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By Shamus Posted Tuesday Jan 2, 2007

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I just got a phone call, letting me know that DM of the Rings was mentioned on Attack of the Show. Then a comment letting me know the same thing.

If you are the sort that just goes to a website whenever your TV tells you to then, you know, welcome. Just to save you some time, here is the complete DM of the Rings archives. Knock yourself out.


From The Archives:

17 thoughts on “Attacked by the Show

  1. Russ says:

    I’ve been reading your site for the past few months, in particular, DM of the Rings, and when I saw it mentioned on AOTS I said to my wife, “I hope this doesn’t kill his bandwidth…”

  2. Will says:

    With Pixy’s help, he shouldn’t have any more problems with bandwidth. I say that now, but watch me have to eat my words if he ever gets /.’d or Wanged…

  3. Well, this explains the sudden massive increase in refers I’m getting from Shamus.

  4. magic bob feelie says:

    That’s right hot stuff! You’ve been attacked BY THE SHOW.

  5. ubu roi says:

    Will he remember us poor, benighted otaku, once he’s rich and famous?

    Well, famous, anyway?

  6. Cineris says:

    Yikes. I guess I’ll stick with the mantra that any publicity is good publicity and say congrats, though I personally can’t stand to watch that show.

  7. CoarseSand says:

    Hey, well, ExpressVu is showing G4 for free this month and I happened to catch AotS tonight. Always looking for another good webcomic.

    And AotS isn’t THAT bad.

  8. Skeeve the Impossible says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAA! Shamus this is awesome. Didn’t I say this was gonna happen
    I did but no one listened. NOW WHO IS LAUGHING MWHAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. Cineris says:


    I used to at least be able to sit through AotS, although I’d primarily watch it in fast forward just to get it off of my TiVo (TiVo always picked it as a recommendation)… The Feed was about the only thing I’d consistently watch, although occasionally they’d have interesting interviews.

    Ever since AotS moved to the new set and added the scrolling ticker I haven’t been able to watch it at all. It’s like the show is being aired to Ritalin-addled kids whose limited attention spans demand constant stimulation whether via the actual show, the ticker, or the superfluous activity in the background.

    I need not even mention how G4 has been progressively dumbing down the show into something that SpikeTV would be ashamed to air…

  10. Rich says:

    Sort of like Star Trek 2.0 which I find unwatchable. And I can watch ST: ToS over and over.

  11. Deoxy says:

    “If you are the sort that just goes to a website whenever your TV tells you to then, you know, welcome.”


    Translation: “I don’t WANT readers like you, so go away.”

    Not that I blame you at all, but um, ouch.

  12. Shamus says:

    I was just playing around. I welcome readers any way I can get them. That message just seemed better than OMG TEH TEEVEE SHOW LINKED MEE W00T!

  13. John Horst says:

    Hmm … something about “15 minutes” is pinging the back of my brain …

    Sure, let’s all tag along!

  14. Bogan the Mighty says:

    And Shamus had best remember the shannigans of his fellow mates that led to his little claim to fame! Without us you’d probably….well you might well have been able to add fortune to “fame and fortune”, but that is not the point!

  15. magic bob feelie says:

    and don’t forget me!

  16. CoarseSand says:

    Well I read through the archives last night and this is actually really funny stuff (albeit mostly because of Shamus’ footnotes), so it’s going on my list.

    Anyways, Cineris, I’m neither a Ritalin addict nor a child, but AotS does appeal to me on some level. Then again, I have an insanely broad taste in comedy, going from brit humour to spending every monday night watching Viva La Bam, something that most people would rather stab their eyes out than watch. I’m not that saying TechTV hasn’t been dumbed down like crazy since G4 bought it out, but the two hours between 10 and midnight are still worth watching on it. Luckily I can mostly ignore the ticker, since the hosts are what really carry the show.

  17. Andre says:

    Hilarious that I just stumbled across your website yesterday, seemingly randomly, while searching Google for D&D rules regarding starvation and water (I couldn’t find them in the DMG at the time). I initially skipped your DM Session archives (at the time I was having troubles with MY campaign setting, so reading about YOURS in intricate detail seemed like the last thing I wanted to do, and besides, they had nothing to do with the search that had brought me here, aside from the one post specifically regarding food and water). Then I came across the DM of the Rings archives, and couldn’t resist the lure of “Ooh, shiny!” pictures and speech bubbles, put together into a professional-looking comic (rare on the internet), so my search was quite suddenly put on hold.

    I blogged about you on my website and went about my business (I believe it was bed time), and then today, when I found time, returned to your comics. I read through those quickly (was frustrated when I reached the most recent one and found the whole thing was still ongoing), then hungry for more I actually started reading your DM session archives (again, very frustrated to find them incomplete just as the climax was underway, but I guess that gives me something to look forward to). How pleasantly surprised I was when I realized that I had gone from skimming through (the setup and character introductions) to savoring each and every word (of the actual transcripts and summaries).

    And all this just before your site is about to be bombarded by the TV equivalent of the slashdot effect? How ironic timing can be some times.

    Keep up the good work, Shamus. I’ve been browsing your site, all the different sections of it, and you’ve got a diverse and thoroughly interesting body of stuff here. I haven’t even TOUCHED your novel yet, but I’m sure that’s yet something else here that will keep me reading hungrily until well past my bed time. (Oh, and about being “discovered” on Attack of the Show, I think it’s time to get yourself some real quick Google Ads or something similar to cash in on the effect… at the very least to offset the server bill you’ll be getting the month after.)

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