Happy Thanksgiving

By Shamus Posted Thursday Nov 26, 2009

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A day with the extended family and other folks I don’t get to see nearly often enough. I always have the urge to post pictures after events like this, mostly out of an earnest desire to share the joy. But it wouldn’t be right to just throw everyone’s faces up here and I don’t think I could imbue mere .jpgs with the proper weight and meaning.

However, someone snapped a picture of me during to proceedings. I can post that, for what it’s worth.


Happy Thanksgiving. Christmas is the big holiday for kids, but as I age I find myself liking T-day more and more. The meaning is more potent and the company more precious. I just don’t see these people nearly as often as I’d like, and I cherish whatever moments I can claim.

Hope you’re having a great day.

EDIT: For those noting the difference between this picture and my Mugshot at the Escapist: Behold the difference between a staged shot and a candid one. And three years.

The glasses? I only wear those when I’m looking at something more than three meters away. Pretty much only when I go, you know, outside. So, pretty rare, actually.


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43 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Hal says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Shamus. Nice to see I’m not the only one who bought a coffee mug, too.

  2. merkavah12 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings, Mr. Young!

  3. midget0nstilts says:

    I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but have a good one just the same. Desert Bus ended today, and it was awesome. A good day all around.

  4. Manni says:

    A happy Thanksgiving to the man with the huge glasses and his family!

    We don’t celebrate it, but I sure enjoyed all the conference calls that got zapped because of it this week.

    You look happy btw :)

  5. RedClyde says:

    No Thanksgiving down where I live, but a happy one to you and your family just the same.

    (I think I’ve been playing too much L4D. I thought “Hunter!” when I saw that hoodie.)

  6. Shamus, you’re looking rather svelte these days! That Wii Fit must be working after all?

    And Merry Thanksgiving!


  7. Alexander says:

    It’s odd, to the right of this picture is the ad for Experienced Points, also featuring you. The two images are rather different. Mostly the glasses, I think, but I found it striking.

  8. AnZsDad says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Shamus! Even though, up in Canada, we celebrated ours in early October and you Americans do it wrong… KIDDING!
    It seems like it’s been a while since we had a “Personal” post from you. I, for one, find them to be some of my faves. I recall thoroughly enjoying reading about your trip as a youngster with your high school political team. Your humourous style seems to shine through, bringing to mind my own formative experiences.
    Regardless if they’re personal posts, web comics, or even related to games about which I wouldn’t otherwise care, I am extremely thankful ALL THE TIME for your contributions to the masses of data filling the virtual world.
    Also, LOVE the mug…the caffeine-beverage container, I mean. The impish look in this pic IS becoming, however. :)

  9. Mrsnugglesworth says:

    I just ate dinner, and it was good.

    Thanksgiving is getting worse and worse for me. I’m 15, and my last years it was great, but now its kind of “Eh”

  10. FFJosh says:

    I think I wouldn’t mind Thanksgiving so much if I didn’t think turkey tastes like wet sawdust. And if the family stopped being so traditional about things and went with my suggestion of “baby-back ribs.”

    Actually, ribs would improve pretty much every holiday.

  11. BaCoN says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Shamus. Hope you enjoyed DesertBus. ;)

  12. Sara says:

    A friend of mine has a theory that Thanksgiving was created by a man:

    1) No gifts to buy or exchange.
    2) Sit around all day & watch football (at least in my family.)
    3) Eat way too much delicious food.
    4) Take a nap.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. RPharazon says:

    Hot damn, Shamus. You’re behind the times.
    Thanksgiving was a whole month ago!

  14. mark says:


    I hate my family at thanksgiving and christmas. theyre so LOUD…

  15. Telas says:

    And a happy Thanksgiving to you. *lifts beer glass in toast*

    The comparison between Thanksgiving and Christmas was very insightful of you, Shamus. Thanks for that.

    While we’re thanking people…

    GMs: Be thankful for your players.

  16. Wonderduck says:

    A happy Thanksgiving to all. Remember to hug your mom.

  17. Danath says:

    I’m going to have to call fake,your coffee mug tells the true story, behind those lifeless eyes and slasher smile!

    No thanksgiving for us Canadians right now, but I admit it’s a nice holiday to get together with family. Christmas is still my favorite though, although my family treats it just like Thanksgiving, except with some random small presents. Every year at least one person gets underwear.

  18. SmallIvoryKnight says:

    Ahhh. It was indeed a good day.

    It began with waking up and enjoying the last 3 hours of Desert Bus. That was Bussing Great, thank you SO much for linking it earlier this week, I had heard about it before, but didn’t know it was happening until your post.

    Then dinner with the family. Ham and Turkey Nom Nom Nom.

    Then a nice evening movie of “Star Trek”. The new one. I hadn’t seen it yet, but have meant to. It was very enjoyable, far more than I hoped.

    Now off to bed.

    Tomorrow won’t be nearly as good. On the clock for 15 hours. Black Friday.

  19. Trianglehead says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Shamus. Hope it was a great one for you. :)

  20. Factoid says:

    Same here. As a young man I had no place for sentimental family togetherness. Now I look forward to those days all year long. My family is pretty cool and thanksgiving is the only time I get to hang out with all of them. Christmas is fun and all, but Turkey Day is where it’s at now.

    Also: nice product placement.

  21. Kyle says:

    Hey Shamus, Happy Thanksgiving.

    You do make quite the contrast between that picture and the ones in your ads for the Escapist, however.


  22. vede says:

    Perhaps it’s just me, Shamus, but in that picture you look like a sociopathic murderer, eyeing your next victim.

    Just my first impression…

    Anyway, happy Thanksgiving. I had good food earlier today, so I’m pretty content right now.

  23. Audacity says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Thanksgiving is indeed the best, I don’t have to tear my hair out thinking of gifts for everyone, or go caroling, or put up those damn little lights everywhere.

    @Regarding the picture: I don’t see how he looks so different between the two. He has glasses and is a little older, but it still looks like the same person to me.

  24. Lanthanide says:

    +1 to vede(21)’s sentiments.

  25. Arquinsiel says:

    This is a better picture. You look somehow younger.

  26. Heron says:

    What does the mug say (besides “Help!”)?

  27. Lex Icon says:

    You know, that hat-wearing person lurking behind you bears the slightest resemblance to Yahtzee from ZP. From what we can see, anyway.

    No family relation to the Austrailian, I presume?

  28. MintSkittle says:

    @Heron: I believe the mug says “HELP! My dice are trying to kill me!”

  29. Someboringguy says:

    Alexander’s right.There is a difference between the picture of you in the ad on the left and the one you put in this article.It’s like there are two different persons.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  30. mookers says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Shamus. As an expat American living in Australia it is the holiday I miss most. All your loved ones together (if they get along) without the expectations of Christmas. Just a big gathering for a feast. My kind of holiday.

  31. Ermel says:

    I’m envious. How can you look better in a random shot than in a staged one? It’s vice versa for me, which makes for rather ugly pictures more often than not.

    Happy holidays!

  32. UtopiaV1 says:

    Happy holidays!!! God i hate that. :P

    Yea i’m in the UK so i have no idea what Thanksgiving is, but have a good one!

  33. Shamus says:

    The person wearing the hat is most likely my youngest brother. Here he is four years ago:


    If you ever read the D&D campaign on this site, that’s our Skeeve. He wears a hat (a fedora? I think? I don’t really know my hats.) on occasion.

  34. Drakey says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! mine was a couple weeks ago.

    Biggest difference in the picture I noticed was the spectacles. Big Round Spectacles. you wear them well:)

  35. [d20]thegrinner says:

    Happy thanksgiving to all!

  36. Eltanin says:

    Happy T-day all, and especially Shamus. Among the many things that I have to be thankful for I would definitely include this website and it’s community.


  37. toasty says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. Also, be glad you only wear your glasses when going outside, I put mine on first thing in the morning, and take them off last thing at night. As a result I’ve broken at least 2 pairs while playing sports. The fact that I suck at sports has never helped. :p

  38. Kibrika says:

    Mission to share joy achieved. Really nice to see you genuinely happy. Thank you!

  39. Tiki Tok says:

    That hand is obviously photoshopped

  40. Someboringguy says:

    You have enourmous hands Shamus :)
    And someone said that video games don’t make you buff.

  41. Rod says:

    Any relation to Liam Neeson?

  42. Ryan says:

    You like you could be a professor.

  43. Xpovos says:

    Glasses look good on you, as do the years.

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