Thief 3: Slumber Party!

By Shamus Posted Sunday Apr 9, 2006

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When you knock someone out in the game, it’s generally a bad idea to just leave the victim’s body laying where they fell. Odds are someone will come along and discover your work.

Slumber party in the middle ages.

It’s common to just haul them into a dark corner where other characters won’t trip over them, but if you’re paranoid like me you can pick one reasonably safe room where there isn’t any traffic and pile everyone there.

It takes a while to accomplish this, though. You move slowly when carrying people, you can’t use your hands, and you can’t lean or peek around corners. It’s also quite difficult to fade into the shadows with a limp body draped over your shoulders.

Lord Winchester, I do believe this is the worst party I’ve ever attended. The wine was poor, the food was worse, and the after-dinner blow to the head and subsequent stacking was simply a bore.

If you’re diligent you can eventually knock out just about everyone in the building. (Sometimes this isn’t always the wisest move. If several people are in a well-lit room together, it’s nearly impossible to pick them off without being spotted.) It can be dangerous and difficult, but once you have your big heap of concussed people stacked up you can take pride in a job well done. Pointless, yes. But well done.

It’s also amusing to imagine what will happen after you leave. Sooner or later the nobles, guards, and serving staff are going to wake up and have to figure out why they are all snuggling together. I can only imagine there will be some very akward moments and mumbled apologies before everyone runs off and dumps all the booze down the drain.


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6 thoughts on “Thief 3: Slumber Party!

  1. Check this out! It’s sort of like that.

    Actually, it’s an outright bug, but it’s still pretty cool.

  2. Rina says:

    I recently worked up the nerve to play this game – watching my dad play the cradle level had me freaked out for months. Anyway, that’s basically my strategy. Makes it easier to work your way back to the entrance, too! :P

  3. Lysander says:

    Usually I don’t like stealth games, because most of those I’ve played don’t let me dispatch the guards and other witnesses. Just sneak sneak sneak, and if I’m caught I have to replay the mission. It was really aggravating in DreamFall: Longest Journey. Your anecdotes really want to buy this game, if only for the satisfaction of getting mine back from all those other games.

  4. Robel says:

    Well, I find it pretty boring to stack up bodies. It gets too easy if you just find everyone in the game area and knock them out. Then you just run around and steal what you like. I usually don`t knock anyone out, except when I load the game too many times or when someone is standing right in the way and won`t move. I like to sneak around. Hearing them talking to themselves is comforting in that it makes me think of how they have no idea I`m there and I`m such a good thief.

    Ah and by the way. Haven`t you ever wondered what with Garrett`s small stature and acrobatic but non-muscular constitution how is he able to lift everyone up his shoulder and hold them with one arm (one is used to open doors and stuff so he can`t always keep both arms on them), even if sometimes they have metal armors on them?

  5. Dentrag says:

    Ah, yes. I remember getting so immersed in the game, when i got sent to jail, i knocked out all the guards, let all the prisoners free, knocked them out, dragged the bodies into my cell, and locked the door. I wonder what happened in the morning?

  6. Lame Brain says:

    Also fun:
    When you have gas mines, you can trap bodies with them. Guards generally run over to check on unconcious bodies, and will set off the gas traps nicely!

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