A predictable mistake

By Shamus Posted Thursday Sep 28, 2006

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I like to have a few cookies with my coffee in the morning. Not a lot – just a small handfull. Now, we don’t usually have enough bowls in the house to last the day, but we have plenty of mugs. So, instead of using a bowl, I grab a coffee mug to hold my cookies. I sit down in my home office with two mugs – one full of coffee and one with a few cookies in it. Anyone with any degree of common sense will note that this is a terrible idea.

I’ve reached into the wrong mug on more than one occasion, dipping my fingers into the bottom of a long-cold cup of coffee. Other times I would lift the cup to drink and get hit in the lip with a cookie. These were my warnings, which I did not heed.

It was only a matter of time before I stuck my hand into hot coffee, thus burning my fingers, causing a mess, and making myself look like an idiot. Thankfully, nobody was around when I pullled this stunt, but my face turned red anyway.

There are some things which are embarrasing even when nobody is looking.


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6 thoughts on “A predictable mistake

  1. BeckoningChasm says:

    And then you can post them on the internet, so the whole “nobody is looking” is completely nullified!

  2. Cineris says:

    Thank goodness I’ve never actually taken a drink from my cup-of-paintbrush-water. Come close, though.

  3. DrHeinous says:

    I have. My teeth were funny colors.

  4. Wonderduck says:

    How about the “try to take a drink from an unopened can of soda.”

    Or “try to take a drink from the cup with a paintbrush in it, thereby sticking said paintbrush up one’s nose.”

    Been there, done that…

  5. Dave says:

    Try growing up in a house with an older brother that chewed tobacco and spit it into coke cans.. then left the half-empty cans around the house… pair that with a Dad that drank lots of coke and left half-full cans around the house.. take those two facts and put in a kid that was lazy and thirsty.. often that meant a warm drink of coke. I was always careful to check.. but once my sister started to chew (yes.. a future Brown University grad).. well.. the odds were not in my favor.. and the odds did what odds do..

    … Now I’m pretty careful about soda cans.

  6. Katrani Merack says:

    Hah. What about this?

    Middle school. lunch. Students have to wear uniforms- khakis or navy blue bottoms, blue, white, or yellow shirts. Wearing a white shirt while drinking chocolate milk. Student always shakes milk before opening. Forgets it’s already open. Spills all over thin white shirt, which quickly turns see-through. Student with rather big chest for an eigth-grader.

    Not a friend. Me.

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