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By Shamus
on Dec 31, 2005
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I occasionally do vanity searches. That’s where you type your own name into google and see what you get. I do this from time to time because my name is really unique, so most of the results I get are related to me. During a recent search I found a page of quotes. Here is one:

I (heart) technology. Last Thursday, I was eating a hard pretzel when I broke off the front of one of my back teeth and was left with a giant bleeding hole in my tooth. This was terrible. However, four hours later, I walked out of the dentist’s office with a totally rebuilt tooth. A few hours after that, the novocaine wore off and I enjoyed a meal as if nothing had ever gone wrong. In the thousands of years of human history, only in the last few decades has this sort of thing been possible. In centuries past, I would either have had to have it pulled (if I had access to a dentist) or wait for the tooth to become infected, die, and fall out on its own. Either way, that one mishap would have meant weeks of pain and discomfort. Technology is cool.

That’s an actual quote of mine, from my first blog. This was probably written sometime in early 2001. I no longer have the site, but it is cool to see someone found one of my quotes worth saving. The tooth is still going strong, almost five years later. In fact, another tooth has failed and been replaced since then.

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From the archives:

  1. Davesnot says:

    I was broke with a tooth ache once.. needed a root canal.. couldn’t afford it.. by day 2 I understood the desire to shoot a tooth with a 357… I ponied up to the dentist.. he gave me a cash discount.. but not much.. and I had thought getting three cavities filled without novocain when I was 6 was tough.. ok.. it was.. ..Now it’s hard for me to watch Cast Away…

    edit: say.. no Shausatars here, eh?!

    edit 2: he also quoted you as saying:

    “View this site at at least 800×600 or be prepared for a whole new universe of ‘ugly’, not to mention some major horizontal scrolling. You’ve been warned” – Shamus Young

  2. Blurr says:

    There’s another one on there:

    “#240 “View this site at at least 800×600 or be prepared for a whole new universe of ‘ugly’, not to mention some major horizontal scrolling. You’ve been warned” – Shamus Young ”

    Edit: Er, that’ll teach me to read the post above me.

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