Samorost 2

By Shamus Posted Tuesday Mar 20, 2007

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Samorost 2
A reader was kind enough to send along a link to this game, and was lucky enough to catch me in an idle moment. (I should note that in this case “idle” = not playing some other videogame.) It’s a puzzle game where you explore a strange little asteroid inhabited by a variety of creatures. The goal is to rescue your dog. There are a lot of games of this sort out there and they don’t usually interest me, but this one was quite compelling. The visuals are delightful. It’s also deviously hard in a couple of places.

Samorost 2
I looked and found the game wasn’t listed on Great Games Experiement. I corrected that, which always gives me a feeling of satisfaction.

These little screenshots don’t really do the game justice. There are a lot of neat places to see. The puzzles have that “it’s obvious once you finally figure it out” thing going for them that I always enjoy. You can play the game at GGE or here.


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13 thoughts on “Samorost 2

  1. Mordaedil says:

    Nice… First post whoo!

  2. loko says:

    it is indeed nice. i remember playing the first samorost too.
    but it’s a pity that one would have to buy chapter two in order to complete the game…
    alas.. at least i got the dog back from that jabba spoof ;)

  3. Zanfib says:

    Looks good.

  4. Jeremiah says:

    That’s awesome. I remember playing the first one some time ago; I didn’t know there was a sequel. Hooray!

  5. Shamus says:

    I really like how the developer took (I presume) photographs and blended them to make these very organic looking worlds, and made that work with the purely vector-driven elements. The area with the spiderweb is particularly well done.

  6. shlozzy says:

    Just finished this and it really good – but very short – Wonder how long it took him to do it all.
    If you need any tips, just post back…Some are a little tricky…

  7. bbot says:… not found

    I guess mac users don’t get to play.

  8. Shamus says:

    There are two links above, one to GGE and one to the original site. Be sure to try the other if one doesn’t work. Flash games work on Macs as far as I’ve ever heard.

  9. refugee says:

    I agree, it looks great, has fun puzzles, and nice music. I was happy to pay the small fee for it; the guy deserved compensation.

    One problem: the fart-catching puzzle is very tedious. Figuring it out isn’t at all hard, but it must be done exactly right, several times.

    Other than that, highly recommended.

  10. Rebecca says:

    Well, thanks, Shamus, that made me late to class.

    In a related story, I too feel like getting into PC gaming just like Jaquandor, thanks to your rants. Do you have any games to recommend for someone just getting into it? Any oldies but goodies, like Starcraft or something?

  11. asqwasqw says:

    Yeah, that game was fun… Oh, and there was another game, I think made by a different developer. I forgot what it was called, but you had to guide 3 tiny people through enviorments. Same style and everything.

  12. -Chipper says:

    I enjoyed Samorost 1 & 2.
    Here’s a site with two flash games that I love & recommend.

    The two games on that site are Chasm and Tork. In Chasm you have to make repairs to a community’s water turbine power supply, and in Tork you have to fix your spacecraft but to do so, you must talk to the aliens. The graphics are simpler than Samorost, but the worlds they create are still good.

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