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By Shamus Posted Sunday May 21, 2006

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I like my polyhedral pics at the top of the page. However, none of them have anything to do with anime or with videogames. The holy grail would be a picture from an anime or a videogame that shows a 20-sided dice, but to date I’ve never seen geek dice appear in either.

But my collection of viewed titles is quite limited. So, to all of you prolific otaku: can anyone think of an anime in which there were some (preferably well-drawn) polyhedral dice? (Ideally in a title that is still in circulation so I could obtain it and get some sceencaps.)

I ask this knowing the effort is futile, but knowing also that I can’t let it go until I ask.


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11 thoughts on “20 Sided Anime

  1. I can’t think of a single case of it.

    All the RPG gaming anime are extended advertisements for collectible card games (e.g. Yu-Gi-Oh) and they don’t use dice.

  2. Dan says:

    they do use dice in that one episode of Yu-Gi-Oh where joey becomes a slave for that one gamer dude and has to dress like a dog. they play that other game but it escapes me as to what its called. I supose it doesn’t matter anyway the dice they used were unique to the game. :(

  3. Evil Otto says:

    Can’t think of one.

    In any case, I like the polyhedrals. Very minimalist.

  4. how about a photoshop contest? Let’s submit to Fark and see what they come up with :)

  5. Eric says:

    why don’t you just draw your own dice, goober. you could draw the most awesome dice the world has ever seen.

    Ps, Dan I thought we agreed to never mention YUGIOH gaynes again, it’s unclean. you need to start scrubbing with bleach again.

  6. ubu roi says:

    I’d rather scrub with Plastic Little.

  7. angel says:

    I remembers seeing anime characters playing some deviant version of craps with d12s … can’t remember the series now, though.

  8. Windblade says:

    you might try looking up some japanese RPG rulebooks. most have short manga strips to illustrate rules mechanics and examples.

    The japanese cover for WHFRP includes greater daemons of the chaos powers actually playing the game themselves

  9. Meems says:

    Although it’s already been established that bringing up Yugioh on this comic page will get me skinned alive, in the early Yugioh manga they play a game that’s basically a dungeons and dragons parody, but it uses d10s. Don’t know if that’s any help.

  10. Kyte says:

    The Hunter x Hunter’s first OVA’s ending has a shot of Hisoka levitating a… d12 I think. Maybe a d20, while the rest watch. You might wanna look into that.

  11. Nick says:

    Yeah, crazy necro, I know. I just couldn’t help it.

    I went berserk when Kyte mentioned that die that Hisoka was levitating because I was going to suggest just that… Rarely seen anime. Small world.

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