The Matrix for non-Dummies

By Shamus Posted Saturday Mar 11, 2006

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Anyone who’s seen the Matrix trillogy simply must read this. Steven Den Beste has taken the movies and come up with an explanation / backstory that untangles all the B.S. and turns the movies into something that make sense. He offers some explanations on why the machines act the way they do. He doesn’t use any symbology or bong-hit existentialist nonsense. He just looks at the behavior of the machines from a coding perspective and comes up with solid justifications for their behavior within the movie. Check it out.

And just for fun. Here’s this:


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5 thoughts on “The Matrix for non-Dummies

  1. Scott says:

    I read this last month, and now Reloaded is on TV.

    It doesn’t suck anymore.


    It’s freaking miraculous.

  2. ryanlb says:

    Agreed, that’s a pretty good explanation. It makes much more sense that way.

  3. Niels Norskov says:

    I agree, that is a brilliant explanation.

    I have only one objection: If 75% of the population is killed at reboot, how do the machines make the population regenerate, when the real-world populace is locked in the coma-containers? Do they have some sort of genetic breeding pools?

    Well I guess I talked myself into some sort of explanation ;-)

    By the way – loved DM of the Rings!!

    Niels, Denmark

  4. Monkey@work says:

    One explaination still missing. Why does the Machine need a ‘Chosen One’ to reset the Matrix for them in the first place?

    Why not just push the button themselves when the number of dissafected ppl reached critical mass?

  5. Takkelmaggot says:

    With Steve’s recent passing (i.e. author existence failure) and the effective end of his website, this post can still be found on the Wayback Machine.

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