Stolen Pixels #32:
No Loitering

By Shamus Posted Friday Oct 24, 2008

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Here is my latest comic, which indirectly brings certain features of the City of Heroes criminal justice system into question. Please read it, laugh in an “out loud” manner, forward the link to as many people as your employer’s mail server will allow, and then leave a comment letting me know how funny I am. Then think back and reflect on the joke, chuckling further.

I see this as a perfectly reasonable request. I do hope you’ll agree.

Director’s commentary below:

I was so happy about the start of Halloween in City of Heroes, but that quickly changed when I went to take the screenshots for today’s comic.

It is night in Paragon city. All. The. Freaking. Time.

The world is either bathed in blue light or (occasionally) bathed in red light and running thick with zombies. Either way, it’s a complete pain when trying to set up “normal” shots. I did my best to make today’s comic intelligible, although the colors were off and it didn’t really turn out the way I wanted. Hopefully the result doesn’t ruin the joke.

Halloween is probably going to out-last my entire CoH series, which means I’ll have to do this with all my comics. I’ve been obliged to re-write some, and scrap others. (Or at least, postpone them until after Nov 2nd. when the sun will shine again.) Drat the luck. This is the price I pay for using screenshots. It’s a lot less work, but it also puts me at the mercy of in-game lighting systems and camera controls, which weren’t designed with my ridiculous work in mind.


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