Lightsaber Duel: Ryan VS Brandon

By Shamus Posted Saturday Sep 16, 2006

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In the past I’ve mentioned the work of Ryan Wieber. He’s a hobbyist who makes lightsaber duel movies. His last one was very well done and showed a lot of polish, but since then he’s gotten even better.

I like that they avoided the mistakes common to a lot of fan-made stuff. They don’t engage in any dialog or try to establish setting or motive. While a total lack of acting ability and clumsy fan-written dialog can really give a film the authentic Episode III feel, these short movies don’t have enough time to build a story. So, they wisely left it out and focused on the dueling, which is why everyone watches these things anyway.

The fight shows a lot of imagination. They keep it varied and interesting, and don’t just try to re-hash what we’ve seen in the movies. They are also really fast. The speed of this battle is similar to that of the fight between Obi-wan and Annikin in Episode III. It must take a lot of practice to get their routine down to the point where they can perform it this cleanly.

Nicely done.


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4 thoughts on “Lightsaber Duel: Ryan VS Brandon

  1. Bogan the Mighty says:

    I feel bad that this never got any comments so I’ll fill in some space for you with what we are all really thinking. It looked good probably one of the best ones I’ve seen. So when you going to learn how to do that editing crap and film us beating the crap out of each other then make it look good.

  2. Shamus says:

    Send me a film of you guys beating each other up first. :)

  3. Cybrludite says:

    I like how the folks doing these clips play with the attributes unique to the lightsabers. For example, turning your blade off while your opponent is corps-a-corps so that he over-balances & goes sprawling. This has fewer missed chances than the first one where, true to the movies, they never followed up on the cheap shots to make the kill. Here they show them recovering quickly enough to make the parry. Maybe not an elegant parry, but a parry nonetheless.

  4. Marmot says:

    Just discovered this one too – really good!
    (I was surprised by choice of music – a tone from UT2004 Deathmatch Map – think it was called “Plunge” or “From Below” or something)

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