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By Shamus Posted Wednesday Apr 1, 2009

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I have prepared a demo of the new Twenty Sided site theme I’ve been talking about for so long. click here to see it in action.


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60 thoughts on “New Site Theme

  1. Vyolynce says:

    Oooh… sparkly!

  2. Skitzy says:

    Ahhh April fool’s day. Nice.

  3. Mosby1865 says:

    Perhaps “April Kitten’s Day” will become the new trend…

  4. OddlucK says:

    Yay! Sparkly kittens! I can’t wait for this redesign! They’re so cute and shiny! :D

  5. Fuklaw says:

    unironically owns

  6. Moridin says:

    Aargh! It burns my eyes!

  7. SeekerOfThePath says:

    Took me exactly 3 clicks to realize what day it is.
    But just in case you ever considered it a real option for a theme: don’t!

  8. Tango says:

    Alas, stuck connecting via proxy at work and cannot see the sparkliness

  9. yd says:

    Please add this to the official list of themes so it will retain it when I reload the page.

  10. Fenix says:

    Awesome! Thanks for reminding me of what day it is. Now I can be on the lookout.

  11. StingRay says:

    Pink and fairies and kittehs! Hooray! It’s just what I always wanted!

  12. Primogenitor says:

    What, not a rickroll?

  13. Benjamin O says:

    yikes! the Aristocats! in glittering pink!

    Just what i never wanted….

  14. Guus says:

    Shamus, you horrid beast…

  15. Jeremiah says:

    Just the other day I was saying to myself: “you know what Shamus’ site needs? Kittens. Cute, cuddly, sparkly, kittens.” My wildest dreams have come true!

  16. Zaghadka says:

    Saved by no-script again!

  17. Guibod says:

    The more the merrier !

  18. Mark says:

    Right… let’s see, which domain do I have to temporarily whitelist in NoScript to see this?

    Edit: aha.

  19. Lochiel says:

    Dear god, its like a mouse click mine field!

  20. Bard says:

    Damn, I thought I’d be the first to mention NoScript. I mean, really,

  21. Spider Dave says:

    Thank you Shamus! So few people seem to be on the Fools Day bandwagon this year.

  22. edcalaban says:

    Twenty Sided can haz cheeseburger?

  23. Mari says:

    So shiny and, dare I say it, feminine.

  24. Rick says:

    Needed more sparkles.


  25. MOM says:

    I’m trying to remember what you did for fools day last year.

  26. Rutskarn says:


    @Spider Dave: My blog’s gotcha covered there.


  28. Cat Skyfire says:

    Needs more kittens.

  29. asterismW says:

    Ahh, April Fool’s Day was never this good before the Internet.

  30. Joe says:

    REEEEALLLLL classy

  31. Marmot says:

    Got owned by sparkling women and nude kittens…. errr, I mean the opposite.

  32. Henebry says:

    I keep clicking, but Tinkerbell’s clothes never come off. Must be a bug.

  33. Jack of Spades says:

    Ah. This would be that “humor” I’ve heard about for a day celebrating fools.

  34. We don't need no stinking names says:

    So, a test run of the new Neutral Evil format huh?

  35. Studoku says:

    Wheeee, sparkly goodness.:D

  36. JMcNeely says:

    Thanks for the laugh Shamus. :D

  37. Michelle says:

    Yeah Sparkly Aristocats!!!

  38. Daniel says:

    It’s unfortunate that you chose April 1st to roll out what has to be the pinnacle of all website themes. So many people, so fast to say “April Fool’s Joke!!!”. What will they say tomorrow, when the kittens take over for good?

  39. Vyolynce says:

    Hey, it got even better! I didn’t get kittens and faeries the first time, just rainbows and unicorns. Keep up the improvements!

  40. Allen says:

    Aw man the new site layout makes me hungry. :(

  41. LintMan says:

    Funny, I right-clicked on the “click here” link and did an “open in new tab” (which is what I always do when I follow links) and the “new site theme” looked just like the old site theme. “Hmm. Strange, let me try again. Nope, no difference.”

    It was only after I read the comments did I figure out you actually had to left-click on the link to see anything. Doh!

  42. nilus says:

    Needs some bunnies

  43. Al Shiney says:

    I knew it was a Fools Day joke and I still clicked on it. I’m glad I was rewarded. And does it make me a bad person to realize that Tinkerbell is hawt? ;)

    1. Shamus says:

      Al Shiney: Tinkerbell? She’s alright. She’s no Betty Rubble, but she’s not without her charms.

  44. Namfoodle says:

    Al Shiney: If you think Tinkerbell is hawt, and if you like Felecia Day from Dr. Horrible, you should definitely check out The Legend of Neil. It will give you some very bad ideas…

  45. Sam says:

    MY SCREEN! It is filled with the pink text and the fairy cats!

    This should be your new chaotic evil theme.

  46. Sauron says:

    @13 Primogenitor:

    Rickrolls are totally mainstream now and therefore LAME :P

  47. vdgmprgrmr says:

    Agreeing on the chaotic evil theme. Might be a good way to get that 4% of evil folks over to the good side, showing them kittens and such. Who doesn’t love kittens?

    As long as they’re not those kitten-killing evil. They shouldn’t be allowed on the internets.

  48. MuonDecay says:

    I hate you :P

  49. Nentuaby says:

    No, please, do add a theme such as that. It can be Chaotic. :)

  50. ClearWater says:

    I like it. How do I set it as the default?

    And what’s this about April fool’s? It’s the 2nd of April (at least in my timezone).

  51. SteveDJ says:

    I’m sad. All I can get are unicorns. I’ve refreshed, tried from Home page (summary) and this post page, but all I get are unicorns.

    How do I get the kitties?!

  52. Dix says:

    I love how if one clicks enough, it becomes a pink-comic-sans empire of sparkles and rainbows. CLICKCLICKCLICK… oooh. pwetty.

    But now I can’t see the comment box, so you’ll have to forgive me if there’s typos in here.

  53. stringycustard says:

    What I want to know is why we’re stuck with these boring drab black/white/grey themes when we could have had this all along! Fantastic work, Shamus, I see Gimp and Inkscape are doing you proud. It’s nice to see such creativity and splendor on a blog. Is it possible to use that link to skin other websites in a similar manner? News websites are pretty tame design wise so this should spice up the BBC site and others.

  54. inafish says:

    Funny – even on April 2nd :-)! Love it!

    Would have enjoyed it more, though, if I hadn’t just completed a 4,5 hour playtest of an *actual* website that *actually* looks like this (well, more professional, but nonetheless). At first I thought I was hallucinating yet more ponies and unicorns. Oh well, at least I got paid for that.

  55. Tosscobble says:


    lol, nice fool’s joke Shamus… it actually took me a couple of clicks. :)

  56. Kirin says:

    God damn, i was not expecting that, i kept clicking it and saying “no!no!no!” and laughed my ass off the whole time.

  57. Niriel says:

    Awesome, it kinda has a MySpace look and feel now <3.

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