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By Shamus Posted Tuesday Nov 8, 2016

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Tomorrow night Josh, Chris, and Mumbles will be streaming Overwatch and being awesome for your amusement. Josh will be playing as Sombra so you can all see the new character in action. The stream starts at 6pm on the east coast:

It will appear on the Spoiler Warning stream at the appointed time. I hope you’ll be there.


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6 thoughts on “Overwatch Stream

  1. Droid says:

    “Civilization 6 stream begins in …”

    It’s copy-paste time again!

    1. AndrewCC says:

      Actually, I’d rather watch a Civilization 6 stream. I will never understand why anyone would want to watch someone else play a PvP FPS. That’s the game that’s fun to play, not fun to watch. Same for CS.
      I understand the main appeal of the stream is the people doing it, but the game should be at least mildly interesting to watch.
      Just my 2 Trump-cents.

      1. Christopher says:

        Different strokes I suppose. I couldn’t follow the game in that stream at all, as a person who’s never played that series before. But I feel pretty confident about being able to follow shooting.

  2. James Drover says:

    Looks like I should log on, if only to see if I can get into a match with you guys :p.

  3. Chris says:

    thats 23:00 Wednesday, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) if anyone else was confused.

  4. NC_Schrijver says:

    I would definitely like to play with you guys or against you, so the term “Diecast” can have a new meaning.

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