Shamus Plays LOTRO: Part 2

By Shamus Posted Wednesday Jan 27, 2010

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I hope you’re enjoying these because they’re fun to write and I’m not inclined to stop.


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24 thoughts on “Shamus Plays LOTRO: Part 2

  1. LazerFX says:

    Especially not when you’re getting paid, right? ;)

  2. Aelfric says:

    Best written “Let’s Play” MMO series of 2009. Hands down.

  3. Zerai says:

    I’m enjoying them, but will there be more singing?

    I really can’t decide if I like it or not

  4. jokermatt999 says:

    It’s alright, but the “But I’m a musician!” joke feels like it will wear thin pretty quick.

    My favorite part of it was the wraith’s pausing to consider getting off his horse to stab them. The absurdity of it worked well.

  5. Daf says:

    The ending was priceless; I had to come up with my own tune to go with :)

  6. UtopiaV1 says:

    Great stuff, keep the ball rolling… and by ball, i mean horrible slaughter and comical composition.

  7. Danath says:

    Actually the “I’m a musician” joke will wear, become boring, then become hilarious again as it’s repeated while facing down a balrog after fighting through the legions of Moria.
    “But I’m a musician!”

    I don’t follow many Let’s Plays (My first ever was Boatmurdered, which made me play Dwarf Fortress, which did not end well for my poor dwarves), but I have quite enjoyed the few I’ve read! Can’t wait to see where this goes and when Shamus’s head explodes into rage-quit!

    I think.

  8. Abdiel says:

    They’re okay. Probably won’t add this one to the RSS reader. Not too sure about Stolen Pixels, either, which has been going downhill.

  9. Adam says:

    Thought the best line of this entry was Lulzy’s threatening to write an epic poem.

    Ironically, I think this made the end joke weaker, since the idea of Lulzy composing a new Iliad starring Amdir the Moron in revenge was far ludicrous and funnier for it than her “Brave, Brave Sir Robin” move.

  10. Mari says:

    You MUST keep adding bits of poetry and music. It adds a Tolkien-esque touch to the whole thing. OK, so maybe that bit of doggerel wasn’t quite as epic as the Lays of Beleriand but I make allowances for the fact that you’re not intending this to be the great American novel. Still, it adds just the right flavor.

  11. Joshua says:

    “My favorite part of it was the wraith's pausing to consider getting off his horse to stab them. The absurdity of it worked well.”

    Eh, I call Recycled Joke!

  12. Alden says:

    Looking at these screen shots, I kinda wondered when the Hobbits were introduced to make up. Lulzy looks like she’s got enough make up on her for a night on the town.

  13. SoldierHawk says:

    Very nice! And quite enjoyable. You’ve totally converted me to written RPs, Shamus!

    I have to ask though…since you now write these for The Man, do you find it difficult to keep within the allotted length (if there is one?) I know the adventures of SoC would run pretty long sometimes (longer than 4 Escapist pages anyway). I would hate to think you had to cut some jokes just to make something fit. (Or pad, for that matter, but I assume its easy enough to just play as long as you need to to get enough material for an installment?)

    1. Shamus says:

      SoldierHawk: Actually, the word count for both series is about the same ~2,000 words per entry. I might have used more images for Soc, though. I haven’t been keeping track.

  14. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Keep up the series Shamus,I love it.Oh,and a little correction is needed in the begining:There isnt a balrog-kissing quest in the game,as far as you know for now.Who knows what easter eggs may still lurk in the game,or what may be added at some point in time.

  15. SoldierHawk says:

    Interesting…for some reason SoC’s adventures just felt longer (not in a bad way.) Maybe its just a trick of the brain, having to scroll down a lot rather than just click page numbers. Ah well. Thanks for the clarification!

  16. Joshua says:

    I haven’t played CO, but it almost felt like SoC was touching on the main plot points at least. With LOTRO, it feels like Shamus would barely touch the plot if he stopped after the same amount of comics.

  17. Solid Jake says:

    This comic has taught me that for some reason I find Hobbits infinitely more tolerable if they’re wearing shoes. And being little smartasses to everyone they encounter.

  18. Pickly says:

    I can tell Lord of the Rings Online is definitely a standard MMO. Low populations of towns, high populations of enemies, clothing rewards, It’s all there.

    It will be interesting ot see how future ones go.

  19. DaveMc says:

    I for one am really enjoying these, and I’m glad that the wider world (in the form of the readership of The Escapist) is getting to enjoy the beauty of a Shamus-created Let’s Play. The temptation to use the Champions one (which, after all, is already done) must be strong, and I wouldn’t blame you if you did — or will The Escapist not allow material that’s been posted elsewhere first?

  20. Eggbert says:

    More, faster, please. I don’t wanna end up rereading comic archives waiting. This is one of my new favorite web things.

  21. OEP says:

    This stuff is awesome.

  22. someboringguy says:

    That was a very entertaining LP. Too bad it wasn’t longer.
    BTW, does anyone know some LPs that are made out of screenshots and they are also funny?Most of the archives I’ve found simply describe whatever happens in the screenshot without an ounce of sarcasm.

  23. Michiel says:

    Starts off slow, but especially the later games are dripping with sarcasm as he cheats, steals and murders his way to becoming the Avatar of Virtues.

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