say,and is NOW holy because of teh deathj of so many people,creating a heep of pyrflies which tehy gatherd ment it was a holy place
    The End.

  18. Xaldin says:

    but what started the war between zanarkand and bevelle?? that’s the only thing i dont know about ffx-x2

  19. I have watched all 82 walkthroughs including the ones with no sphere grid. I find the story so perverted and contradictory it’s mind boggling. If this was a movie they would say the director lied to the audience.

  20. Rhain says:

    “Zanarkand was definitely a city of summoners, and Bevelle was definitely a city of technology, you have it backwards. I can say this without any doubt as I have played that game through five times, and have the entire thing recorded on tape which i made some of my freinds watch so they would understand my ramblings.Also, as far as i can tell, though there is no way to really lose to Yu yevon, if you don't have an ultimate weapon, there is no way you can win either.without aeons to do damage over 9999, and with yu yevon healing himself at least by 9999 nearly every turn he takes (not to mention the pagodas) you'd get stuck in a cycle in which each time you tried to harm him, he'd heal himself or kill you, because you may notice he often kills off all three members and without the auto-life provided by the fayth, they probably couldn't have won either. Though the way the game presents it makes Yu Yevon seem a bit of a pushover, it's nearly impossible and likely incredibly time consuming to attempt to beat him without at least one ultimate weapon and impossible without the help of the fayth. Yu Yevon may not be as strong as Sin on his own, but he is still very powerful, and that's definitely not something to be forgotten.”

    Right…you are aware that Yu Yevon is pretty much susceptible to the most laughable of status ailements…like, per se, Zombie.

    Inflict zombie on him, and watch the pagodas and his own Curagas kill him in half the time it would take to do the conventional method of hacslashflamfreezeshochacksomemoreetc.

    Doesn’t take long at all.

  21. Vegedus says:

    It’s true, there are many ways of killing Yu Yevon. Ever heard of reflect? So, if Yu Yevon casts a healing spell on himself with reflect on, guess what? One of your party members is healed. Also, Lulu (or rather in the lulus section of the sphere grid, you) get an ability called doublecast. Insane powerleveling is not needed to get over 9999 damage with that, I got 19998 damage with it on my first, casual play-through. So, if you either use your brain minimally or have a party that could take down Jecht (which would be very weird if you didn’t at this point), it’s basically impossible to lose to Yu Yevon. It’s basically like fighting a buffed up standard yuna, without Aeons. She can heal… And that’s about it.

    I also recently played it through for either the fourth or fifth time. It’s funny how meaningless all the battles felt (boss encounters too) and how much I just looked forward to the cutscenes. It was like “Auron is speaking, yay! Oh, kill Yunalesca, *yawn*.”. Speaking of which, the “pep-talk” Auron gives them before that fight is my favourite part of the game. “Live and fight your sorrow or die and be free of pain” is amongst my favourite qoutes too.

    And about the story… I don’t fully understand it either, still. Now, if FFXII would just release in europe already!

  22. sleepyfoo says:

    another thing to do to yu yevon is magic break, it reduces the amount he heals for, which allows you to very slowly kill him.

  23. Raen says:

    i don’t know if anybody has already said this but we do know that Seymor’s mothers became Anima and never fought sin, i think Seymour even said it n the game but even if he didn’t its still obvious that he didn’t because if she was too weak, Yu Yevon and his current sin would have just killed him and her both, and if she was stronger then him, Yu Yevon would have taken over her, killed Seymor, and then anima wouldnt have been there to saved ppl from fiends at Luca during the tournament nor would the party have fought her in the macelania temple. also Seymor’s mom was changed ten years from when tidus came to current day spira , this would been the same time as ject and braska fought sin, if his mom had been change into sin that would mean that he would be older then lord braska , which he wasnt, he was 9-12(im not rly sure exactly but he was a little kid, he mightve even been eight, but was probably about 12 or 11) when he was arguing with his mom about her becoming the final aeon in the zanarkand temple .

  24. Raen says:

    also to Vegedus (21st comment) i totally agree with that last part, now i just play the game for cut scenes and blitzball, i love blitzball

  25. Christian Groff says:

    “When Yunalesca was finally destroyed during the course of the game, she proved that she understood nothing. She warned them, “Even if you defeat Sin, Yu Yevon will simply create Sin anew!” She knows about Yu Yevon, but has never realized that defeating Sin without using aeons is the only way to defeat it forever. Yu Yevon never once “created” Sin, and always needed a steady supply of Fayth to keep the game going.”

    I knew most of the plot already but this was an eye-opener! I mean, here we were, worried that killing the Fayth would mean death for the world, but in truth, if they had simply done nothing, Sin wold have burnt out and the Eternal Calm would have occurred anyways! Amazing, simply amazing.

  26. Crystalgate says:

    I so wish this was the plot of FFX. In many ways your explanation makes more sense than FFX’s actual plot and is far more entertaining.

  27. Tai says:

    Incredibly late, but a couple of points to make here.

    1) Seymour and his mother made the journey to Zanarkand when Seymour was a young child – the pyreflies there show you memories of him and his mother, his mother urging him on because doing this would make him “accepted” and him really not wanting to go. Considering the fact that, Al Bhed aside and that was more because of the religion/technology thing than anything else, there seems to be very little racism (speciesism?), I found the idea of a half-Guado being treated poorly less applicable than a lot of other ones they came up with. Among the Guado themselves, noted snobs in the game, it works, but the majority of the world is human and Ronso and so seems to not need the boost as much, especially considering who his father is. But they were, indeed, there, and it’s almost certain that Yunalesca is the one who turned Seymour’s mother into a fayth and then sent him out – summoners go to call the Final Aeon on the Calm Lands and battle there, empty of most life but within viewing distance of Bevelle. It’s very likely Seymour couldn’t bear to Summon his mother’s fayth at the very young age of roughly six to eight, and ran with her/it to the Baaj temple (which apparently wasn’t in that bad a condition when he was little around 20 years before) to hide away.

    2) Excluding Yunalesca and including Braska, there were only four high summoners. WTF? Most summoners die, whether on the path or possibly killed by Yunalesca (which is an interesting twist on that idea, definitely), or give up their pilgrimage as Dona had the option of doing and Father Zuke definitely did. Just from the number of journeying summoners we meet in the game and the lack of surprise of anyone to see them on a Pilgrimage, logic dictates there has to be more people that defeated Sin because they couldn’t have all died, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what happened to them.

    3) Drean!Zanarkand is a much different place than real!Zanarkand, if only for one reason – Tidus has never heard of any of the other places in Spira, or even the name Spira as far as I can tell, before landing at Baaj. Nor has Jecht. Fiends aren’t nearly as prolific (look at his explanation on the steps at Kilika temple) and there is certainly no external ongoing fued with another gigantic city built over the water. It seems to me that the Zanarkand in dream!Zanarkand is created from the fayth’s memories – the ones they choose to incorporate. They’re dreaming of a place to escape the cycle of death Sin brings, and the fayth at the fayth scar are likely the ones that began the “dreaming” in the first place, so it’s also likely that they’d dream of their home. Whether the fayth there are all Zanarkand’s summoners or a bunch of regular people, who knows, but they are fayth and so therefore are plugged into the “dream machine.” If they don’t want to be reminded of a bad memory, they simply toss it out – so I greatly suspect that the holes in Tidus’s knowledge not only come from having a world-dominating religious system spring up after the time your “life” is based on and altering the world, but the dreaming fayth not wanting to be reminded in their “escape dreams” of things that caused them pain in life. Therefore, summoning, the thing that directly or indirectly brought about the destruction of their city, is erased, but the Hymn is kept as a memory of defiance against Bevelle and is at least moderately popular.

    …Yes, I spend entirely too much time thinking about this game. Booyaka.

  28. bob says:

    i liek thes game adn x2 aswell

  29. lol@you says:

    12 Patrick Says:

    May 10th, 2006 at 3:42 am
    1. For the rest of you who don't know him, the really frightening thing is that these posts are the most intelligent and understanable things Eric has ever said.

    2. FFX-2 sucked. Badly. Seriously folks if you have doubts as to how someone/something could screw up a sequeal so fast, go rent the George Clooney Batman movies.


  30. Qabooz says:

    ok what happened to my comment

  31. Dragondj0 says:

    You don’t have to have played final fantasy 10-2 to know ab the fayth. And not much happens at the end of final fantasy 10-2 unless you get the good ending where the fayth asks yuna if she wants to see tidus again. And then if you reply yes he appears underwater near the beach of beside and yuna finds him.

  32. Decoy says:

    Thank You to Shamus and others with their comments!
    I like this it explains all in simple form (I’m not being sarcastic.) It helps. LOL I played once and just thought Good VS Evil. Evil is Punished. The Good Guys win. OH No that wasn’t it When Tidus became or is/was it was sad. I loved the game. this is a Good story line.

    Shamus there isn’t something that just was right in the game that I could not figure out. (hopefully that you found it.)

  33. Megan says:

    ya knw if you tell people that tidus comes back to the people who didn’t finish the game yet it spoile it for the them and that’s not cool at all so don’t mentiion that again on any site, it’s just rude. AND THAT GO’S FOR EVERYONE.

    1. EarthUranus says:

      Man, so many trolls. Look, Shamus even mentioned that there would be spoilers at the top of the page. Don’t read on if you see that.

  34. Blackbird says:

    I have to say that you are wrong when you give your explanation of why a summoner dies upon summoning the final aeon.

    When a summoner summons the final aeon they do not die, need proof? Seymour with Anima (yes that was his mother so definitely his final aeon)

    A summoner only dies when Yu Yevon possesses the final aeon and because the final aeon is already so powerful, Yu easily kills the summoner. So really the final aeon doesn’t kill the summoner; Yu Yevon does.

  35. Megan z says:

    i knw it’s weird, it is told that the final aeon kills the summoner, but your right it is yu yevon that kills them. but it is also true that the final aeon can kill you if your not strong enough. i agree with you BlackBird.

  36. Megan z. says:

    i knw wats wrong in the game, the good side which we be us, when we atacek we dont get enough time for enything, like healing, killing multipule times, and we cant dogde very well. thats wats wrong wwe shoould have more time for all that.

  37. Badyuna says:

    Cool game… and the best for me. Yuna is co cute ans tidus too. The love story of Tidus ans Yuna is sooooo cute!

    For the other… seymour is a good ennemi and for the story I’m in love with.

  38. SplinterX says:

    just wanna add a little bit.

    Reading through this thread, I see a lot of people arguing over Zanarkand = magical city and how it can’t be becuz Tidus never knew a thing about Summoners when he came to Spira.

    Well, I’m going to take a logical standpoint. What if we were to say that the war between Zanarkand and Bevelle wasn’t particularly supported by the denizens of Zanarkand? Btw, I’m assuming people know that Dream Zanarkand is most likely completely different than actual Zanarkand. If dream zanarkand was created by the Fayth, then perhaps they wanted to create a Zanarkand where Summoning and Magic didn’t exist because that is what created Sin in the first place.

    I think the only the Fayth dream sin attacking Zanarkand is to instill hatred into Tidus because he is their hope of breaking the cycle/defeating Sin.

  39. jamsif says:

    Okay, to …megan, decoy, and black bird… YOU ARE ALL WRONG!!!, Seymours mother is made into the fayth, but seymour never uses her. Plus she was too weak to be a final summoning, so that would explain why seymour never got killed when he summoned her.

    If you think im a total douche, please tell me(email fules), as its unlikely i will ever return to this site(no offence to shamus)

    [email protected]

  40. Megan says:

    did i say that no i didnt. i was just guessing and yes seymor did use his mother couple times in cut-scenes. and yes seymor is dead

  41. Geoffrey says:

    umm convo is old but few comments, to the people that said you need ultimate weapons tobeat Yunalesca, you are wrong, i did not use ultimate weapons, just powwerfull upgraded ones, I always thort Zanarkand was the tech city, but i must have been wrong. im not sure about the Anima being a final aeon but to weak thing, but i think Jamsif is right about that. AURON IS AWSOME, and thats it i think.

  42. zacky says:

    i love final fantasy 10 im obssesed with it!!!!
    i actually read all that twice ! te he that was fun cheers !

  43. X-Death says:

    One thing that kinda bothers me with this whole explanation is… Why would Yu Yevon even wanna bother with all this? If he wanted to have all this power, what is it for? He certainly can’t destroy the world with it, considering he has to leave it alone so he can keep it all up. All he can really do is put fear into everyone, which is something he probably could have done as a human, just not forever.

    So what’s the point?

  44. Humility says:

    Anybody remember when Seymor showed them all the thoughts and memories of the dead? Tidus recognized that Zanarkand, and it looked like the same Zanarkand Tidus came from at the beginning of the game.

    Also Zanarkand was called the Great Machina City Zanarkand, it is also the city of summoners.

    And think about what fayth do, Fayth summon Aeons who exist on the farplane.

    So I believe that dreaming is a metaphor used for summoning, they are summoning all those memories from the dead, and keeping it on the farplane, constantly cycling through their lives from birth to death over and over again.They most likely can’t summon the dead into the physical plane any normal way.

    Now, they got an idea on how to finish off sin, they would get Jecht, Tidus’s father to become Sin. By first getting him back from the farplane, how they did that I am not certain. Probably got him near an Aeon and used it to get him into the physical plane. Once there he went with that summoner and became sin, then they could just have the fayth summoning him stop summoning and sin would vanish, or something to that degree. But for some reason, most likely they underestimated Yevon and he didn’t disappear.

    So they waited until the next summoner came about, and sent Auron who was dead and could travel the farplane to the farplane to prepare Tidus who was in Dream Zanarkand reliving his life like everybody else except now his father Jecht had disappeared. Most likely Jecht was scheduled for his redeath when they took him anyway so there was no difference. His fayth that kept him summoned directed him to the stadium and the Jecht Sin attacked at that moment.

    I think somehow Jecht had gotten to the farplane with the cooperation of the fayth, and his job was to make it possible for the Fayth to transfer Tidus from the Farplane to the Physical plane, then they could keep him there the same way they summon Aeons.

    They then got Jecht to take him to Besaid and hook up with Yuna and company. They somehow knew that he would travel with the group all the way to Zanarkand and they had Auron join up to keep an eye on them and make sure the plan went smoothly.

    They got rid of Yevon and killed sin, then all the fayth completely stopped summoning, this prevented Yevon from getting a new Aeon and made sure the last sin was gone for good. Side effect was that Tidus had to return to the Farplane where he just drifted like any other dead person.

    Very simple if you ask me.

  45. Daniel says:

    I’ve played FFX for over 650 hours and pretty much everything written in the comments is really interesting. Didn’t read the actual review but the comments made me think and actually want a new FF… based in Spira.

    I’ve played the sequel, FFX-2 which was imho very.. different. They spaced things up and it was really really bad… the storyline and the things we got wasn’t what most of us had hoped for. Bevelle had more secrets than we thought.. and there’s people from old-Zanarkand (the real machina city Zanarkand) in the Farplane still able to do shenanigans.

    I want a FFX-3 with more juice on the fayth, Yevon and how the population of Spira is doing.. and how they’re progressing.

  46. doodoobrown says:

    every word (pretty much) posted here was intriguing, and gave me alot of insight and understanding of the FFX world and timeline i didnt COMPLETELY get from completing the game…

    i would donate if this site had a place to donate…
    or if i had a paypal..
    or if i had money for that matter…

    just know every word posted was very much appreciated.

  47. Groundhog says:

    Is it just me, or does the city of Bevelle kinda look like a mosquito?
    No, really, look at it. A mutant, demonic mosquito, but a mosquito nonetheless. Or at the very least it’s face.

  48. cloudvii says:

    Nice reading away from the flaws. And intelligent comments too.

    Sidenote to Groundhog: Yes you are very right :D

  49. Theo says:

    I came back to look at this again after playing through FFX myself, and I was going to say this post seems to now be missing everything after “The Farplane”…but I noticed the other sections are now in seperate pages. Links to which are way at the bottom of the page. Below the comment box. At least, they are for me, with Chrome 5.0.375.70.

    So they’re not gone, but it seems like something to look into.

  50. John says:

    Some of you really need to learn how to spell.

    If you are not literate in english language, don’t bother contributing to an english forum post about in-depth story analysis.

  51. Masumi says:

    Thanks for writing this, Man. It really help me unfuck my life. Suprising, I realize

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