Session 10, Part 3

By Shamus Posted Tuesday Dec 12, 2006

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From here on, the campaign is going to be very, very sketchy. The audio recordings are lost, so all I have to go on are the notes my wife took and my own fading memory. All I can do now is try to sum up and bring some closure to this story, which I’ve left hanging for far too long.

The party leaves Della Minera and heads for Fol Thron. They pick up Endo, who has been hanging around town and keeping a low profile. There are conversations at the Mages Guild and elsewhere.

There were long conversations at the Mages Guild and at the Citadel, but I have no recollection of what was said. They didn’t go in to see the Queen.

They discuss their next move. They want to find the Mages Archives. They think (hope) it will have some clue as to what to do with Mordan. They have no idea where to look for it. Their only lead is that Prince Garret Lorman, who traveled with Endo for a while, might know where it is. Garret’s father was King Dravis Lorman, ruler of the northern half of this island. Dravis started the war, and if the rumors are true he died in the battle of Fort Boland. According to Endo, Garret cares nothing for the throne, his former kingdom, or his place as heir. He has been schooled abroad, and his only goal now seems to be getting “home”, which is back to wherever he was attending school. Somewhere off this island, anyway.

Endo doesn’t know where Garret is. The two of them were fleeing south when the Alidian soldiers attempted to arrest them in Crossway. Endo fought them so that Garret could escape. Their goal was to get off the island. Where would Garret go after Endo was catpured? They check the map:

Mar Tesaro
click for full view. (134k)

They have been to Tal Podere and Hillstead. Garret would stick out too much in the Halfling-dominated Hillstead. He wasn’t in Tal Podere when the party stopped there for a few days, and that would be an unlikely hiding place. Dockhouse was much too small to enter unnoticed, and Sar Diga seems a bit too out-of-the-way. He wasn’t in Della Minera on any of their visits to that town. He (hopefully) isn’t stupid enough to try to hide right under the Queen’s nose here in Fol Thron. So, he much be someplace south. Since he was trying to escape the island, it would make sense to head for Telwin Port. The party decides to look for him there.

Now I remember what they did at the Citadel. They got new horses from Fulan.

They ride south. The trip takes two days, and is uneventful.

Beck has been looking ragged and run-down recently, but as they near the town he smells the ocean and perks up. He leaves them and heads to the docks to find work. It appears as though a ship is currently under construction.

They mill around town and look for Garret. (Prince Lorman) There they find that Garret is in jail. Apparently he was in the tavern when someone spoke ill of Dravis Lorman. He unwisely defended his father’s honor (at least he had the wit to leave out the fact that Dravis was his father) and lost badly. The man he attacked was a nobleman, and so Garret was tossed into jail for one month, or until he could come up with the unlikely sum of 15 gold.

The players bail him out. As he sees Endo, he cries out, “Sensei!” and hugs him. Endo stands with his hands at his sides, embarrased. This is not how you greet a stoic monk. Furthermore, he’s uncomfortable with being called Sensei, particularly by a kid who just lost a fight with a nobleman.

Garret is a young man, not yet twenty. He’s young, eager, and naive. His head is all stubble right now. Apparently he shaved his head recently, probably before he was thrown into jail. Everyone notes Endo’s baldness and sees that the kid is emulating his reluctant “master”.

They grill Garret about the location of the Magus Archives. As they guessed, he does know where to find it. It is in the far southeast of the island.

They rest for the night. Beck decides to take a job on the docks, working on the ship being built there.

Yeah. We’re up to three NPCs traveling with the party: Becl, Endo, and Garret. It’s getting crowded. So, I make up an excuse and park Beck here in Telwin Port. Actually, this makes a lot of sense for him.

The rest of the party leaves town, taking Garret with them. They strike east, heading for the small town of Washport. They arrive without incident. There are no roads going East from here, so they pay to have the horses stabled and plan to proceed on foot.

End of Session 10

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12 thoughts on “Session 10, Part 3

  1. Skeeve the Impossible says:

    OOOO! I can’t wait to find out what happens next

  2. Dr-Online says:

    *Eagerly awaits more*

  3. Zack says:

    Looking forward to the conclusion. Thanks for doing the wrap up. I know from personal experience that annotating the last sessions or a long campaign are a thankless task as you have moved on to other projects by then, but this has been a fascinating read for me (a GM with 17+ years experience). My last campaign went on 2 years and 50+ sessions and it was brutal juggling both the write up and preparing for the next run. Now I need to see what devices I can reuse in my swashbuckling campaign.

    I really loved the mini puzzles that take several sessions to solve. Brilliant work there! And your players were daft for not seeing the solution earlier. Probably because they didn’t think to combine the two sources of lore, or it wasn’t as obvious for someone who was playing the game rather than reading it all in a single sitting.

  4. -Chipper says:

    I too owe you a thanks. I’m happy to read What Happened Next, even if it is sketchy.

  5. Robert says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

  6. In the last DM note you put “Becl” instead of “Beck”

  7. Gazok says:

    Nobody cares, nobody cares, nobody cares nobody cares nobody cares!

    At Chris, obviously.

  8. matt says:

    oh gazok, you must be new, had Chris not pointed it out, I’d’ve. Nitpicky is what this blog is all about.

  9. Tacoma says:

    matt: “I’d’ve” might be correct in some circles but it’s not looked upon favorably. You also failed to capitalize “oh” at the beginning of your sentence and “gazok” which is a proper noun that the owner chooses to capitalize.

    You should have used “Nitpicking”.

    Finally I don’t much like your use of three commas in the first sentence. Again, while it might not be incorrect it would be furiously frowned upon by most.

  10. @Gazok: On a normal blog post, I wouldn’t say anything. But here I like to think of this D&D chronicle as if it were a book. It is a timeless story, and so it is worth the effort to correct.

  11. Vallarthis says:

    If he cared, it would take less than minute to run it through a spellcheck. A typo here and there is no big thing. Let the man work.

    1. Astrolounge says:


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