Full Metal Panic, Disk 5

By Shamus Posted Friday Sep 1, 2006

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Captian Testarossa and Kaname perform a musical number! Together!

Full Metal Panic! Tessa and Kaname sing!

With a light show!

Full Metal Panic! Tessa and Kaname dance!

With Sergeant Major Mao on keyboards!

Full Metal Panic! Sergeant Major Mao on keyboards!

In the auditorium flight deck!

Full Metal Panic! Tessa and Kaname sing!

On a submarine!

Full Metal Panic! Tessa and Kaname sing!

I wasn’t able to hear the words of the song over the sound of my own screams.

This. Never. Happened.


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7 thoughts on “Full Metal Panic, Disk 5

  1. Skeeve the Impossible says:


  2. Tessa is quite the designer, isn’t she?

  3. Shamus says:

    Yes she is. I can’t wait to see the rollcoaster I’m sure they have on board. And I’ll bet the waterpark is awesome!

  4. Ubu Roi says:

    She also needs to do something about the door locks so Sergeant Majors don’t just walk in and park themselves on her sofa to drink and smoke. Not to mention that little problem she had with pipes in the middle of hallways.

    If this series had stopped after the end of the first dramatic arc, it would have been incredible. As it is, it’s still quite good and one of my favorites, but there are some real groaners, and to me the biggest one is that Kanamé and Souské went through too much together at the end of the show for them to not bond pretty damned close. Yeah, they’re “only” 16, but they’re human. Watch their communication during the final episodes, and consider the symbology and implications. (Being vague here to avoid spoilers for Shamus).

  5. Chris says:

    Skeeve the Impossible:

    Meh. At least this show has a *plot*. As improbable as it is.

  6. toriku says:

    sheeve the impossible is gay and fancies edward, fma sucks, and forgive me i’m drunk

    seriously tho, fmp is awesome, shamus is correct tessa is cute and ubi roi poses a valid point

    this comment is many years late and posibly none of the people above will ever read this :(

    1. Gilf says:

      The two rules of a good, sensible blog:

      1. Don’t post angry. It never ends well.

      2. Don’t post drunk. That usually ends even worse.

      And the people above probably never did, but a fellow archive-digger did, and that’s what counts.

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