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By Shamus Posted Thursday May 25, 2006

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It is now about 4a.m. here and I can’t sleep for some reason. So, I’ve decided to inflict this on you:

Note that in the movies Spider-Man now has organic webbing. He doesn’t make it in a lab. It comes from inside his body. This means that when he webs you up, he’s covering you in his bodily fluids.

I just thought you should know that.


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4 thoughts on “Spins a web, any size

  1. Alex says:

    Jack Black did a really good take on that for some MTV music awards. By “good” I mean “lowest common denominator” but Jack Black can make anything funny.
    Ignoring of course the Tenacious D short films he did for HBO (not the TV series).

  2. Dan says:

    Old spiderman was only rockin you half the time. The other time he was loading web cartridges in…
    but not any more baby haha not with inward webbing, CHECK IT OUT.

  3. Ethan says:

    So far, most of the Marvel movies that have come out are in some paralell universe to the comic characters we know and love. The only one that comes close to suspending my disbelief was X-men 2. I have been a spider phreak since I was knee high to a grasshopper but I owned X2 years before I owned Spider man 1. Also I bought Batman Begins on DVD the day it came out. This was also at least 6 months before I finally owned Spider man 1.

    Note: Someone bought me Spider-man 1 for my birthday or wedding anniversary this year I didn’t purchase it myself. I just feel the two movies I actually bought myself were far superior to the one I received as a gift.

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