How LOTR Should Have Ended

By Shamus Posted Friday Sep 21, 2007

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Here is a great little movie: How Lord of the Rings should have ended. Nicely animated as well.

Someone should make a screencap comic about that.

Oh wait.


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31 thoughts on “How LOTR Should Have Ended

  1. 5h4n6 says:

    yeah, it’s pretty fun and it makes you think if it was worth the hassle in the movies :P

    Also, this other option

  2. empty_other says:

    Didnt that gif animation come in four parts? I had it on my machine once… To bad i lost it.

  3. FhnuZoag says:

    Bah, if it’s the ‘air attack’ one, there’s plenty of reasons why that isn’t a reasonable way to end it. Firstly, we must remember that Mordor had complete air superiority due to their use of Nazgul riders, and scout bats. Heck, the enemy even had limited weather control. A direct air assault would have been easily spotted and intercepted. Second, there’s no telling what effects the ring would have on an eagle…[/nerd]

  4. Davesnot says:

    Waiting patiently my leige..

  5. kpram says:

    Actually, FhnuZoag , if I recall my lore correctly, when the fellowship was founded the ringwraiths were still on horses. Heck, the fellowship was ducking ravens early on, not nazgul. I think the giant eagles could handle that sort of countermeasure.

  6. Taellosse says:

    There’s a whole series of those, actually. There’s also one for Star Wars (which doesn’t end nearly so happily, since it involves Yavin base being blown up by the Death Star) and the Matrix (can’t remember how that one ends). They’re not quite as funny as the one for LotR, though, I have to admit.

  7. Thad says:

    Reminds me of the Dork Tower take on LoTR (which they had a few of). They went for the Gandalf making the eagle drop basically at the beginning of the movie. :)

  8. -Chipper says:

    As long as we are going for our favorite LotR fan films involving tossing the ring, here’s Humphrey Bogart playing Frodo.


  9. James Blair says:

    I kinda wonder how many times I have to tell people…

    1. The Eagles weren’t hanging around Rivendell for Gandalf to easily get in touch with.

    2. If those are the same Eagles that flew around in The Hobbit, well, those Eagles were afraid of MEN WITH BOWS. Orcs with bows, or Sauron with laser-guided missiles, were strictly beyond their ability to handle! They certainly would never enter Mordor unless Sauron was already taken care of!

    3. The only modern-type thinker that could have such an idea in LoTR was Saruman, and he we all know what happened when Gandalf consulted HIM for advice…

  10. I found that on YouTube a couple months ago: Laughed by butt off!

    Showed to everyone I know, everyone loved it :D

    The Pirates of the Caribbean one is also quite funny, if you have seen the second movie.

  11. C. says:

    for those who, like me, couldn’t watch the RealPlayer version, here’s the link to the YouTube one:

  12. Phlux says:

    I agree that people over use the “Why didn’t the eagles help?” thing. James Blair is correct. The eagles weren’t around to be asked even as a taxi service to get closed to Mordor via air. I believe Peter Jackson or someone addresses this in the commentary or DVD extras. The eagles aren’t a taxi service.

    My thing, though, is why the hell didn’t the Elves at Rivendell equipment with some horses and maybe a carriage? I can see not sending a whole caravan which might arouse suspicion, but surely they can do better than to send off nine people with one pony. In all of rivendell I bet they had at least 5 ot 6 horses to loan out for the most important mission ever.

    Imagine if Frodo had only been exposed to ring for weeks instead of months on end. Thanks a lot Elrond.

  13. ah, but I addressed that in my earlier version – it was Radagast the Brown who called the Eagles forth!

  14. Woot Spitum says:

    A carriage wouldn’t work due to their lack of paved roads. That and the fact that they were going over the mountains. In the the end they had to leave their one pony behind pretty early on in their journey.

  15. Browncoat says:

    An African Swallow could carry it!

  16. Spiral says:

    It’s been pretty much implied, but yeah, the “Eagles ending” of LOTR is old. Very old. It’s been many years since I first saw it on the interweb as text.
    It’s still an idea that’s hard to discount. Even if the eagles were hard to find and not interested in taxi-ing or doing such things, they could be bribed or a really big favor. I mean, let’s be honest, yes, the eagles helping might be out of character for their race, but is that any more out character than hobbits trekking across the continent to destroy evil?

  17. scragar says:

    can I just point out that if you can’t watch it then just download it and watch it on your computer, youtube is rubbish quality.

    this played fine in VLC and totem, so I can’t see anyone having any problems(this is a direct link to the video they try streaming, I just copied the link from the page source)

  18. James Blair says:

    Thinking of the matter once more, I think I have the best explanation of all:

    4. It would have made the story so &*$&$ STUPID that it wouldn’t be worth reading!

  19. mystic badger says:

    in fact, if you read the biography by Carpenter, the idea was already present in the 60’s, when hollywood producers did an attempt at making a movie. But Tolkien sharply said “no !”

  20. Zaghadka says:

    What makes it for me is the blindfold on the eagle. That is just priceless.

  21. When the SPI version of the LOTR boardgame came out, they had to change up the rules to prevent that.

  22. Browncoat, you just lost your posting privileges.

  23. Sewerman says:

    But wouldn’t the burden of the Ring be greater than that of a coconut?? Then we’d need multiple African swallows (with perhaps a European swallow), all strapped right beneath the dorsal guiding feathers…

    (I couldn’t resist :)

  24. Zaghadka says:

    No, no, NO! What you meant to say is…

    “Browncoat has been sacked.”

  25. Daemian_Lucifer says:

    I remember this one.Still is funny though.

    But,when you think about it,do you think this tactics would be any more harder and foolish than sending two lone hobbits in there on foot?

  26. roxysteve says:

    JHFC! After all that wittering on in your blog about unannounced software being installed being a bad thing you send me to Divx who

    a) ask me to read 2 reams of licence agreement

    b) Ask me to read 2 reams of TOC

    c) attempt to sneak a GD Google toolbar install in while I’m downloading their activex widget

    d) actually DO install a “desktop dimmer” app WITHOUT ASKING MY PERMISSION

    Talk about your double bleeding standards.

    Pissed Steve.

  27. Shamus says:

    I never saw any of that.

  28. Rhapsody says:

    Remember ‘Bored of the Rings’?
    This is vaguely reminiscent of “Can’t we just pawn it and eat the ticket?”

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