Stolen Pixels #153: A Very Combine Christmas, Part 2

By Shamus Posted Tuesday Dec 22, 2009

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Are you feeling festive? I’m feeling festive.


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12 thoughts on “Stolen Pixels #153: A Very Combine Christmas, Part 2

  1. Girl Gamer says:

    I enjoyed the Breen show comics before, but now that I’ve finally played HL2, etc, I can appreciate these so much more. They probably fill people’s stockings with headcrabs too.

  2. Teldurn says:

    I love it. Poor citizen, though.

  3. jokermatt999 says:

    Haha, the line about the citizen database was excellent. Funny, and it fits the world of HL2 perfectly. Well done.

  4. chabuhi says:

    I like the idea of a citizen having an actual conversation with a Combine soldier.

    Gave me an idea for a comic featuring a Combine soldier and a citizen who were childhood friends.

    “Hey, Steve! Long time! How’re your folks?”

    “They’re doing well, Timmy, thanks for asking.”

    “Aw, that’s great to hear, pal. Well, get over here and let’s get this ass-kicking over with, huh?”

    But I don’t have Garry’s Mod. Or time.

  5. chabuhi says:

    Okay, I have a little time:

    “Tim, man … you know your stun baton?”

    “Hell, yeah! I’ve had this puppy since basic training.”

    “Yeah. Well, do you think you could dial the power down a bit for our daily beatings? For old times’ sake? I did get you that date with Mary Jo Hotass in 11 grade.”

    “Mary Jo! Y’know I ran into her not long ago in City 17.”

    “Really? How’s she doing?”

    “No, I mean I *literally* ran into her – with an Armored Personnel Carrier.”

  6. chabuhi says:

    And … last and certainly least:

    “Oh. So, anyway … about the stun baton?”

    “Reduce the amps, right? Not gonna happen, my friend.”

    “Come on!”

    “Oh, all right.”


    “Heheheheheheheh! Seriously? Not a chance.”




  7. someboringguy says:

    that’s one of your comics about HL 2 that I enjoy.Good job!

  8. Telas says:

    …as if “The 12 Days of Christmas” wasn’t tortuous enough…

  9. Bret says:

    I figure it’d go a little more like this:

    Steve: Hey Tim. Sorry to be asking this, but, well, I’m falling behind on my daily beatings, and I was wondering?

    Tim: Yeah?

    Steve: Would you mind calling me a heartless fascist bastard while I hit you with this stun rod? I mean, we are old pals.

    Tim: I guess I could. But I’d rather not get beaten half to death.

    Steve: Heh, Tim. You always were a kidder. “Not get beaten half to death”. Wait until I tell the guys at the office. They’ll crack up.

    Tim: Ah. Not an option?

    Steve: Hey, we’re buddies, but I’m not Calhoun here. This is a good job. Don’t want to risk it for something as stupid as a friend being a big fat sissy when it comes to being hit with a stupid stunstick.

    Tim: Fine.

    (Sound of a charging stunstick)


    Steve: Thanks. I owe you one. See you around!

    Tim: (Whimpering)

  10. Sam says:

    Wow, this is one of your best comics ever. I’m still laughing. I think I’ll be adopting the Christmas beating tradition this year.

  11. Mrsnugglesworth says:

    A good one, Like always.

  12. Axle says:

    I wonder what the city 17s jewish community gets for christmas..
    Hannuka beating don’t sound very promising.

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