Session 9, Part 3

By Heather Posted Sunday Dec 11, 2005

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19th of Last Summer (Afternoon)

Eomer and Thu’fir arrive back at the entry hall where the others are waiting. Once their eyes adjust to normal light they begin to relay the details of their meeting with the Queen.

While they are still talking, another servant comes out and rings her bell. She speaks a single name, “Thordek Earthguard.”

Thordek follows the same path of darkness that Eomer and Thu’fir traveled. His keen Dwarven eyes allow him to navigate more easily than they did in the darkness. At last he arrives alone at the throne room of Queen Allidia.

As a gesture of respect, he places his hammer on the ground, and speaks with her empty-handed.

Her voice echoes from the walls, “Welcome, son of the earth. You are the first Dwarf to be allowed within my halls since before you were born. Like all Dwarves, it seems you bring trouble with you. So now, shall we be friends or enemies? I have but one question for you. Answer in truth and we will be allies. Answer in deciet and become my enemy.”

She pauses, giving her question the proper weight, “I know the ways of Dwarves. They will never rest while Khelberg is ruled by others. It has been many ill years since they last attempted to take the mountain from me. Here now, what whisperings have you heard? Are the Dwarves planning to invade me once more?”

Thordek is quiet for a long time, considering her question. At last he replies, “I have gathered many rumors from my bretheren in this land. It seems they did indeed have a plan to invade, but have forsaken it. The agents here have waited in vain for an order that never came.”

When I did these meetings between the Queen and some of the characters, I asked everyone else to leave the room. (I think they were in the living room playing Mario Kart) This means it was just me, the players (in this case just Joe) and Heather. This changes the feel of interactions a lot.

The interesting thing here is that Thordek the Dwarf would betray the trust of his brethren to an opressive Elven Queen.

Some DM’s might protest when players do stuff like this, but I have no problem with it as long as the player feels they are being internally consistant. Joe thought about this answer for a while, and chose it carefully.

Now he has to wonder what the consequences (if any) will be…


She replies, “I will remember the words you have spoken to me today. Leave me.”

Thordek is startled by this. She turns away, moving away from the red light that illuminates her and into the darkness. He looks around in confusion for a moment. Is that it?

When it is clear she has no more words for him, he takes his hammer and leaves.

Continued in Part 4…

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3 thoughts on “Session 9, Part 3

  1. Gabriel Partridge says:

    Personally I absolutely love this ever so tiny dialog. He’s expecting a long meeting like the others and is just asked one question. And when left to his devices, sees himself out.

    When I read the question and answer I didn’t think of the issue that he should have had in answering as he did as I occasionally keep mixing him up with Tordek, the dwarf in the picture you have for his bio. Tordek was a Cleric to Pelor so telling the Truth for the greater good would have served to promote his god’s teachings better than showing any racial loyalties.

  2. Trae says:

    Thordek is a fighter. Enoch is the cleric, and human.

  3. Wind-Up says:

    Tordek is the example Fighter given in the 3.5 Player’s Handbook. The example Cleric (of Pelor) given therein is named Jozan, and is a human.

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