Shamus Plays Champion Online, Part 14

By Shamus Posted Wednesday Oct 20, 2010

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So Star on Chest flies off into the sunset for the last time. Again.

Next week, we begin my series on World of Warcraft. Here is a sneak peek:


Note that Cataclysm launches in just seven weeks. This should be interesting.


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32 thoughts on “Shamus Plays Champion Online, Part 14

  1. Jarenth says:

    Wow. That’s… that’s some sneak peek, alright.

    And still, I am intrigued and curious. Or that might just be your track record with Let’s Play-based comedy speaking, who knows.

  2. CTrees says:

    How I mine fish?

    (it had to be said)

    1. Nyaz says:

      Not to be a jerk, but… actually, it’s “How I mine FOR fish?”.

      1. Joe says:

        Spiderman is disappoint

        1. Luke Maciak says:

          Spiderman would say: “HOW DO I MINED FISH”

  3. krellen says:

    Is Shamus’s Let’s Play going to be with a Warlock instead of a Hunter?

  4. Hitch says:

    I can’t help but think the timing on this is a little odd. There will be drastic changes to everything you do in just a few weeks.

    The other issue is the challenge you’ve set yourself. I’m going to stay guardedly optimistic that you can come up with jokes that haven’t been done to death about World of Warcraft. But talk about boldly going where everyone has gone before.

    1. Shamus says:

      The release of Cataclysm is part of the plan, actually.

      1. Jarenth says:

        With your character being pivotal to the whole thing, no doubt.

      2. Rutskarn says:

        You didn’t happen to name your Warlock “Gordon Frohmage”, did you?

        1. Irridium says:

          Thats a cheesy name…

          1. Hal says:

            That pun wasn’t very gouda.

      3. Joshua says:

        Shamus did “Let’s Play” on LOTRO, and about half the stuff he made fun of in the starter town of Archet was changed to be less ridiculous a month or so after that series ended.

        Coincidence? I think not.

        We’ll see how the WoW designers change the game based upon his next Let’s Play.

        1. krellen says:

          I’ll bet they blow up the entire world halfway through.

        2. Galad says:

          that’s some high praise there..though honestly, the hardest part in it would be getting them to notice this not-too-famous gaming blog in the large interwebs :)

  5. X2-Eliah says:

    I’d really hope if post-Cataclysm content would be a careful and utterly hilarous noting of all the things that make no sense whatsoever by the character..

    Ah well, anyway, Are you going to keep this one strictly non-other-people centric, or will you portray that side of Wow as well?

    P.S. You do realize we’re expecting vast texts on how Obsidian just can’t make bug-free games for their lives, how Q&A testing shouldn’t be put on customer heads, and how why the hell modern games are more bugged then in the good old days?
    This has little to do with Wow, of course, but seemed like the most appropriate place, for a small off-topic snippet.

    I do wonder how this adventure will culminate..

    1. jdaubenb says:

      Easy. The same way every WoW-party ends:

      Rocks fall, everybody dies.

      But honestly: I somewhat expect this LP to reboot with Cataclysm. Not that this would be in any way reasonable.

    2. Nidokoenig says:

      Hey, man, Obsidian made a game using Gamebryo based on Bethesda’s work AND NOBODY DIED(yet). That’s a miracle that deserves recognition.

      1. X2-Eliah says:

        Yes. An engine used for more than 4 years, for two games, with a whole ton of bugs swatted before NV even started development.
        Plus, the bugs in NV are, in fact, even worse than in previous titles. For the PC, at least.

        I just thought that fact also deserved recognition, against the predictable tide of “OMG Bethesda FAULT!!!”

        Also, you’ve got to love this:

        1. jdaubenb says:

          Let’s see…
          Obsidian – a studio not exactly known for its quality control – work with an editor developed by Bethesda – a studio not exactly known for producing bug-free games upon release – with which they [Obsidian] were barely familiar when beginning development, to create a sandboxy game with many different factions and a story that boasts to be determined by the player’s choice, guaranteeing more and more bugs due to unforseen interactions.

          How should we have seen this coming?! I mean, it’s not like we didn’t go through this once already with a little number called “Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines”, am I right?

          (Right, that should fulfill my quote for obvious, hyperbolic sarcasm. Back to behaving like a human being.)

          1. Sagretti says:

            Not that it’s acceptable, but this was pretty much my line of thinking with New Vegas. I knew it was going to have a trainwreck of bugs at launch, so I was better off waiting until the 3rd or 4th patch before seriously considering a purchase. Plus, by then Steam might have a sale of some kind on it.

            Which brings me to World of Warcraft, appropriately enough, because Cataclysm is one of the few purchases I’ll make in spite of the fact I know there will be game breaking bugs at launch. Mostly because I’ll get a lot of those bugs whether or not I get the expansion anyways.

            1. Irridium says:

              Same here.

              I’m waiting until around Christmas. By then there will have been patches, and the mod community will have gotten most of the smaller ones. Plus there’ll be a nice selection of mods available by then.

  6. Henebry says:

    Didn’t you post this final episode of Star-on-Chest a year ago? The whole thing seemed like deja-vu to me.

    1. Shamus says:

      I’ve been re-running it at the Escapist, because most of that audience hadn’t read it. And because it was better than posting nothing.

      1. Henebry says:

        Ah! yes, now I remember you mentioning that you were doing that. It was a very funny series, so you did right to republish it for that other audience.

  7. NotYetMeasured says:

    I’m really looking forward to the WoW LP!

  8. Aldowyn says:

    Called it. Seriously, I did.

    Anyway, looking forward to it! Ought to be interesting to see what you do with Cataclysm…

  9. Ambience 327 says:

    Yay! A let’s play for a game I’m intimately familiar with! This should be a very fun read indeed!

  10. Daemian lucifer says:

    So,youll be doing something like order of the stick and their transition between versions then?Nicee…

  11. Galad says:

    Hmm, I really don’t remember when or why you said it, but didn’t you say (well, write) at some point in the comments to one of the many posts here that WoW wouldn’t make a good LP for you, Shamus?

  12. Varewulf says:

    Oooooooooo yay! :D Really looking forward to it. Though the revisit of Star on Chest’s adventures hasn’t been without entertainment either.

    So from that picture, I gather you’re playing a warlock? I just started another mage myself. What with being a pyromaniac it comes pretty naturally… on an RP server this time, so my little mage is a disciple of the Eternal Flame, here (or rather, there) to bring enlightenment to the world of Azeroth. Few things light a place up better than fire, after all.

  13. tremor3258 says:

    He’s going to set the world on fire, to sort of combine the two topics in the comments so far, I suppose…

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