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By Shamus Posted Tuesday Jan 23, 2007

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Yeah. I’m writing documentation at work today. After eight hours of writing, I’m kind of not in the mood for… more writing. So…

Lots of new people coming to the site these days. I just realized that a lot of people have never even seen the Rollercoaster movie, much less some of the stuff deeper in my archives. Rather than coming up with something clever today, I’m just going to point to some of my older posts that might be of interest to new readers.

Seven Springs

A true story of a couple of strange days in 1990, my senior year in high school.
Part One: Naked Girls and A Hotel-Sized Prank.
Part Two: The Terrors of Room 102, and Lessons Learned.

The Terrain Project

This is a project where I detailed the writing of a terrain engine, more or less from scratch. The posts are written in plain language and are readable by non-coders who might be curious how 3d graphics work and what challenges a game designer might face.

I know Kung-Fu (Part 1) (Part 2)

The depth and complexity of the common First-Person Shooter.

More “best of” posts here.


From The Archives:

6 thoughts on “Also by the Same Author

  1. Chaz says:

    Cool. I’m a recent regular (DM of the rings), and I hadn’t linked the rollercoaster movie to you. I saw it a while back and though it was pretty funny at the time…

  2. Dave says:

    Wow.. Computer $2000. Rollercoaster Tycoon $40. Sick imagination + Bowling.. priceless!


  3. Sem says:

    I went through your archive the last couple of days and found it very interesting. I’m also an anime fan and a coder (although of the (ASP.)NET, C#, HTML, Javascript and SQL variety) and got into D&D recently.

    I found especially “The Terrain Project”-posts intriguing. As I became a bit bored with my current skill set and wanted to learn something new I was already toying with the idea of doing some basic 3D-programming. One of your posts provided a link to an opengl tutorial that I am currently reading. I was afraid math would be a problem but I’m currently in lesson 8 and it’s still easy to follow. Now I’ll only have to clone myself a hundred times, merge all my selves into some hive mind and very soon I’ll code my own first-person shooter ^_^.

  4. tg says:

    I’ve been poking around your blog for several weeks now, and only just recently discovered “Free Radical”. I’m about 6 chapters in. It’s my first cyber-punk read, so I’ve nothing to compare it to, but it’s a nicely told and fun story so far.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. The Meal says:

    I actually came for the DM of the Rings, then found the D&D Campaign write-up (which I enjoyed immensely), and poked around the site. I recognized the rollercoaster movie as something else I had seen linked through the tubes on teh intarweb, and by the time I went searching through flickr tags of Comet McNaught, I felt I new Seamus well enough to not be surprised at seeing a few of his digital dandies in the collection.

    You seem like good people, Seamus. Thanks for putting so much of you out here on the net.

  6. The Meal says:

    Oh, and apparently he could add another thing to his list of five things I didn’t know about him: how to spell his name. Sorry, Shamus!

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