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The site has a new category called “Epilogue”. If you look up in the menu (under the 3 bars if on mobile) it’s to the right of “Top Content” (or below on mobile). This category will be where we  upload the content Shamus created but never posted. This way that content is kept separate from that which he carefully edited and curated. The category should show up in the normal RSS feed but the content will only show under the Epilogue tab, not on the front page.

This content will be added gradually as we get to it but will include most of the extra content he never posted.  The kids (all adults, old habit) plan to start a podcast and blog that will also be linked as a subdomain of the site rather than on the primary.

The Epilogue tab will also contain updates of what is happening with the site as well as family updates that seem pertinent to readers.



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16 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. ydant says:

    Confirming that I did receive this update via RSS, and it’s not on the main page, so that does seem to be working as expected.

    1. Abnaxis says:

      I did as well

    2. W says:

      Rando rss reader here as well. Glad to hear the work continues. Best wishes, guys.

  2. Olivier FAURE says:

    It’s going to be weird to read those posts.

    Hope you guys are doing okay.

  3. Gargamel Le Noir says:

    Thanks Heather. A million best wishes to you guys.

  4. Lino says:

    This is a very elegant way of doing it! However, may I suggest putting this topic at the top of the blog? Or at least below “The Late Shamus Young” blog post. Because unless you have an RSS reader, you might not have noticed that this post has gone up.

    In any case, I’m really happy we’ll get to see what Shamus had been working on, as well as to read future content from the “kids” :)

    1. Paul Spooner says:

      I’ve been running some experiments, and no post in the new Epilogue category shows up on the blogroll, so that all seems to be working as intended. I’ve added this post to the Personal category, so it will at least appear on the “next” button on the sticky memorial post.

      1. Daimbert says:

        That’s how I realized it was there (I went to the main page after re-reading the “Retrospectives” to look for the “Mass Effect” category and noticed that there was a new post).

    2. Heather says:

      We’re still working out the kinks.

      Shamus had everything on the WordPress install set up to his liking, which means my knowledge of WordPress (I’ve been hosting and designing WordPress sites for almost as long as he had the site) is almost useless. Basically everything is custom designed, hard coded, and not compatible with built-in updates. For every change, I have to track down where and how he made the original work, then make the change within the code. It’s not a huge deal but takes time and a lot of sleuthing. I work full time and have been helping the kids get moved into their apartment so it’s slow going.

      Currently the page is set to normal categories layout, which I have to change so it uses the blog layout. I also plan to post an actual update and a thank you but wanted to make sure the first part is working (which it is). After I get things more set up I will make a post to point people in the right direction. I may also add a front page link to the latest content aside from the tab but will have to see how hard it is to add given his proprietary theme design.

      1. Lino says:

        I can just imagine how hard it must be (in both senses of the word)! I just wanted to be sure it wasn’t a silly oversight, and you hadn’t realised the post wasn’t on the front page. Given that it wasn’t, just ignore my comment.

        Anyways, good luck, and I wish you and the family all the best :)

  5. kikito says:

    Hello Heather,

    Thank you for making the decision to do this work. I hope it helps you and it isn’t too difficult.

  6. Paul Spooner says:

    Looking forward to seeing where this goes! Thanks for undertaking this ongoing work in Shamus’ memory.

  7. mdqp says:

    I saw this on the RSS feed as well. It will be interesting to read more of Shamus’s thoughts, even in a rough/incomplete form. I am also curious about the podcast, and what form it will take. It’s going to be a bit melancholic, but I am looking forward to it.

  8. Simplex says:

    Thank you for keeping Shamus’ legacy.

  9. fyr says:

    Thank-you Heather. Sending all the good wishes to you all.

  10. Lino says:

    Spam – delete, please.

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