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By Shamus Posted Thursday Nov 22, 2007

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I dunno what the deal is, but today there was a rash of flamish, angry posts. I deleted more comments today than I have in the last three weeks.

My Thanksgiving greeting was used as a launching point for talking about the stupidity of the holiday and the deficiencies of a monotheistic god. Neither is a particularly appropriate response to someone expressing gratitude and wishing you well. Next time my wish for you to have a good day gets on your nerves, look towards the BACK button instead of the comments. Good grief.

Other comments were needlessly nitpicky or argumentitive. They survived, but only because I was sick of nuking comments. But really, if you want to fence with people over whose ancestors were the bigger jerks, you’re on the wrong site. There are people who luuuuve to argue and other people who LOVE to moderate flame wars. I am neither. Go away.

Some other threads deteriorated into personal insults or foul language for no discernable reason. Some of these were on old posts (I have a whole bunch of hot threads going on ages-old Final Fantasy posts for some reason) and some were in the recent discussion on Steam. I don’t know what the problem is today, but the ambient level of rudeness is way above normal.

Aside from that, I had a tremendous day.


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28 thoughts on “Comments Deleted

  1. Andre (xero) says:

    Blame it on Thanksgiving alcohol. :D

    Happy holidays!

  2. wererogue says:

    I’ve been cranky all day – I didn’t leave a comment.
    Strangely, I feel better now.

  3. Huckleberry says:

    I guess the renewed interest in your “ages-old Final Fantasy posts” stems from the “see Also” link in your recent Final Fantasy A+ post.

    “See Also” is how I recently found your not entirely new “nested problems” post, and I’m still grateful for that.

  4. andy says:

    Since my comment on your previous post was late, and may be missed, what with the time difference and all, I feel the need to reiterate it, in the strongest possible way.

    Have a *really* good day, happy festive season, and thanks for the regular posts.


  5. Ozy says:

    Flamish? I thought I was just trying to better understand where you were coming from. Latter, I thought that you might like my take on how to, well, I’m not actually going to repost that since you apparently hated my idea enough to delete it. I was particuarly surprised, though, that you deleted my comment that had no significant content besides “Happy Thanksgiving.”

  6. ArchU says:

    I LOLed. Humans suck =p

    Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday celebrated in Australia so I have nothing else to comment on here…if it were a holiday I’d be spending it sick in bed but since it’s not I went to work to share some germs around (sharing is caring you know).

  7. DocTwisted says:

    Man, that can be frustrating. I had a wonderful holiday dinner with the family, cooked the garlic mashed potatoes myself and they came out awesome.

    Hope the rest of your evening is restful.

  8. Hamish says:

    Everyone’s spent too much time with their families ;)

  9. Andre (xero) says:

    My family has utterly frustrated me today. Several times.

    I love them. :)

  10. Leon says:

    Some people, regardless of faith, just aren’t very thankful for anything.

  11. Joe says:

    Alcohol is the only solution to annoying families. I kid, but I did actually have a delicious beer today; a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. It tasted of Guinness with chocolate added… fantastic.

  12. Christian Groff says:

    I tried a “Red Rooster”, which is a cranberry-orange-vodka cocktail. It burned my mouth and I have decided that vodka is far more useful cleaning laundry, feet, or bad breath(blame the Mythbusters) than it is for actually DRINKING. I know vodka is a spirit and those are extremely necessary to have in moderation, but we’re talking “ARRRRRGH!” here. I think I can blame my fatigue on the sips of vodka I had. God, I am never going to drink vodka or any spirit again. I can hear the years falling from my lifespan after drinking that “Red Rooster.” >_<

    Anyways, if anyone’s watched Heroes, you may stop laughing at Seamus’s post. (Sorry, Seamus, I spelt your name “Shamus” in one post on my own blog.) Any day, a crazy virus which modern medicine can’t cure will break out and wipe out 93% of the population. Be thankful if you aren’t in that statistic.

  13. Hal says:

    Aw, send them my way, Shamus. I love giving trolls a good smack upside the head every so often :-P

  14. Ed says:

    Amen and Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Davesnot says:

    A fun day to be reading comments… Thanks!

  16. -Chipper says:

    Well, here’s another thing I’m thankful for – a pleasant blog to read where the owner is willing to take the time to moderate the comments to keep it pleasant.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Shamus. God bless you & your family.


  17. Taelus says:

    Ok Shamus, since you made a post about people and their nitpicking, and I’m feeling the need to have a large cinder block chucked at my head because it will hurt less than some of the jokes I heard around the Thanksgiving table today, here’s some good ol’ grammar/spelling corrective nitpicking on this post from me, your fanboy ;-)

    1) “Neither is (a) particularly appropriate response” or “Neither is particularly appropriate (as a) response”

    2) In “Good greif”, it’s supposed to be grief

    3) In “fence with people over who’s ancestors”, “who’s” should be whose, unless of course we’re talking about The Who in which case it’s all good

    And that’s it. Also, kudos on spelling “discernible” correctly…I never do it right unless a spell checker pokes me in the eye and fixes it for me :-)

    Also, for anyone who doesn’t know me (which is most everyone I think) I love Shamus’ work and the man in general. I’m just being a dork and poking him playfully in the side…or at least I hope it’s taken that way.

    Love ya Shamus!

  18. McNutcase says:

    I missed all that… and to think I refrained from posting regarding what I’m thankful for because I thought it’d come across as gloating!

    However, people acting like jerks aside, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

  19. Aires says:

    “2) In “Good greif”, it's supposed to be grief”

    Unless he’s refering to Greif, the Morrowind alcahol. Didn’t know anybody sold that for thanksgiving! :p

  20. Shamus says:

    Ozy: I don’t remember it now. I wasn’t looking at names so much as running down, looking for ones that came off as unpleasant.

    Others: Typos fixed. Thanks.

  21. Ravs says:

    All the best to you and yours, Shamus.

  22. Dan says:

    How dare you tell me what I can or cannot say on your website!


  23. Taelus says:

    Hey Shamus, if I offer enough in the way of grammar and spelling corrections to your posts, can I simultaneously get a cookie *and* a banning from the ability to ever post here again?

    If so, can I have them for Christmas? ;-)

  24. M says:

    Weird…I was at my cousins’ house for pretty much the whole day and a good chunk of the night yesterday, I missed the whole thing.

    Anyway: hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

  25. Rustybadger says:

    I think you made the right desicion to nuke those comments, Shamus- after all, arguing with people on the Internet is like running in the special olympics…(you should be able to figure out THAT simile on your own!).

    Happy American Thanksgiving! As for me, I am thankful that in Canada we celebrate it earlier in Autumn; like, before there’s SNOW ON THE FRICKIN’ GROUND, already!

    I raise a frosty glass of Guinness your way, Shamus. Cheers!

  26. Ben says:

    Well, now I’m worried. Do you contact the people who had their comments deleted? I remember making a somewhat confrontational comment in your post about the 2nd writer’s video, but I don’t know if I was out of line.

  27. Zaghadka says:

    You should forward this to the John Gabriel IFW Institute. They’re tying to determine the Universal Animosity constant, which will explain that when someone is happy, apparently someone else will be annoyed. The Internet is at the mercy of the law of “conservation of animosity.”

    I, personally, thank God I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope you did too. ;^)

  28. Dana says:

    I have some ideas about why talking about something (seemingly innocuous) like “thankfulness” can raise people’s ire so, as I used to be one of the ones bothered by the idea of “thankfulness” behind this holiday.

    Declaring oneself to be thankful for simple (universal) things (like being alive) can be interpreted by others as (implicitly) accusing them of being shallow or ungrateful for NOT feeling particularly thankful for such. It seems to me as if some people DO “hurl their claims of thankfulness” at other people in kind of a mean-spirited way. And let’s face it, medical miracles or material comforts aside, many people (even in North America) don’t feel like they’re having a great time of things, and so feel justified in feeling aggrieved or “unthankful” for the state of their lives.

    But more recently, I have learned that “thankfulness” can be a really beautiful thing, as a personal opinion, as a celebration of (one’s own) life to count one’s blessings and declare oneself grateful for what one has or for being alive at all. I just think that it is prudent to remember that not everyone finds life a joy or a picnic, and to confine my thankfulness to my own situation (or perceptions).


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