All I want for Christmas

By Shamus Posted Monday Dec 26, 2005

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You know what made this a great Christmas? As I began to put my presents away, I realized that you could put all of my stuff in a pile, and aside from the size of the clothes and the disposable razors, there was nothing to indicate this stuff was for an adult.

When I was young I dreaded the day when I became so old that I would be thrilled to get mundane items with no entertainment value. I’m relieved that at 34 it still hasn’t happened. I managed to score some great toys (I collect stainless steel kinetic / magnetic desk toys) some Spider-Man stuff (can’t get enough Spider-Man, I’m telling you) a comic book (Penny Arcade, which is about four dollars of funny for $0.25) and various other diversions and amusements. I also got some cash, which I hope to employ in further attempts to stave off adulthood.

Other highlights include seeing my sister (who is way cooler than your sister) who is in from Philly, some unbelieveable food, and the thrill of seeing my kids bury the excitement-o-meter over and over again as each group of relatives gathered to do the give-and-recieve thing.

What fun. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas.


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One thought on “All I want for Christmas

  1. Ruthie says:

    aw shucks. I never read this. thanks brother

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