A friendly reminder

By Shamus Posted Wednesday Nov 22, 2006

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Dear fellow Netflix customers,

I know that steel wool DVD cozy you saw at Wal-Mart was a real bargain, but please stop using it.


Shamus Young


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10 thoughts on “A friendly reminder

  1. refugee says:

    …And while I’m sure acetone does a great job getting the pizza grease fingerprints off…

  2. GreyDuck says:

    And this is why I’ll probably never be a NetFlix subscriber. I have friends who are, and I’ve seen those discs. *shudder*

  3. Mr. Blue says:

    Noe if we could just hunt down and kill whoever it was that cracked disc 4 of ‘Monty Python’s flying circus’. Pure sacralidge.

  4. refugee says:

    I’ve got to say, almost my entire anime experience has been through Netflix; there’s piles of stuff I’d never have bothered with if I’d had to buy it. There’s tons of regular movies and TV show releases I want to see, but only once.

    There’s a BlockBuster within easy walking distance of my house. They only have mainstream stuff, for the most part.

    Despite the occasional glitch, I love NetFlix.

  5. Shamus says:

    refugee: This is exactly why I’m still with Netflix as well. Even allowing for the all too frequent scratched disc, I could never hope to rent anime at Blockbuster, and buying anime instead of watching it via Netflix would be preposterously expensive. For my $30 a month I can soak up a couple hundred worth of anime DVDs.

  6. Pete Zaitcev says:

    By a coincidence I asked my daughter about some anime, and she said, “Just watch it on Youtube [and stop bothering me]”. She may have a point. In all sensible industries you try before you buy.

  7. Lyz says:

    I do fansubs (mostly unlicensed stuff) for my anime fix. All you need is BitTorrent (or not, there are other ways to download, too) and the right Codec pack. Free. Happy. And some of the best anime never gets licensed anyway, so if you *only* do NetFlix you’re going to miss some gems. I check http://www.animesource.com with frightening regularity. ^^;

  8. bkw says:


  9. For those of you pimping pirated material: While I am heartily grateful to the fansubbing community for introducing me to anime I would never have experienced otherwise, Netflix is a very affordable way of legally enjoying anime and profitting the industry (indirectly, but profiting nonetheless).

    Netflix is just a great deal all the way round. Yes, you occasionally get crappy discs. And, yes, Netflix’s inability to actually remove faulty discs from circulation and replace them with working discs is frustrating when you’re trying to get something they only seem to have a single copy of. But the 95% of the time when you’re NOT getting crappy discs more than makes up for it.

  10. bkw says:

    Agree that Netflix is a good resource for what they have — I’ve had a membership since 2003. I’m one of those customers they love — in that span of time I’ve rented only 85 discs, even though I’ve been on the 3 disc plan forever.

    But there is a ton of stuff that will never see domestic release, and the power of the Intarweb is the only way some of the good stuff is available.

    Of course, buy what you like — dollars talk.

    I wonder how much money is actually made by the publishers via netflix.

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